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Bead Gallery in Rocklin Has it Going On


I don’t know about you but for me, a new year means getting to try out new trends on old hobbies.  I love making beaded jewelry and am really excited to tell you that there's a great store right here in Rocklin that has everything jewelry makers could want.  Let me tell you all about Bead Gallery in Rocklin.

Bead Enthusiast's Best Friend

You know that feeling you get when you walk in the front door of a store and see nothing but everything you can use?  If you're a bead enthusiast and you know that feeling, Bead Gallery is the place for you!  The Bead Gallery is a gold mine of fine natural stone beads, crystals, pearls, TONS of findings, pendants and chain. I noticed there was also a sizable selection of Swarovski crystals (sort of my favorite thing ever!!!), Japanese seed beads, Czech glass, sterling silver, ALL the tools you need to get started or to expand your tool kit, and accessories too.  I learned that Bead Gallery is a factory direct importer (which explains the amazing selection) so the prices are extremely competitive.  Bead Gallery's philosophy is to be THAT place that inspires creativity, offers friendly service, and provides the latest materials and components in a way that makes everyone happy. This is a family owned and operated store too!  Rocklin's location is one of three with the other two being in Vacaville and Reno.  The owners are not only dedicated to the business, but their expertise makes their stores an excellent find for jewelry makers.  Here's why.

Gems and Designs.

Bead Gallery is owned by two sisters.  One who is Gem Institute of America certified gemologist.  With over 12 years of experience in this field, her sense of what customers want is obvious in the store's inventory; there's such a variety of upscale material to work with. The other store owner is a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design, has a background in fashion design and partners with her sister in procuring everything needed to create uniquely designed jewelry.  Between their areas of expertise, you're in good hands when making your own version of the newest trends in jewelry. So, what's trending? 

Because 2019 Is All About Silver Bracelets.

Well, we've already established that part of the fun of making our own jewelry is trying new styles.  According to my research, women's jewelry bracelets in 2019 will be made mainly from silver metal.  That's a blast to the past of 2016, for those that are keeping track. But wait, there's more going on this year to add to the silver.  The basic silver will have the materials leather and wood added to them.  Now don't get discouraged because there's options for those of us who want something other than silver.  2019 fashion will also include bracelets fashioned with crystals, chains and thinned-threads with beads.  Bead Gallery's product inventory contains everything need to make sure your wrists are in style with 2019's bracelet fashion. 

Bing it On!

Yup, bing is still a thing for your ears and neck!  So, let’s start with ears.  This year, large drop earrings are back and bigger than ever.  Now don't get me wrong, I think huge hoops are hopelessly here to stay but they're not everything.  For earrings, a bunch of materials are trending so long as they end up in big statement earrings.  I know, I know, it's hard to know which direction to go in (are feathers still used, should shells be incorporated into a design or used alone, how much is too much?).  But that's where the beauty of Bead Gallery comes in.  You get one on one attention from someone who specializes in jewelry design and fashion!  Bead Gallery in Rocklin is owned by an expert in what she sells.  As an owner and operator of the store, you can ask her what she recommends.  As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I witnessed the day I visited Bead Gallery.  A loyal customer came in and asked about designing something to match with earrings she had to wear to a wedding. It was neat to watch how she was helped choose materials, advised on how they would play out in a design and then given tips on how to make everything look beautiful.  Talk about VIP treatment!   And what is true for the ears is repeated for the neck.  Necklaces are HUGE this year too.  So, the fun thing is that its that year you can play with tons of materials and have them all come together in a bold and big way!  Don't worry, Bead Gallery has such tons of jewelry making materials so that you can make something huge for every occasion and every day.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Hobbyists and Professionals Are Welcome At Stanford Ranch Self Storage!

If you're a multi-hobbyist like me, things start to add up over the years and next thing you know, you can't see the jewelry for the seed beads (that's a bead jewelry maker's version of not seeing the forest for the trees).  So, some hobbies turn into a profession.  For both hobbyist and professionals, having all our treasured supplies organized and stored is really important.  At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we specialize in working with you to get the right self storage unit for your storage needs.  Whether they have a small unit or a multi-unit account, we give every one of our customers the same excellent service so that they get exactly what they need.  We love working with our neighbors and being a part of Rocklin's great community, which is why we share what we discover about places like Bead Gallery.  Stanford Ranch Self Storage is excited about opening our new facility very soon and invite you come visit us.  We'd love to meet you and hear about your favorite Rocklin finds.  

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