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Beat The Room Rocklin

Beat The Room (Rocklin, California) - Our Review


Hi Friends, Have you ever wondered why something hasn't always been in existence?   I'm talking about the kind of thing that doesn't rely on technology so it could have been invented long before it was.  That's what came to my mind when I first learned of escape room challenges like the ones you'll find at Beat the Room right here in Rocklin!  Now of course, being the adventure nut that I am, I had to go right out to it and nose around to see what the buzz is all about.   I see EXACTLY what all the buzz is about now! It looks like a great time is had by all!   So, here's what you need to know about Beat the Room that will expand your thinking on fun!  

A Clue for You.

The first thing you'll do is you visit Beat the Room website to make your reservations.  Right there, you'll notice there are a variety of "experiences" you have to immerse yourself in.  After all, the idea of an escape room, and something Beat the Room does really well, is that you're given everything you need to suspend reality and dive into the world of the room.  Now I don't know about you, but I always feel even more immersed in a role when I dress the part.  Beat the Room encourages you to wear a costume (although it is NOT required) that's appropriate for your escape room experience.  Check it out!  You can dress the part of someone from the 1700s for the Captain's Room and get lost in the world of Black Bart's boat, the Royal Fortune.  You'll sneak into the captain's quarters and be challenged to find a treasure map before the ominous captain and his unsavory crew return.  Or maybe you'd rather launch in the other direction and be off to the future.  Grab your space suit and join a world where an extremely dangerous virus has ravaged the planet.  Your mission, should you accept it, is to join others in working on a "last resort" mission to the space station.  You'll have to thaw out two astronauts who are currently in cryosleep and plot their course to a new world.  All this must happen before you risk viral exposure (a.k.a. you're not going anywhere) to the astronauts.  There are other rooms to choose from with equally fascinating challenges.  There's something for all challenge geeks at Beat the Room!  Read on to gather more clues.

Beat The Room Rocklin California

A Little Friendly Competition Helps Everyone Out.

One of the really cool things about a venue like this is using it for your own group experience.  And just like so many things I'm learning about that are "the best of the best" in the region, Rocklin's Beat the Room has something that's better than any others in the greater Sacramento area!  It's the largest escape room venue therefore can accommodate corporate event needs!  Isn't that great news?  So, picture your company's next team building experience being at Beat the Room (up to 120 people).  You'll have a choice of dividing into smaller teams and race the clock to beat one another's times or you can engage in one room at a time to learn from the experience and take your smarts to the next room.  Time spent at Beat the Room is a great way to build team morale as people work together to succeed.   It's also a fun option for birthday parties, date night and friends' night out!    If your friends are as competitive as mine (hey, I know, birds of a feather and all that other stuff), this type of activity is perfect for one of your monthly friend's night out gatherings.   Beat the Room is committed to making the experience fun and family friendly so read on to take the guess work out of how they do that.  

Nothing to be Scared About, Folks.

While Beat the Room provides state of the art escape rooms and aims at participants having a full immersion experience, nothing is ever done to intentionally scare a participant.  Rooms may have elements of surprise within them but never with the aim of scaring anyone.  The object of "beating a room" isn't just to find a key.  The object is to solve mysteries and enjoy the process while trying to beat the clock.  It's just a whole bunch of fun and a great way to lose yourself in an alternate reality.   I'm sooooo excited to put a costume together and join the fun at Beat the Room.  How about you?

Beat The Room is located at: 6840 Five Star Blvd, Ste 100, Rocklin, CA 95677. You can call them at: (916) 259-2432.

Fun is Where You Find It!

That's been one of my favorite sayings for most of my adult life.  I love intentionally seeking creative, achievable, interactive ways to have fun.  And being part of the Stanford Ranch Self Storage team makes me want to spread that enthusiasm with all of you.  Because Stanford Ranch Self Storage is a local neighborhood storage facility, we’re invested in doing our part to keep Rocklin a great place to live and work.  We love Rocklin and want to share all the good things that go on in its community.  We'll be opening our facility soon and invite you to come on by.    We'd love to learn what you find fun, interesting and helpful in Rocklin.  

Happy Investigating!

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