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Beauty By Thread (Lincoln, CA) Sign

Beauty By Thread (Lincoln, CA)


While their shape may change, one thing that doesn't change is the important role eyebrows have in a person's appearance. What I think of eyebrows as they are to the face what an emoji is to a text message-they add interest and clarification. Having a trustworthy source for excellent eyebrow shaping is a critical element of self-care for most women. For those who live or work in Roseville or Lincoln, we have a source that provides one of the most popular ways to create beautiful eyebrows-eyebrow threading. Thanks to the eyebrow artists at Beauty By Thread, having beautiful eyebrows is just a twist away.

The Roots of Threading

If you're like me, you like to learn what's at the root of something before jumping in and trying it. Because I didn't grow up in a culture that practices brow threading, nor was it popular when I began my brow shaping journey, I knew nothing about threading. Here’s what I’ve learned about this fascinating practice. Eyebrow threading is a depilation technique with roots that vary according to who you talk to. While India and Asia are both contenders in the eyebrow threading movement, it appears as if Persia is where all the threading began. According to historians, the name eyebrow thread comes from the Persian words Bande Abru. They say this practice has been in existence for over 5000 years. While there may be some uncertainty about the origin of this hair removal technique, there's no doubt it's become popular throughout the world.

100 Years of American Eyebrows

Eyebrows do more than making a fashion statement by being on trend; the right eyebrow shape accentuates your best features and frames the face. In the 1920s, eyebrow styles saw faces with long, thin, rounded eyebrows that drooped at the ends were created to give a very dramatic look. That makes perfect sense given that Hollywood films relied heavily on facial expression and bodily gestures: it was the era of silent film. Twenty years later, women wanted to make a much bolder statement, again heavily influenced by Hollywood, and the age of the strong, thick brow evolved. But by the 1950s, icons like Marilyn Monroe set the stage for the full but refined brow. Women worked hard to get that prominent arch with a well-defined point at the end. At the same time, eyeshadow entered the brow's landscape, women filling in their brows for a full yet natural look. 

1960 fashion was like nothing seen before and a significant departure from the traditional "beauty." Thanks to Twiggy and others like her, women strived to be otherworldly looking with rounded, very thin eyebrows accentuating huge eyes. But it's the 1970s that debuted a brow that remains popular to date in a modified form. They are more natural, wide-set with variations on length changing from time to time, but the overall look stays classic. Except for a brief appearance of the brief brow in the early 1990s, this naturally arched brow holds court among all other brow styles.

Beauty By Thread (Lincoln, CA)

Like a Mini Lasso

When talking to women who use eyebrow threading as their form of brow shaping, everyone says that it's great to have such precise shaping take place in so little time. Most women will also say that it's imperative to go where the shop's specialty is threading. As with other types of self-care, once you find an excellent place, you stay with it. Beauty by Thread is an exclusive salon dedicated to threading. Although there are two locations in our local area, I have always used the one in Lincoln. But what I say of this one is true for both salons, from what I've learned.

Since starting my threading journey, I've used Lincoln’s Beauty by Thread salon and have never had a reason to look anywhere else. Beauty by Thread offers everything you want in beauty care. The ambiance is peaceful, it's clean to the point of spotless, the technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The cost is reasonable, and the results are always perfect.

The threading process is amazingly straight-forward, yet the results couldn't be more thorough and beautiful. After thoroughly cleaning the brow area with alcohol, the technician uses one piece of 100% cotton thread to create a mini lasso that is twisted and pulled along areas of hair that need to be removed. The hair is lifted from the root without any tugging on skin or use of chemicals. The process is natural and quick. Beauty by Thread technicians provide beautiful results every time. All my friends who are brow threading enthusiasts go to Beauty by Thread because it’s the best in the area and its excellent ratings support that opinion. So, now that you know where to put your brow shape in good hands make an appointment with one of Beauty by Thread's technicians and prepare to be impressed!

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