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Blacktop Comedy Club Rocklin CA

Blacktop Comedy Club In Rocklin, CA (Our Review)


Hi Friends, I'll just say right now that Rocklin is really a place that never ceases to surprise me!  I mean it.  So get this, there's a comedy club right here in this awesome town that is known to be one of the best comedy clubs in the Sacramento area!     Blacktop Comedy Blacktop Comedy is THE place you have to try out as soon as you get the chance (code for next night out!).  

Writer's Disclaimer:  This subject matter may contain more than my average puns.  Should you require assistance during periods of uncontrollable laughter while reading this blog, please hang up and dial 911 (wait, does that even help in this case?).  Okay proceed being duly warned! 

You've Got to be Kidding Me?

Blacktop Comedy is way above basic when it comes to what they put out.  But first, let's talk about why they do what they do because it's so cool!  Blacktop Comedy opened in 2011 looking for a way to bring quality comedy and its important sidekick, education on how to be funny (because that's a real thing and makes people likeable, successful and it pays big bucks if you do it competitively).   In the last seven years, Blacktop Comedy has become a curator of all-things comedy including performing hundred of shows and infusing the local area with laughter.  That was the mission then and I'd say that mission still rings right.  Calling themselves out right up front, "Blacktop Comedy is community focused, volunteer driven, and committed to excellence and education".  I am so into that statement it's not even funny. I visited this unbelievable place not long ago. Read on to laugh more.

Blacktop Comedy Club Rocklin California

I Wouldn't Joke Around About a Thing Like Great Comedy!

Being real here, right?  There's just something so fun about being in a small venue where you can escape that thing we all do called every day life.  From the minute you walk in the door, you feel a vibe shift from serious to seriously fun!  Everyone I talked to was very welcoming; this is super helpful when you're clueless about what will happen next and terrified that you'll accidentally make a move indicating you want to get up in front of strangers and try to be funny.  Whew.  That doesn't happen here. But what does happen is there are people who go there to be really funny.  And they are.  The night I was there there, it was improv night (but not an improv show). It involved an improv experience open to anyone wanting to participate.  But that's just the start of what's offered at Blacktop Comedy.  Read on.

Blacktop Comedy Rocklin

Oh yeah, well who's laughing now?

Blacktop Comedy hits your funny bone in all sorts of ways.   Now I'm not listing these in order of faves because I don't play that way when it comes to comedy.  Here's what's offered in order of random (which I guess makes it disorderly, doesn't it?).  There are shows every week featuring improv, sketch and stand up.    And in keeping with their commitment to education, Blacktop Comedy offers a ton of good stuff!  Seriously, there's everything from a free improv class to classes on how to write sketch comedy to Foundation and Character where students learn to master the art of improv.  Now believe it or not, this improv business isn't just about putting on a show.  Mastering improv is one way to develop excellent presentation skills for all sorts of situations in life.  I could totally do a whole piece on the importance of improv skills and call it, "How Improv Could Save Your Life" but I guess that might be too much hyperbole and not taken seriously.  Go figure.  To see a complete gathering of their classes, go to Blacktop Comedy Classes. 

Comedy Club in Rocklin CA

Addicted to Comedy? There’s Help for That.

Once you realize you want Blacktop Comedy to be that place where everyone knows your name and they're always glad you came, you can get a Show and/or Class Membership at Blacktop Comedy.    As of this writing, the Show Membership cost is $25.00 a month giving you unlimited show and open mic admissions.   There's also Class Membership which gives you unlimited classes (check website for list of qualifying classes), admissions to open mics, special access to Interactive/Video Archive Community Page and special member only events.  As of this writing, the Show Membership cost is $35.00 a month.

By this point, it should be as obvious as a flashing traffic light (do they even do that anymore?)  that Blacktop Comedy is a must see and must do.  This place is AMAZING and we're so fortunate that this comedy community within our own Rocklin community!  

Treat Yourself and Your Moving Day Besties to Laughs.

When you've finished up the last of moving tasks and closed the door to your unit at Stanford Ranch Self Storage, take a very short jaunt down Sunset Blvd. to Blacktop Comedy!  It'll be just the thing you and your moving besties need to do to make life light!  And remember, at Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we're Rocklin's newest self storage facility and very committed to our community. We are SO excited to be in Rocklin and want you to know you're truly getting a local, neighborhood self storage experience with us.   We're looking forward to opening Stanford Ranch Self Storage early this year.  As part of Rocklin’s amazing community, we like sharing what other businesses, like Blacktop Comedy, are doing that makes Rocklin so much fun to live in.  

Happy Guffawing!

(Blacktop Comedy is located at: 3101 Sunset Blvd #6a, Rocklin, CA 95677. Their phone number is: 916-749-3100.)

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