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Bru Coffee House Sign

Bru Coffee House (Loomis, CA)


The longer I live, the more I appreciate coffee. If you live in the Rocklin community, the choices for quality coffee are robust. Part of the fun of having so many options is the excitement of discovering new coffee shops because one size doesn't always fit all moods. For me, my choice of which coffee shop to visit depends on convenience and mood. There's comfort in knowing there's a favorite coffee shop for every mood and that I'm likely to find in several locations. If you happen to find yourself traveling east on Taylor Road, you'll go through the quaint town of Loomis as soon as you leave Rocklin. Loomis is a main street town with a blend of old-time and new style eateries and shops. When in Loomis, make it a point to stop at an exceptional coffee shop called Bru. Read on to learn why Bru is a must for coffee enthusiasts. Well, let's say coffee enthusiasts and those with a sweet tooth!

Bru Coffee House Rocklin Loomis

Coffee Shop With a Passion

Bru coffee is located off Loomis' main street with great outdoor and indoor seating. The first thing you'll notice when entering is the "this is where you want to be" vibe. The music is upbeat; the servers are friendly and enthusiastic to talk about their coffee shop with a heart. Bru was started as a part of a movement to help the general community by providing financial support for a faith-based non-profit. Everyone Matters Ministries helps mentor families who are facing situational homelessness. So when visiting Bru, it's not apparent that the shop is run as a fundraising source though it is obvious lots of passion has gone in to creating a beautiful coffee house.  But beauty isn't the whole story; there's great coffee, tea, and sweets sold here.  

Now let's talk coffee first. As a coffee purist, meaning I drink my coffee black and strong, I am dependent on the coffee shop's standards for its coffee beans. Right away, I could tell that I was going to be very happy with my new find. And Bru did not disappoint. My Pour was perfect with a balance of heavy-bodied boldness and buttery rich smoothness. There wasn't one hint of bitterness at all. I order a coffee Pour because it's a method that makes one cup at a time using the same method as the Melitta Process. This process, now seeing a resurgence due to the Pour method, was a one-time the gold standard for making excellent coffee. 

For those wanting flair in the fresh brew, Bru has it going on all over the place. In addition to some very fun seasonal favorites, they have several mochas, caramel coffees, and even something called The Monti, which I learned is a latte with Jamaican rum syrup. There are many other syrups to try, but this one is so popular that it's earned its own shout-out on the menu. By and large, the special mentions as a favorite were no surprise to me.  It's their dirty chai. If you're not familiar with dirty chai, please consider changing that. Dirty chai is a blend of chai tea with a shot, two or three, of espresso. I wasn't surprised to see that the dirty chai is so popular because it contains a popular, local favorite source for chai made by North Fork Tea and Coffee.  North Fork Tea and Coffee is where I'll be talking about another time, so I can't say too much here. Located just up the road in Newcastle, this producer of dirty chai and other unique treats is a perfect partnership with Bru. It appears Bru partners with the best everywhere. After all, the sweet treats are made by Lincoln's Country Harvest Bakery and Café. Lincoln is another Rocklin community neighbor, and there's no doubt that its Country Harvest Bakery and Café merits the title of favorite café in Lincoln. Bru's great coffee is paired well with the baked goods offered.

Bru Coffee House Rocklin Loomis

Great Coffee, Food, and Surroundings

The first time I visited Bru, I was struck by how cozy the café seems, yet it has a very contemporary vibe. The floors are a sleek mix of ceramic tile and wooden planks, the walls are partially covered in distressed wood, as is the coffee counter. But the show-stealer is the art on the walls. Each of the Bru's walls contains large portraits made of plaster, with the artist being the same person who was responsible for the gorgeous flooring. This artwork alone is worth taking the time to visit Bru. One stylized portrait is of Marilyn Monroe, another of the Rat Pack, a third and fourth are of the Beetles. In contrast to the walls and floor's contemporary look are these gorgeous stylized portraits of classic musical standards. The seating is comfortable and spacious both inside and outside, so you can sit anywhere and enjoy this fantastic artwork. 

Now back to the other element that makes Bru such a great place. The food.  Country Harvest Bakery and Café produces some of the best bread, cookies, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, and savory pastries in the region. That's just a well-known fact. After seeing the choice for coffee beans, and the source for the chai, I wasn't surprised to learn where the baked goods come from.  What an excellent offering for a place that aims for being fun but with a serious purpose and warm but with a sleek vibe. Having some wonderful old-fashioned bakery favorites alongside artisan sweets is the perfect finishing touch to a place that's got everything good going on. Please treat yourself with a visit to one of the best coffee shops in the region by giving Bru a try. I can guarantee you; you'll be happy you did. 

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Loomis, Ca  95650
Hours of Operation are Monday through Sunday, 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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