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Camp Far West Lake

Camp Far West Lake Review


In today's world, we're doing things a little differently.  While the variety of activities we participate in may be fewer in number, the area we live in gives us depth within those things we are doing for fun.  A fantastic example of that is with a visit to Camp Far West Lake.  

Take Your Time Getting to Camp Far West Lake

It goes without saying that the secret to enjoying a fun activity is to savor as much of it as possible.  That's never more true than now. Your visit to Camp Far West Lake offers many ways to enjoy yourself, including the ride out to the lake itself. There are two primary ways to drive to Camp Far West Lake-one way is from the direction of Lincoln, and the other is from the direction of Marysville.

From Lincoln, you'll be driving on McCourtney Road with much of the ride being through rural surroundings.  Please take your time because you'll see old farmhouses, a historic schoolhouse, many ranches and farms all alongside a two-lane road.  Not long into your drive, you'll feel as if you've stepped back in time as much of the landscape has remained the same for over 100 years.  Along your ride, you'll cross over a couple of ravines shaded by enormous trees. 

From Marysville, the drive includes going through several small towns and eventually ending up on a two-lane road surrounded by thousands of acres of open land.  This drive allows for opportunities to stop at fruit stands.  While the pace is a little faster on this route than the one coming from Lincoln's direction, it has its version of taking you back in time.  

Miles and Miles of Shoreline

Camp Far West Lake is a 2,002 surface-acre lake with 29 miles of shoreline.  It's surrounded by majestic oaks and lush vegetation. According to local historians, the lake got its name from a gold rush era immigrant camp that was located just downstream from the present-day dam site. Since it was the last camp on the immigrant trail before the 49ers coming from the east reached the Sacramento Valley, it was dubbed, Camp Far West.  At first glance, this lake seems small because it's visually divided into two areas. 

The shoreline's appearance varies depending on the time of year you visit.  During the summer months, the lake may have a shoreline of red-brown dirt because the it's part of the California State Water Project to control flooding in the central valley of the state. The same project requires that the lake is part of a hydroelectric power supply to the surrounding area. The lake's facility for power production is owned and operated by the South Sutter Water District. But worry not, the power production facility isn't part of the lake's landscape so many miles of shoreline without the visual reminder of the lake's human-made functional side. 

Camp Far West Lake View

Fishing on Camp Far West Lake

If the words, "year-round, abundant, and hidden gem" mean anything to you when talking about fishing, I think you'll find the drive out to Camp Far West Lake a dream come true. There are several areas where you'll find largemouth and smallmouth bass, black bass, crappie, catfish, brown trout, and striped bass. These all bite until the year's storms muddy the waters too much to fish for them from the shore. 

From what I learned, that means the fish become concentrated towards the middle of the lake in water that's out of reach of shore fishing, so boat fishing becomes popular. Because the lake's levels change and are affected by weather conditions, it's advisable to call 916-633-0803 or 645-0484 to find out what the lake conditions are like the day you want to fish there. According to several reports, until it's storming, the fishing on Camp Far West Lake is a hidden gem. Spring is reported to offer the best fishing.

Camping and boating on Camp Far West Lake

Camp Far West lake is situated at an elevation of 280 feet. It is a relatively large lake, impounding 104,500 acre-feet of water when at full capacity. It offers a wonderful opportunity for water recreation including swimming, boating, water skiing, and jet skiing, while in the spring when the lake is full, the hills are green and the lake is beautiful, by fall, the lake's levels make drop down by 60 feet and the landscape changes.  But camping and recreation can be just as good. 

Access to the lake is via the North Shore gate, where there are 70 campsites and eight RV hookups. The South Shore contains 67 campsites and no RV hookups. Campsites are generously sized with barbeques and easy lake access. Reservations for camping are required. For boaters, the North Shore and South Shore each have an easily accessible boat launch ramp and mini-marts. The mini marts also include tackle and bait. Camp Far West Lake is also a popular place for horseback riding as there are miles of trails. Day-use parking includes large areas for horse trailers.

There's plenty of space and activities for everyone to enjoy Camp Far West Lake together safely.  Whether out on the water, hiking and riding the trails, camping or just enjoying a place to swim for the day, Camp Far West Lake is a place you want to add to your list of fun things to do in 2020.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage Is Here For Your Outdoor Adventures

Whether it's for seasonal fishing, water skiing, camping, or hiking activities, self storage is an excellent solution for storing the items you own for recreation. We like to think of self storage as a springboard to new outdoor adventures, and our on-site resident managers can help find the perfect unit for your needs.  As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Rocklin's Stanford Ranch Self Storage is open and practicing social distancing while we help you with all your self-storage needs. Please stop by (or call) today, and don't forget to ask about our free moving truck (subject to availability) and 1st year price guarantee!

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