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Donuts and Cinnamon Sign

Donuts and Cinnamon (Rocklin, CA)


Everyone once in a while, a new place opens in town, and in no time at all, everyone agrees it's a treasure. One of the many great things about living in Rocklin is access to many of these treasures. The latest gem in town is a little place called Donuts and Cinnamon. It's located in one of my favorite areas of Rocklin on Granite Drive. Donuts and Cinnamon has only been opened a little over a month, but it has already made a great impression on those that have tried it out. Here's why this place is fast becoming a local favorite.

First Impressions

Anything you can say that's favorable about a donut shop is being said about Donuts and Cinnamon. To begin with, it opens at 5 a.m. seven days a week. It's got the vibe of an old-fashioned city bakery with a clean, classic no-frills setup. As you'd expect in an old-fashioned bakery, this is family owned. The family who owns this donut shop is genuinely friendly in a very authentic way. You can feel that the owners of an establishment are genuinely grateful for each customer's support.

The day I dropped in, it was an hour before closing time, yet people kept coming through the front door. I ordered coffee, which was excellent, and mentioned that the apple cinnamon roll I was taking home was for my young grandson. While paying for my goodies, the young man (who co-owns the shop with his parents) handed me an additional package and said it was a donut for me to enjoy with my coffee. I was very touched by his kindness. By the way, it wasn't until after this happened that I mentioned I'd be back when it wasn't so busy so that I could ask more questions about their establishment.

Donuts and Cinnamon (Rocklin, CA)

Quick Trip to the Top

It turns out that Donuts and Cinnamon has consistently rated five yelp stars and is equally praised for its food as it is for the customer service. In just about every review, there's mention of the owner's gracious hospitality.

If several people walking into a donut shop at 2 p.m. and talking to the owners as if they're family friends is any indication of popularity, I'd say Donuts and Cinnamon already has a solid following. Now you may be thinking that a shop that's only been opened a couple of months might find it easy to have five yelp stars because how many reviews could they have yet? Well, it turns out that Donuts and Cinnamon is the second donut shop this family has owned. The first is the famous BJ Donuts of Folsom, CA! To date, BJ Cinnamon has maintained five yelp stars with over 1083 reviews and has been named the best bakery in California!! This is the same family selling the same sweets and treats, so yes, Rocklin has definitely gained another big hit in an already jam-packed lineup of great places for special treats. We're already seeing that Donuts and Cinnamon is making a quick trip to the top as everyone's favorite donut shop.

What About the Sweets?

What can I say? On my second visit to Donuts and Cinnamon, I made sure to arrive early and ask several people what they liked about Rocklin's newest gem. Every single great word that could be said about a donut shop is being said about this one. The donuts are made fresh daily, donut holes are frosted AFTER you order yours, everything tastes fresh and melts in your mouth, and everything has a delicate balance of flavors, so nothing is overpowering. Now that's not easy to do when you consider donuts are some of the sweetest treats we eat. It's not just the donuts; people order and rave about the cinnamon rolls. There's a traditionally iced version, one that has apple topping and a sticky cinnamon roll. Even with the sticky cinnamon rolls, it seems like this place has mastered the art of sugar in moderation yet remains a wonderfully sweet treat. I noticed several people order these for themselves and took some home too. I spoke with someone who said a few donut choices are gone by 11 a.m., so if they're your favorites, you want to get in early. I made it a point to enjoy my coffee and apple fritter (because that's my thing if I'm going to go down donut row) in the shop. The line never stopped, yet the people serving took the time to greet everyone as if they were the only ones in the shop. Donuts and Cinnamon has everything going for it. The location is easy to access; the prices are very reasonable, the coffee is fantastic, the sweets are only served fresh, and the service is the best you'll find anywhere. When you leave Donuts and Cinnamon, you'll leave with a pleased stomach and an equally happy heart.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

Treats are an important part of our lives. It's fun to add a treat to the day to pick up your spirit, and it's REALLY important to add a treat to the day on moving day. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is a big proponent of the magical moving day treat. We're such firm believers in it that we go out of our way to find places that are perfect for the moving day treat. Whether you start the day off with an early morning donut or give yourself a mid-day pick me up with one, having that treat makes a moving day much nicer. Stanford Ranch Self Storage wants to help our valued customers in every way possible. Please help us out by sharing your idea of the perfect moving day treat. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Donuts and Cinnamon
4845 Granite Dr., Ste. B
Rocklin, CA 95677
Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.
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