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Edwin's Coffee & Tea In Rocklin, CA (Our Review)


Everyone loves to have a favorite coffee shop and no doubt, you're wondering if you've tried all the great places to have coffee in Rocklin so you can find your favorite one.  Well, let me help you out here.  You know you've found a gem when a place has been in business for a long time and seems to do minimal advertising AND there's a long line to get in on weekends.  Oh, did I mention the place is not in the middle of a busy business center that automatically attracts walk ins?  Oh and did I mention it's got pretty low key signage and STILL  really popular?  That describes Edwin's Coffee and Tea shop to a tee.  Hah, first cornball pun and I'm not even out of the first paragraph!  Nicely done, huh?  So, what makes Edwin's Coffee and Tea worth visiting and revisiting as so many people in Rocklin do?  Well, it's all about several things done extremely well.  For instance, …

Atmosphere Screams Welcome!

When I first walked into this place years ago, I felt relaxed.  And the last time I was there a month ago, I still felt that way.  The welcome vibes are everywhere.   The lighting isn't too bright, the colors are all on the warm side, the seating is comfortable but not overbearing, there's a great smell of coffee and baked goods that balance each other out.  You know the balance I'm talking about?  It's the obvious one that happens when food is being baked right there and whatever is being brewed is fresh, strong and happening extremely often.  Now in the years I've been coming here, that hasn't changed much, those vibes and yummy smells haven't changed.   This is a place you can count on for always being comfortable, for being the baker of great food and the brewer of amazing coffee. And while it's on the small side, there is also outside seating complete with toys for little ones so everyone can sit and relax.  Next time you want to go someplace and instantly feel warm and welcomed, Edwin's Coffee and Tea will hit the spot. Now if you want to also feel like your taste buds and stomach are completely satisfied, Edwin's Coffee and Tea gets that done for you too.  Read on to learn how.

Food for The Stomach and Food for Thought.

I'm not sure I know where to start on the great things baked right on site every morning at Edwin's Coffee and Tea.  But I am sure I know who does all the baking…Edwin's mother!  She's one of these people who loves what she does and does it every single morning without fail.  Edwin, the mastermind behind the business and one of the friendly faces at the counter, is interested in talking to his patrons as he fills orders for espresso favorites, signature caramel specialties, coffees that are blended with ice cream and chai (including matcha latte chai) as well as all sort herbal tea.  Wait, wait, there's a bit more.  There's also a line of signature shakes that will make you a bit crazy.  While there are only five to choose from, they are a mighty five and will not leave you wanting.  So as Edwin goes about mixing and brewing your order, he's always interested in asking where you're from (or what's new) and next thing you know, you're a regular who leaves feeling as if they've visited a friend.  And of course, you'll feel like a well-fed friend.  Edwin's Coffee and Tea has freshly baked goods that range from melt in your mouth muffins to say no more scones!   There is quiche that makes both vegetarians and meatatarians happy (is meatatarian a word yet?) and breakfast bagels that beg to be eaten down to the last crumb.  Everything is prepared fresh and served with personal pride.  

So How Does a Place In this Spot Stay Busy?

Now please don't misunderstand me.  Edwin's Coffee and Tea is in a perfectly visible, safe and centralized location.  It sits on a very clean corner of two well know streets in Rocklin.  But it's not in an area with an anchor store or surrounded by other businesses that provide constant traffic.  So, I asked Edwin what was the secret to his coffee shop's sustainability.  He said it has to do with the people that live all around the shop.  He finds they tend to be people that work outside of Rocklin during the week and really value having a great place to walk to where they can relax and have homemade baked goods and a really good cup of coffee.  He said that the little group of six adjacent shops, with exception of one, have all been there for over 15 years .  He said they are a community with the community and their patrons really value their collective commitment to providing a reliably excellent service.  Edwin said none of the business have a problem staying busy.  I found it really nice to hear that there are still ways in which the time-tested magic of staying connected and making sure others know they can count on you is possible.  There's a really sweet community within the larger Rocklin community right there at the corner of Sunset Blvd and Fairway Dr.  Well, of course the great food, friendly service and over the top delicious coffee helps, right? 

Coffee Break: Perfect For Your Self Storage Moving Day!

You know, a place like Edwin's Coffee and Tea is an old favorite for those who live in the surrounding area and it could be your next favorite place if you're new to town.  Speaking of new to town, moving day is a busy one and warrants a nice treat from a place like Edwin's Coffee and Tea.   We love to share information about places like Edwin's Coffee and Tea at Stanford Ranch Self Storage.  As Rocklin's neighborhood self storage facility, we know it's helpful to share places that make perfect treats for you and your moving team.  We love Rocklin and we're really excited to be opening Stanford Ranch Self Storage very soon. Our commitment is to be a valued member of Rocklin's friendly and helpful community and want to spread the word about other valued businesses like Edwin's Coffee and Tea. Please come by and share some of your favorite Rocklin gems with us.  

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