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Foothill Feed and Gifts (Loomis, CA)

Foothill Feed and Gifts (Loomis, CA)


One of the great things about a local feed store is the opportunity to relive a simpler era.  From the heartwarming smell of freshly stacked hay to the sweet peep of newly hatched chick, a feed store is the one thing that gives the seal of authenticity to a small town's status as, well, a small town. Foothill Feed and Gifts has been in Loomis, serving the needs of local ranchers for decades. But it’s been so much more to the community because it's right next door to Del Oro High School. If you're asking yourself how that connects, read on for the answers.

Foothill Feed and Gifts (Loomis, CA)

Eagles Forever

Foothill Feed and Gifts is a place that's upheld the commitment to supporting the community in any way it can. In addition to being a great source of hay, it's also a place with all your pet food needs well covered. If you own something feathered, finned, or furred, Foothill Feed and Gifts is the place to shop for all their feed needs. I bet you won't find a feed store anywhere other than Loomis that supports its local eagles, but it's different from the kind you think. Del Oro High School's mighty Eagles are right next door to this welcoming feed and gift store; it's often an excellent place for parents to stop in and shop while waiting to pick up their teen. I have years of firsthand experience in this as an D.O. Eagle parent. It was great to pick up a bale of hay, chicken feed, and dog food while also picking up my sons from school.

Supports The Community’s Traditions

You know what's even better than having an affordable and reliable local feed store in our community; it's having one owned by a local family and is on its second generation of serving the community. The Greenfield family love Loomis, which shows in what they provide through their store. For those who have lived here for years, you'll remember that Foothill Feed and Gifts was previously known as The Cow Poke. Many things stayed the same when the former owners sold to the Greenfield family. The former owner, also a big Loomis fan, supported local school and community events. That has stayed the same, and, in fact, the Greenfields promote the Loomis tradition of preserving the area's cowboy heritage. When you go by Foothill Feed and Gifts, you'll see how proudly the Greenfields support The Cowpoke Foundation. And speaking of that, remember to attend the annual Cowpoke Fall Gathering, where many of the cowboy traditions are celebrated as a way of carrying them on.

Foothill Feed and Gifts (Loomis, CA)

Feed and So Much More

Anyone with large animals knows the importance of a reliable source of hay. Foothill Feed and Gifts is that source for many local ranchers. But it's not just those feeding large animals that have come to count on Foothill Feed and Gifts; the same is true for those of us who have smaller animals, including chickens and household pets. Oh, fine, I'll admit when my kids were little, all our animals (from cows to chickens to dogs) were all pets. Everyone lived to a ripe old age and benefitted greatly from the high-quality selection of feed at Foothill Feed and Gifts. While we no longer have outdoor pets, I still rely on Foothill Feed and Gifts for my dog's care needs. Foothill Feed and Gifts carries high-quality dog, cat, chicken, bird, and rabbit food and other pet care supplies. And if that isn't enough, you can find everything you need for your garden. As they say, Foothill Feed and Gifts has everything for large-acre farmers and small-plot gardeners.

I know you probably don’t immediately think feed store when you need a great gift but believe me, think again. Before you walk through the front door, you'll see great gift ideas at Foothill Feed and Gifts. Then, look to your left once inside to see a fun collection of country-themed gifts and greeting cards. And, of course, don't pass up the fun photo op with the iconic, live-sized horse statue that has been a constant in Loomis for decades. Please treat yourself to the feel of a different era by visiting our friends at Foothill Feed and Gifts. And remember that photo op.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

As your neighborhood self-service storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is a proud member of the Rocklin community and values our neighboring communities as well. We enjoy learning about the great things those communities offer, and we tell our valued customers about places like Foothill Feed and Gifts. It's always a great feeling to provide suggestions on excellent places to eat, shop and recreate; we rely on those in the community to tell us about the places they recommend others try. Please visit Stanford Ranch Self Storage and check out our state-of-the-art self-storage facility while sharing your recommendations with others. See you soon!

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