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Golden Swann Jewelry Sign

Golden Swann Jewelry & Collectible Gallery (Auburn, CA)


Here's a riddle. If you live in Rocklin and want to visit another country, can you do it by driving to Auburn? If your answer is yes, congratulations because you're right. If your answer was no, congratulations because you're in for a marvelous surprise. How can I make such a bold statement with total confidence? Golden Swann is an immersion shopping experience, to say the least, and I can guarantee that you will not find another shop like this anywhere. Read on to take a tour of one of the most beautiful shops you’ll ever visit, and welcome to Golden Swann.

Your Hosts

Golden Swann Jewelry & Collectible Gallery, Auburn, CA

At Golden Swann, you aren't just welcomed into a beautiful shop; you're hosted by its owners, Margareta and Ben Swann. From the moment you step out of the rest of the world and into their elegant shop, you genuinely feel like you've entered another country. Everywhere you look, and everything you hear is pure elegance, including your hosts. It’s easy to see the connection between the shop's elegance and its owners. Margareta is the picture of grace, warmth, and beauty. Margareta is a gracious hostess with a combination of lighthearted charm and sophistication. While Margareta’s gift of matchmaking between her customers and the perfect piece of jewelry is nothing short of masterful, her husband Ben contributes equally to creating the unique experience in Golden Swann.

Ben, a charming virtuoso with a sense of humor that keeps you on your toes, is equally as brilliant at what he does. He’s a passionate master of collecting limited edition and classic figurines. Ben's collections, some for sale but others not, add to the world-class gallery effect at Golden Swann. Like Margareta, his knowledge of jewelry is awe-inspiring. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone with more knowledge in fine jewelry and collectibles than Ben and Margareta. Because they are the only ones working at their shop, you will always be treated to the same delightful ambiance and hospitality. Speaking of ambiance, Golden Swann's newest addition to their extraordinary collection is the work of a local artist C’Anne Elliott. C’Anne’s classically elegant style of paintings is at home among the porcelain figurines from artists such as Armani, Lladró, Hummel, Disney, Country Artist, and Caithness.

Audacity, Talent, and a Meticulous Quest for the Excellent

Golden Swann Jewelry & Collectible Gallery, Auburn, CA

One of Golden Swann’s most impressive collections is that of the iconic Spanish brand, Lladró. As a tremendous fan of this porcelain art, I’ve spent many hours in the presence of Lladró’s beautiful work anywhere I find it. To this day, I've never seen a more extensive or more varied collection that at Golden Swann. Lladró's modern-day success story is as warming to the heart as their art is beautiful to the soul. What began as a small family business in 1953, each decade in Lladrós history marked remarkable developments. Inspired by great European manufacturers of their time, three Spanish brothers named Vicente, Jose, and Juan Lladró began making vases, plates, and ceramic figurines. By the 1960s, Lladró firmly caught the world's attention with their beautiful work known for its elongated lines, intricate modeling of flowers, complex tulle treatment, and pastel tones. The 1970s gave birth to more ambitious works and the first limited Lladró. With it also came international recognition. In the 1980s, the constant pursuit of new ways of expression debuted a style that shows even more of the artists’ love of fantasy. This decade also marked continued growth in the international market with subsidiaries in Japan and China, and a gallery in New York City's on the prestigious Fifth Avenue. The nineties was the decade in which complex period scenes with more vivid colors were added. It's also the decade's continued expansion into exclusive boutiques and galleries worldwide.

As one would expect, the start of a new century brought an opportunity for the reinvention of many brands, including Lladró. In the 2000s, Lladró began creating sculptural pieces in matte white porcelain and dynamic, bold pieces decorated with vivid colors. This evolution continues today with the endless creation of works showcasing the classic Lladró design to those expressing a more modern flair. You’ll find an extraordinary collection representing all Lladró styles at Golden Swann.

The Golden Swann Community

Golden Swann Jewelry & Collectible Gallery, Auburn, CA

If you haven't already heard enough to convince you to spend time at Golden Swann, here's another reason to visit it. Golden Swann is a community, not just a purveyor of loveliness. Without fail, every time I visit it, there are at least two people also visiting who are regulars dropping in to say hello. In fact, Golden Swann has been an Auburn community institution for decades. The last time I visited, three people were in the shop who were there deep in the kind of conversation you hear when old friends talk. There was a half of what looked like a homemade chocolate cake next to Margareta's jewelry-making table. And speaking of chocolate, Golden Swann isn't just a place to feast your eyes; it is also home to a beautiful collection of extraordinary confections.

Those who are part of the Golden Swann community know they can always purchase the perfect gift or indulge in a piece of chocolate known as the finest in the world. In keeping with everything else offered at Golden Swann, DeBrand Fine Chocolates are world-renowned, gourmet artisan chocolates made from scratch. It only makes sense that Margareta and Ben would carry the confectionery arts curated by a company founder who has a deep appreciation of art and a passion for creating.

So now that you've learned about this world-class shop, you're welcomed to step away from the rest of the world and step into the Golden Swann experience. From designing custom jewelry for you, repairing what you already own, helping you find a collectible, giving you expert advice on the next perfect jewelry look on you, or helping you adorn your home, there's no one like Ben and Margareta or the Golden Swann.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

Learning where the treasures are hidden is an integral part of finding a community within a community. Golden Swann is an excellent example of that. Stanford Ranch Self Storage wants to help as your neighborhood self-storage facility by seeking local businesses that we know you'll appreciate. If you’re a collector, you may need a way to store your valuables safely and securely during a move or as your collection grows. Stanford Ranch Self Storage has a state-of-the-art facility that is the perfect solution for all storage needs. We take the time to make sure that you get the ideal unit to rest assured your valuables are constantly organized, secure, and ready for their next journey.

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