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Hidden Falls Regional Park Picture

Hidden Falls Regional Park (Auburn, CA)


Sharing is caring. We've heard it our whole lives. To see an example of this that will leave you breathless, hike or ride Hidden Falls Regional Park. This majestic public park results from many years of work between private landowners and Placer County's Legacy Open Space and Agricultural Conservation Program. Thanks to this generous cooperation between all involved, Hidden Falls Regional Park has over 3500 acres preserved by Placer Land Trust. Please make Hidden Falls Regional Park your next outing if you love hiking, running, biking, and equestrian riding. Here's what you need to know to fully enjoy this one-of-a-kind nature preserve.

Bring Your Camera

Hidden Falls Regional Park Auburn, CA

Imagine that you have a close friend or family member who has loads of beautiful acres of wilderness, and that friend or family member says, "please come out and enjoy what we have.” Well, that's Hidden Falls Regional Park. What once was privately owned by ranching families and enjoyed by a few is now open to the public to be enjoyed by all. Located outside Lincoln and Auburn (because it's that big), Hidden Falls Regional Park has over 30 miles of trails through gorgeous woodlands. But this isn't just open woodlands; the trails are clearly marked and mapped so that you and nature stay safe while sharing the park. You can choose a trail and learn all about what you'll experience once on it. Whether you decide to take an ambitious hike, stroll, or ride your horse, the one thing you're guaranteed is stunning photo opportunities.

You can start your photo journey the minute you park at the entrance of Hidden Falls Regional Park. The view from the parking lot includes an elegant vista of distant foothills. This park lives up to its name with several year-round falls and creeks, providing ample opportunity to rest, relax and refresh your senses. Of course, these falls will happily be in any picture you take of them, and those same pictures may contain a photo bombing goose or two!

The Trails to Tributaries of Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls Regional Park is a true hidden gem as it's tucked somewhere between Auburn and Lincoln but very easy to reach. There are over 30 miles of native surface, multi-use trails. The trails wind through areas that have been designed to keep nature doing its thing while allowing for human and equestrian guests to have a great visit. Because this is a gift for everyone to enjoy, those who help keep it enjoyable and safe ask that you stay on the trails and not take shortcuts from one area to the next.

Here are some other things you need to keep in mind to maximize your fun. Please bring your own water as there is no potable water available in the park. As already mentioned, for your safety and that of the park's creatures, please stay on identified trails. I have Verizon mobile services and found cell phone reception good through most of the park. This is a locked park so keep in mind that the gates lock 30 minutes after sunset. These are shared trails, so please be mindful of the trail etiquette around horses and bicycle riders. Also, please be sure to pack it in and pack it out, including pet waste. Parking is limited during the peak season, so arrive early in the day to get parking. Please keep in mind that parking along Mears Drive or along any other private road is prohibited. The only alternative to parking in Hidden Falls Regional Park is approximately five miles away from Auburn's Placer Government Center. There are no bus or shuttle services, so walking or riding a bike to the park is the only way to get there.

Placer Legacy provides a user-friendly trail map to help you decide what you're up for during your visit. By far, the easy trails far outnumber moderate or difficult ones. Quail Run Trail, for example, is 1/10th of a mile long and very easy. There are 13 other trails that are identified as easy. If you want the park's ultimate challenge, River Otter Loop is 1.4 miles long and identified as difficult. I've hiked Hidden Falls Regional Park several times and have yet to encounter anything too difficult. Self-disclosure: I'm not an avid hiker, don't like steep inclines, and never, ever grab rocks to hoist myself around. I'm what you might want to call a very low-key, casual hiker. For me, Hidden Falls Regional Park trails are all accessible and hike-friendly.

Hidden Falls Regional Park Auburn, CA

Hidden Falls Regional Park is situated along Coon Creek and Deadman Creek watersheds, with its waterfalls running year-round. There are two large observation decks with close-up views of these two waterfalls. They help the park live up to its name as they are hidden from the entrance and aren't situated within proximity of one another. While the park is beautiful all year, the most impressive time to visit is in the spring. Whether you walk, hike, ride or roll in, this beautiful park is a gift to all who visit. So pack a picnic, wear comfortable clothing and download the map for Hidden Falls Regional Park and prepare to be awestruck. The stunning Hidden Falls Regional Park awaits you!

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

Being active and enjoying wonderful treasures like Hidden Falls Regional Park is part of what makes living in Placer County so great. Storage is vital for those who have equipment and supplies related to hiking, bicycle, and horseback riding. One way to preserve your investment in this equipment is to utilize self-storage. Stanford Ranch Self Storage has a state-of-the-art facility as your neighborhood self-storage facility, complete with everything needed for all your storage needs. Let us keep your valuables stored and organized so that everything is ready to go for your next adventure. See you soon!

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