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High Hand Nursery & Cafe Sign

High Hand Nursery & Cafe (Loomis, CA)


The charming town of Loomis should have an unofficial title called "the town with everything wonderful just a stone's throw apart." Its main street town has eateries that will keep you coming back and has shops that are as fun as they are unique. For anyone who loves to garden, appreciate art, is passionate about hardscaping, and enjoys unique gift shopping, there's nowhere else in the Sacramento region like High-hand Nursery. Honestly, this is one of the places I believe has to be divided into more than one writing to do it justice. This beautiful place is more than a shop; it's a collection of shops in a setting that feels more like a retreat than a place of business. In fact, locals are known to get together with friends to wander quietly through the garden area and then end up having a delicious meal at the High-Hand Café. People are often drawn to this location because everything from the sidewalk to the last inch of the historic packing shed presents beauty.  Head on to learn why High-hand Nursery is a favorite with locals and draws visitors from afar.

High Hand Nursery & Cafe Loomis CA

The Measure of a Garden

High-hand Nursery's slogan is "the measure of a garden is the degree to which it grabs you and haunts you after you've visited." From the time you walk up to the nursery, you start to feel like you’re visiting something that's elegant but understated. As you approach the gates, you'll begin to hear soothing instrumental music and water sounds from several water features. Once inside the main nursery, that relaxation will increase as you see an amazing collection of high-quality shrubs, trees, and perennials. Everything is displayed in a way that looks more like someone's private gardens rather than a place to purchase plants. High-hand Nursery is proud to offer only the best and what is produced by the area’s top local growers. If that isn't enough to entice you, there's a greenhouse with High-hand Nursery's exclusive collection of in-house grown plants. 

As you continue through the garden area, you'll see a selection of healthy conifers, Japanese maples, and an entire section creatively dedicated for those who have a passion for succulents. But there's so much more to the nursery after this section. It's important to mention that High-hand Nursery is located in the historic packing sheds that once anchored the town of Loomis and connected it to the rest of the fruit-growing region. So as you're moving away from the plant nursery section, you're moving towards a stately old building that's over a hundred years old.  High-hand Nursery's designers have created a beautiful space against the back entrance to the building, which creates what feels like a sanctuary dedicated to the art of succulent design. People who love succulents have elevated their use to an art form, and High-hand Nursery is the place to create that art. Not only is there an unparalleled assortment of succulents, but there are also unique containers to add them to and soil available so that customers can sit and create their succulent art even before going home! 

For those wanting to transform their own surroundings in a bigger way, High-hand Nursery has landscape consultation and design service, complete landscape construction, and aquatic garden design also from concept to installation. Because of High-hand Nursery's blacksmith shop, your garden design can be one of a kind with custom-created wrought iron trellises and garden gates!

Beautiful Energy From the Past is a Gift to the Present

Entering into the massive fruit shed building that houses several unique shops is a beautiful experience. Not just because of the hand-crafted work of several local artisans but because of the packing shed building itself. Built almost 100 years ago, the current use of these gracious buildings speaks volumes for the value Loomis puts on them. Once serving as a central packing plant for the countless orchards in and around the Loomis Basin, this lovely building now serves to hold another generation of countless local offerings. The numerous shops occupying the packing shed including a flower and gift market, High-hand Mercantile, the Olive Oil company, a large art gallery, Gladding, McBean Pottery, Leo Eleven Designs, and the famous High-Hand Iron Shop. Each of these shops is worthy of more than can be said here, so I strongly encourage you to visit them in person. If everything mentioned here isn't enough to entice you to High-hand Nursery, let your stomach be your guide. Set within the nursery's beautiful garden area is the High-hand Café.  Offering delicious lite fare made of nothing but local ingredients, the High-hand Café is not just a place shoppers enjoy but a place that people come to eat even when they're not shopping. The High-hand Café is as much an experience at which to eat as High-hand Nursery is a place to visit. Both are lovely, to say the least.  

High Hand Nursery & Cafe Loomis CA

Crate Place To Visit

For those who are history buffs, visiting High-hand Nursery will provide an experience to visit the past as the building has been preserved in all ways possible. One of those ways is with the presentation of the original fruit crates used when produce harvested riches. If you can't contain your excitement over adding to your vintage wood crate collection, there's a good reason for that. High-hand Nursery held onto many of the fruit crates used when the packing sheds were in full operation. The last I asked, none were currently being sold, but that should never stop anyone from continuing to ask about purchasing one. If the whole crate isn't your jam, but crate labels are, there's a collection of fruit labels that's ripe for the picking (true, I almost made it to the end with a pun). 

Whether you want to add to your fruit label collection, need to freshen up your landscaping, or have a desire for a long afternoon in a peaceful setting, High-hand Nursery is the perfect place to visit. 

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