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How To Save Money On Multiple Self Storage Units


We are Stanford Ranch Self Storage, Rocklin, California's newest self storage facility. Currently under construction, we will open for business soon. Welcome to our blog. To kick off our blog, we wanted to share some helpful tips on saving money, especially if you have multiple self storage units! We truly love our customers and are here to help you save money and organize your life.

Many people who live in smaller homes or apartments often use storage units as a way to store those items that they don't use every day, or those extra pieces of furniture, sporting equipment and the like. And in many cases, they have more than one storage unit. If you do have multiple self storage units, this the article for you!

Can You Save Money on Multiple Storage Units?

One of the biggest issues with having multiple storage units, aside from not really knowing where an item may be located, is the cost. Many people could save money on having these multiple storage units. For one, are you utilizing all the space accurately? Sometimes people are in a hurry and they simply throw their belongings into the unit until it is packed full. Instead, take the time to organize, use shelves to help organize these items, and you may find that you have more room, requiring less units. (Being a brand new facility, we view Stanford Ranch Self Storage as the perfect place to consolidate your multiple storage units. Its time for a fresh, organized start! Reach out today, and let's come up with a plan to consolidate your units.)

If you have a lot of stuff, why not upgrade to a bigger storage unit? This way, you are only paying for one storage unit and all your items are in the same unit! Having multiple smaller units will mean that you pay more versus having one large unit. While it may require some work on your behalf to switch out of these smaller units into a larger one, in the end you will find that it makes more financial sense. Plus, it makes it so much easier when you have everything in one place!

And don't forget if you have units spread across several locations, we do have a free moving truck program that could be of assistance. If you are at the point that you think you are not making adequate use of your storage unit, talk with the storage managers. Our managers are self storage experts and can provide some helpful tips to make the most of your space. Our managers, self storage gurus, are here to help you come up with a self storage plan that works for you!

How to Handle Having Multiple Storage Units

What do you do if you have more than one storage unit, and you're not ready to consolidate? Here are a few tips on making the most of your multiple units:

  1. Consider having all your storage units in the same location. This way you are not having to go all over town to find what you are looking for, which could be wasting your money since you are using more gasoline in order to get to your units.
  2. When you have multiple units at the same self storage facility, try to get units that are next to each other. This will save you time when looking for an item or a piece that you know is in one of these units. 
  3. Keep your units organized according to room or the function of your items. For example, if you have tons of sporting equipment, put this in one storage unit. If you have furniture, put this in the other storage unit. This way, you always know which unit to go to in order to find the item you need.
  4. Be sure that you are locking each storage unit with a proper lock that has been approved. While our self storage units are modern and secure, you do not want to leave anything to chance. And when you have numerous units, you often forget to lock up each and every time!
  5. Consider keeping a sheet (an inventory) that records what is in each storage unit. This can save you time in the long run as you are going to know what each storage unit contains. Of course, you have to hang onto the sheet, or it will prove to be unhelpful.

When you have multiple storage units it can become stressful when trying to find something. This is why so many people find it easier both financially and for their stress levels to go with one larger unit rather than several small units. And in the end, it is often the best decision that could be made!

Too Much Stuff!

One of the biggest problems that we hear from people is that they simply have too much stuff. They are having to put these items into numerous storage units in order to have enough room to walk around the unit to find what they need. Is there a way to save money in these situations? You could look into larger units to reduce the number of units that you are having to pay for. Or, you could look into getting rid of a few items that you may no longer need. Many people have found that they can go to one large unit or even decrease the number of smaller units when they decide to go through these units and declutter.

Whether you decide to consolidate your multiple units into one or want to continue with multiple units, at Stanford Ranch Self Stoarge we want to help you save money and optimize your self storage experience. Please contact our expert managers today for self storage tips and strategies. We are very experienced in this industry and are here to make your self storage experience out of this world.

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