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Hunterville Stables Horse

Hunterville Stables (Penryn, CA)


If you're looking for an activity with a very high probability of improving your quality of life, I believe horseback riding is exactly what you need. Without exaggeration, horseback riding has everything you need to change your life no matter what your goals may be. If you're fortunate enough to live in the beautiful Rocklin community, you won't be surprised to learn that the rolling hills of Penryn contain the best of the best for horseback riding and all things equestrian. Hunterville Stables is the place to visit a world-class horseback riding and boarding stable establishment that's unrivaled for its excellence! Read on to learn about Hunterville Stables and the endless benefits of horseback riding.

Hunterville Stables Penryn, CA

Why are Horses so Helpful?

To fully appreciate the complexity of a horse, it's important to understand how horses function in their world. Horses are herd, prey animals who survive because of their dependence on their herd and have developed keen senses that don't require making sounds. Horses have evolved into creatures who are highly sensitive to others' moods and body language as a result of their interaction with their herd and with humans. Horses have developed a silent and very sophisticated method of communication built upon sensing energy and using their own body language to express themselves in the moment. They're very sensitive to the slightest change in others and respond intuitively. But where is that sensitivity coming from? It's a fantastic testimony to the evolution of horses!

Equine experts believe that horses have substantially more mirror neurons than humans. Mirror neurons are best described as magical because they are at the bottom of empathy. These brain neurons fire off when a motor action happens and when we perceive the same or similar action by another. These neurons allow us to relate and connect with others, whether human or not. The magical little neurons help us feel connected and understood because they help interpret what we're hearing and seeing. Because horses have so many mirror neurons, they are adept at understanding nonverbal communication and empathizing greatly. But here's the really cool thing beyond that! Horses have a similar brain region responsible for feelings and emotions as humans, but they have a smaller area of the brain responsible for analytical thought. This makes them perfect partners for biofeedback of what ails us. They are highly sensitive but render no judgment to the narrative of our situation. The positive qualities and characteristics of horses are too complex to do just here, so let's jump into listing just a few of the many benefits of working with horses.

Five Benefits of Being in the Presence of Horses

In addition to the evidence-based research that validates the significant benefit of equine-assisted therapy for people requiring targeted treatment, everyone can benefit from horseback riding lessons. In researching this topic extensively, I'd like to point out that the following list isn't itemized in random order.  

1. Horses are highly sensitive and give immediate feedback by how they react. That's a key in equestrian-based therapy but is also a benefit when riding for any other reason.

2. Working with horses, be it riding or handling the horse, provides a physical workout that includes increasing trunk and core strength, coordination and balance, improving cardiovascular health, and providing increased muscle tone and flexibility.

3. Working with horses helps develop confidence and positive character traits because of the relationship with such a large animal and the routine required to provide care for that animal.

4. Working with horses is a very social activity. Equestrians are never alone because riders socialize with their horses, their riding instructors, other riders, barn employees, and competitors.

5. Hhorseback riding provides riders with an opportunity to be outdoors, therefore, exposing them to all the benefits of spending time in nature. One of the many positive aspects riders experience at Hunterville Stables is the beautiful setting. But read on to learn more about the things that make Hunterville Stables so special.

Equestrian Excellence

Hunterville Stables are owned and operated by trainer Patty Ball. Established over 35 years ago, Hunterville Stables is a world-class operation set in a park-like facility that can only be found in places like Penryn. While I don't ride or own a horse, I have a close friend who does, and it's through her experience that I encountered Hunterville Stables. Ms. Ball has a reputation in the equine and rider world for producing high-quality horses and riders. She's passionate about improving the industry with her high standards. Ms. Ball is the winner of the highly coveted Jane Marshall Dillon award. This awareness is bestowed on those who devote their lives to teaching and mentoring riders in the hunter/jumper equestrian discipline. On visiting Hunterville Stables, it's easy to see why Ms. Ball is an honoree of such a prestigious award. The focus on developing solid horsemanship skills is evident in all aspects of Hunterville Stables' operation.

Hunterville Stables Penryn, CA

The facility is stunning. Whether you start by touring the large arena complete with many jumps or one of the three huge barns, you'll see evidence of equestrian excellence everywhere. For those who own a horse and want a five-star boarding experience, the spacious stalls are exactly what you'd like for your horse. If you don't own a horse and want to, Hunterville Stables provides ownership sharing and maintains a rotating list of high-quality horses for sale. It's also possible to lease a horse, and of course, Hunterville Stables has its own horses for those who want riding lessons without horse ownership. No matter your age or your goal, all paths lead to excellence at Hunterville Stables.

Horse riders will tell you it doesn't take long to accumulate a collection of the supplies and equipment needed for horseback riding. While most of your supplies are kept with your horse, there are times when you need all the things you want to preserve but aren't currently using. Self-storage is the perfect solution for storing all your valuable riding supplies because everything can be stored in the climate-controlled environment recommended, especially for leather goods. At Stanford Ranch Self Storage in Rocklin, our state-of-the-art facility provides the ideal way to store your valuables with consideration for all aspects of storage needs. Please visit us to see how we can offer you a way to keep your horse riding equipment and supplies in a safe and organized manner.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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