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Il Pizzaiolo Review (Loomis, CA)


If you're a fan of pizza or have someone in your life who is, I bet you'll agree that having a reliable source for great pizza is like a food version of a security blanket. And if you're like most people, you're even happier when you have more than one source of great pizza. Rocklin, and its neighboring towns, have some fantastic options for unbeatable pizza. One of those sources is Il Pizzaiolo, where pizza is as authentic as it gets and is found right in the middle of downtown Loomis. Read on to learn why you'll put Il Pizzaiolo on your list of Perfect Pizza Places. If you don't have that list yet, Il Pizzaiolo will inspire you to start one.

Il Piazaiolo Loomis CA

What Do Pizza and Ice Cream Have in Common?

You're right if you answered that they're both edible. You're also correct if you said that they're extremely popular foods. Furthermore, you're also right if you said they're both found in various flavors and forms. But did you answer that they both have a version of themselves that's called Neapolitan? If you missed that one, you're not alone. Most people know of Neapolitan ice cream, but it isn't the first (or 10th) thing that comes to mind when talking pizza. 

Neapolitan ice cream typically refers to a block of ice cream composed of layers of different flavors. The version of it most commonly found in stores is the famous chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla trio. The term for this ice cream originated in the late 19th century as a reference to the three-layered ice cream cakes found in Tortoni, Italy. Naples, Italy ice cream makers were famous during this part of the century, so a copy of their creations was something well above average. This ice-cream style was believed to be brought to the United States by immigrants who were the world experts of frozen desserts. 

The history of Neapolitan pizza, or Pizza Napolentana, also finds its origins in Naples, Italy. The defining characteristics of Neapolitan pizza are that it is prepared with simple and fresh ingredients. It has a peasant bread tasting dough, raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, quality olive oil, and fresh basil. If you ever find yourself seated in front of a pizza loaded with toppings that's calling itself Neapolitan pizza, cry foul! Neapolitan style of pizza leans heavily on its simplicity (that pun was way too fun to leave off the page). 

In addition to the absence of abundant toppings, the other defining characteristic of this pizza is that it contains more sauce than cheese. While the almost cheese-less wonder provides for a pizza that allows you to enjoy each flavor without the possibility of being overpowered by cheese, it makes for a pizza pie with a wet center. That doesn't in any way distract from the flavor, but it does make serving it by the slice a bit of a challenge. When you order a Neapolitan pizza, it will usually be created in a personal size.  Because of its size, thin crust, and simplicity of toppings, this pizza is cooked at a very high temperature for under two minutes. It's not only a delicious treat but one that doesn't require delayed gratification. Neapolitan pizza's simplicity makes for a situation with nowhere to hide. It's a style that has to be nailed perfectly because of the lack of busy ingredients. Il Pizzaiolo nails it every time. Here's what makes Il Pizzaiolo the home of the perfect Neapolitan pizza.

Il Piazaiolo Loomis CA

A Pizza That Belongs To Everybody

Il Pizzaiolo Loomis is said to produce pizza in the way intended in the tradition of artisan pizza makers. Its owners, Grayson and Sonia Lee, are huge fans of authentic pizza. After living in Italy, they moved to California, where they experienced pizza shock. During their time in Italy, they benefited from making pizza in Sonia's father's backyard pizza oven using the freshest of ingredients. It wasn't until they found Il Pizzaiolo-Colfax that they discovered the same great pizza they were used to eating during their time in Italy. In mid-2013, the Lees reached out to the founder of Il Pizzaiolo, Pete Lostritto, to ask if he'd be willing to expand his business with them. He agreed, and by the end of 2015, Loomis became home to a great source of delicious pizza that's affordable enough to belong to everybody. The Graysons and Lostritto have their insistence on authentic pizza in common. Lostritto moved from Brooklyn over 30 years ago and fulfilled his dream of owning a pizzeria by opening Il Pizzaiolo. It's very successful for the same reasons its counterpart is now popular in Loomis. One of the core beliefs the Lostrittos and Lees share is that pizza shouldn't be priced so high that people can't enjoy it often. Despite being made from high-quality ingredients, Il Pizzaiolo pizzas are what most say as priced surprisingly low. The best quality at a low price is a key ingredient at Il Pizzaiolo.

Every Bite is Full of Freshness

The Lees are passionate about Neapolitan pizza, and listening to them talk about it really makes that obvious. They've received numerous accolades from food reviewers in the local area and those from the Sacramento region. To understand what all the buzz is about, you have to taste this pizza for yourself. Located on Loomis' main street, this casual eatery is as sleek as it is warm. The menu consists of five kinds of pizza that sport a crushed tomato sauce with toppings so fresh you'll think there's a garden outside the building's back doors. If tomato sauce isn't going to work for you, the Pizza Bianche style with a white sauce is also topped with simple ingredients.

All ingredients are fresh from crust to croutons and topping to Tiramisu. With no exaggeration, everything is made in-house, including the pizza crust, croutons for salad, gelato, and a version of Tiramisu that will make you want dessert first. To make the whole thing even sweeter, Il Pizzaiolo serves the Sacramento area’s famous Naked Coffee! It’s the perfect coffee to top of the best of meals Il Pizzaiolo also has a wonderful selection of craft beer and local wines. No matter which pizza is chosen, what drink goes with it, and how dessert happens, Il Pizzaiolo is a place that is on many people's Perfect Pizza Places list. Be sure to try it out so that you can put it on your own list.

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The Rocklin community, and its neighboring towns, are full of wonderful things to do and great places to eat. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is always eager to share what we learn from our friends within the community. We know that moving often involves hard work, so we suggest treating yourself to a delicious meal at places like Il Pizzaiolo. Please come by our state of the art, self storage facility. We're open, practicing social distancing, and look forward to seeing you!

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