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Impact Axe Door Entrance

Impact Axe (Rocklin, CA)


If you're a person that likes having a list of new things to try, this blog is written for you. Please add indoor ax-throwing to that list and read on to learn why. It's no secret that the Rocklin community is a great place to live for many reasons. It offers so many kinds of activities, and it just so happens that indoor ax-throwing is one of them. Impact Axe is a fun new venue for the person who loves to try fun new activities. Here's why.

Three Reasons to Throw the Axe

Who would have thought that something like ax throwing would be such a hot trend? This trend started in Toronto in 2011 and has quickly spread across the U.S. It's an activity that lends itself well as a group event and a way to let off steam at the end of a workday. But there's so much more to it than meets the eye. Ax throwing has health benefits that make it a great workout.

In addition to what saying the words, "yeah, so I throw axes for fun" do for your self-esteem, there are benefits to a person's mental health due to ax throwing. Ax throwing provides a form of cathartic release that can chop up a week's worth of built-up stress (yup, puns are a must when talking about something like ax throwing). There's a form of tension release that happens when a person hurls the ax into the air and watching it hit a wooden target with a "take that" sort of crunch. Mentally, it gives a person a way of taking any negativity and stress and sending it through the air along with the ax. For those that take their ax-throwing seriously, they list feeling that they’re doing something primal as one of the mental health benefits they get from the activity. Consider it a smart way to send your cares away.

Much like cable exercises, throwing an ax works out several muscle groups in the body. This includes the shoulders, core, shoulders, the lats covering the middle of your back, pecs, and legs. Of course, predominate hands also get a workout, as throwing an ax requires a good grip. Ax throwing also requires working up a sweat, which means it is a great cardio workout.

Let's face it; it's not called ax throwing for a reason. The words tossing, flinging, and pitching aren't used because the ax has to be thrown with enough force to connect with the wooden target. Throwing it forward hard enough to stick on the wooden board also takes strength, which means the cardiovascular system is hard at work too. Some people have replaced their gym memberships with ax throwing because it is such a beneficial activity. That, among other reasons, explains why Impact Axe has become a hot spot of fun for Rocklin.

Here's what you have to look forward to when visiting Impact Axe.

An Axe to Throw

Impact Axe is a really cool place to hang out. That's not an exaggeration. First of all, its aesthetics hit the target goal of making a place that makes you feel like you've arrived at something really fun. Picture a vast area that feels industrial but cozy at the same time. It's an interesting concept because the space is modern and industrial, but the activity is primitive. With sleek black walls and lanes formed of warm wooden dividers, Impact Axe provides a great place to relax and work out. Here's how it is done.

The first thing you want to do is book your time in advance. The system is similar to bowling or miniature golf. To be guaranteed that you'll have the use of a lane, always call in advance. Of course, safety is first, so you'll be asked to sign a waiver and abide by a strict alcohol limit if you're throwing for the day. While Impact Axe is a family-friendly setting, the age limit for throwing is 13 years and over. To make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun, each person or group has access to a team of available people to help guide all aspects of the sport. While everyone who wants to can participate, no outside personal equipment is allowed.

The other detail that's important to note is that everyone throwing must wear closed shoes. It's also recommended that throwers wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows for taking advantage of the full working ax-throwing provides. Every aspect of keeping this activity safe and fun has been well planned out and is professionally managed by the staff at Impact Axe. 

And speaking of safe fun, this is a perfect venue for private celebrations, parties, and corporate events. Private events can be scheduled during off-hours and have a special rate. Individual bookings are only available during regular business hours. While you can just walk in to throw, there may not be openings for your preferred time, so it's recommended that everyone make reservations. 

Prices at the time of this writing are as follows. Single reservation for a small group, it's one lane with up to five people throwing at a time. For one hour, it's $25.00 per person. For two hours, it's 45.00 per person. There's a six-person, two-hour minimum at $45.00 per person for large groups and multiple lanes. Children ages 13 to 17 years old, seniors over age 65, military personnel and first responders have reduced hourly rates. 

Food and Bevs

No fun activity would be complete without some refreshments, and ax-throwing is no exception. Impact Axe is a proud supporter of local businesses, so there's a great selection of beers from local breweries and snacks are made by a popular food caterer. No one goes hungry or thirsty while throwing axes at Impact Axe.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

As your neighborhood self storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is proud to share the fun things we learn about Rocklin. We take pride in helping our customers with ideas on what they can do to reward themselves for a job well done at the end of moving day. We get ideas on what to recommend because our customers often stop in to say "hi" and share what they've been doing since the last time we saw them. But we want to hear from our neighbors even if they aren't our customers. We love being part of the community and want to invite you to stop by and tell us what you love about living and working in Rocklin. We're open and practice social distancing. Come on by and say "hi".

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Rocklin, CA 95677
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