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Johnson-Springview Park Rocklin CA

Johnson-Springview Park In Rocklin, CA (Our Review)


Hi Friends, Recreational parks have remained special places for all ages and have held their value throughout the test of time.  Young and old remain drawn to these green spaces that invite people to relax and play.  Rocklin has more than its share of amazing recreational parks.  Currently, there are 36 parks maintained by the City of Rocklin and another 200 acres of open space dedicated to hiking trails and wetlands.  Johnson-Springview Park (5480 5th St. Rocklin) is one of those great parks that will make you soooo glad you live in Rocklin! 

Acres and Acres of Beauty!

The day I visited the park, it was just perfect for walking.  There were clouds in the sky and it was warm enough to walk comfortably and just enough of a cold breeze to remind everyone that winter wasn't letting go just yet…a.k.a. great walking weather.  I'm excited to share what I found.  

This beautiful park has 90 acres of open space with some of the most gorgeous heritage oak trees you'll see anywhere.  You can walk among those beauties, look in any direction and see something that makes you feel at peace.   Besides offering a prime area for walking, this beautiful park has several other areas each dedicated to a fun source of recreating.

Four Legged Friends Always Welcomed!

Well, I've managed to write several blogs without going into what I'm most nuts about in the world ANIMALS!  I love them all.  Finned, furred and feathered!  Okay, I got it out of my system.  To find out that Johnson-Springview Park has a premier dog park was sort of like learning that Disneyland is in your own backyard!  WHAT, it's really this great?  Yes, it is.  First, it's so well organized and welcoming.  Its name is Rruff!  OMG, isn't that about the cutest thing?  This park is an acre with small and large dog areas and get this…a special needs area for training!!!  And the bark on the ground is second to none!  It's the same cedar that you see in children's playgrounds.  A quality dog park is so important to the community.  On the day I was there, most other areas of the park were empty except for the dog park.  It was full of happy dogs and their loving companions.   

Golf of a Different Sort.

Johnson-Springview Park has a fantastic 18-hole disc golf course (or DGC if you want to be supercool which I sort of always do).  According to those that seek this sport out, Johnson-Springview Park's course is an excellent mix of long and medium holes. From what my research unearthed, this DGC hits all the important points for making an awesome DGC and is up to par (oh no, it's that pun thing again) for having what even an expert in the sport needs.  Now that's saying something big, right?

From Pickleball to Playground.

I don't think I'm alone in knowing about the basics of many things but I sometimes overlooking the nuances associated with those things. Here's an example:  Johnson-Springview Park's three tennis courts, with permanent tennis nets, are also striped for pickleball.   I would have never thought of that.  So, add pickleball courts to the park's other amazing offerings such as a soccer field, a sand volleyball court, a roller hockey rink, a skate park and of course an amazing children's playground!

Relaxation and Gathering Groups Areas are Always Available.

You can reserve a picnic pavilion for private parties or just meander over to one of the several picnic tables (with barbecues) for a day of fun and relaxation.  Antelope Creek runs through this gorgeous park adding another relaxing feature to its charm.  Throughout the year, there are many events held at the park that provide something for all ages. There are so many events that I can't do them all justice here.  I can say there's everything from a Brewfest to a Woofstock. Check out this site that you never miss anything https://www.rocklin.ca.us/events!

A Gold Standard of a Park.

If you're interested in how Johnson-Springview Park measures by holding it up to the standards of what a recreational park is supposed to offer, here's some general information about recreational parks.   According to studies measuring the positive impact a successful recreational park has on its community, here are factors considered:

  1. Economic Value - Spending by those renting park as a venue, job created in recreation district, improvement to local tax base, increase in property values, storm water retention, and the park cited as one of the reasons businesses consider relocation decisions.
  2. Health and Environmental Value - Parks provide a place for community residents to go to get healthy and stay fit. According to studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, parks can improve individual and community health results in a 25% increase in the number of individuals exercising at least three times weekly.  Parks and protected public lands (those 200 additional acres around Johnson-Springview Park) improve water quality, protect groundwater, add to improved air quality, produce habitat for wildlife and of course.  A park that offers an array of ways for community residents to use it is important.  
  3. Social Values - Parks are considered a reflection of the health of the community.  They provide identity for the community's residents and weigh heavily on the perception of the quality of life.  They provide gathering places for friends and families, recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities.  Across the board, a park should have a value to its community that greatly exceeds the amount of dollars invested or revenues gained from its fees. It should also have venues that encourage social gatherings.  

Now with all that said, I think it's clear why Johnson-Springview Park gets the highest marks for excellence, has tons of offerings for fun and best of all, it's right here in Rocklin just minutes from your front door!

Just Moved Into Self Storage - You Deserve A Park Break!

At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we know that moving can be a lot of work (and take a lot of energy). As Rocklin's newest self storage facility with our doors opening for business in just a few shot months, we cannot wait to meet you! We are part of the Smart Self Storage family and cannot wait to exceed your expectations with our modern, convenient, pristine, and brand new storage facility. And speaking of doors, when you've added the last of your treasures and closed the door to your storage unit at Stanford Ranch Self Storage, take your moving crew over to Johnson-Springview Park to soak in the beauty this amazing recreational park has to offer. It will be the reset you all deserve.

Happy Parking!

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