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Kiki’s Chicken Place Menu

Kiki’s Chicken Place


Eat at Kiki's Chicken Place, Rocklin. If you quit reading after that first sentence and run out right now to eat there, you'll agree that nothing more needs to be said. This place is whatever the next level of excellent is. What is that, anyways? Remarkable, astonishing, incredible? Whatever word you prefer to identify as something even better than outstanding, use that word when describing Kiki's Chicken Place, please. It won't be hyperbole. So, what makes this place that great? Read on to learn all about it.

Real Deal Fresh

 When I write about a business, I start with the backstory. As wonderful as the one of Kiki's Chicken Place is, I want to dive into the food first because I just returned from my first visit to Rocklin's Kiki's Chicken Place. To be exact, I visited the Rocklin location on the corner of Sierra College Blvd. and Rocklin Rd. I came by around 4 p.m. because I wanted to ask a few questions when workers weren't slammed. I lucked out and spoke with the owner/manager, who is the model humble human being. But wait, I was going to talk about food first! Here we go.

Kiki’s Chicken Place

Everything is cooked and made to order using Gonzalez family recipes. There is no microwave oven anywhere used for anything. All white, whole chicken meat is used from fresh to fried. Nothing is frozen, formed, or forced into a shape. If instead of running out and trying Kiki's Chicken Place, you purchased fresh chicken breast at a butcher's shop, cut it up yourself, coated it lightly in breading, fried it in oil that you've just dispensed from a container and served it immediately, you'd be doing the same thing you get when eating at Kiki's Chicken Place. All sauces are fresh. All salads are made on-site. All chicken is fried once you order it. And everything is served piping hot without ever sitting under a heating lamp.

I asked the theory behind the success of all Kiki's Chicken Place locations and was told that it's various things but starts with freshness. The most popular dish is the Kiki's Fries which consists of medium-thickness French fries topped with bite-sized portions of fried chicken and the sauces of your choice. I tried a combination of habanero honey and blue cheese. It was so good that no matter what else I order in the future, I'll always credit that dish as the hook that caught me for good! It's easy to get hooked once a person tastes something well-prepared yet priced affordably.

 At this location, the average age customer is in the 15 to 26-year-old range, even when school isn't in session. To the owner, that makes sense because the menu resonates with this age group. This is the chicken nuggets and fries generation who is drawn to this top-shelf version of the favorite food combo. Now at Kiki's Chicken Place, while the menu focuses on chicken and fries, there are salads and sandwiches that highlight the great chicken prepared here. It's not only served fresh; it’s served in a fun setting that both relaxed and vibrant. But the food and vibe are only two fantastic elements of Kiki's Chicken Place; this business's heart and soul are equally sensational!

Kiki’s Chicken Place

A Community Partner in Every Sense

The original Kiki's Chicken Place was started in 2015 by Santiago and Summer Gonzalez. The original location is in North Sacramento; however, several sites are now throughout the Sacramento and Rocklin region. In addition to giving massive credit to the great food, the Gonzalez business is family-owned and takes care of its community. It does it in several ways. The first way is by making it possible for other local families to realize a dream of business ownership. Kiki’s Chicken Place uses licensing agreements to offer people they mindfully screen ownership opportunities. Because the family wants to make sure that every detail remains consistent across all locations, and it is. Many of Kiki's Chicken Place locations are owned by people employed at the restaurant they now own. The second way Kiki's Chicken Place supports the local community is by generously donating to local causes. When visiting the business website, you'll see each Kiki’s Chicken Place location has a cause that it supports through fundraising events and with KAI (Kiki's Academic Involvement) program, which provides local schools with education grants. Kiki's Chicken Place restaurants also have a food truck with the truck's schedule posted on its website. Because the trucks are also available for private events, it's a good idea to call the number provided on the website to be sure the truck is available that day.

Whether you're eating the food or enjoying the intangibles that make Kiki’s Chicken Place so successful, it's evident that the connection to the Gonzalez family remains strong. Sadly, Summer Gonzalez passed away in January of 2022, but the tremendous impact she had on the communities in which a Kiki's Chicken Place is located lives on. Please visit Kiki's Chicken Place for a wonderful meal that excites your taste buds, satisfies your stomach, and fills your soul.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

Family-owned businesses are so crucial to our economy and social fiber. At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we are passionate about supporting other family-owned businesses by spreading the word about places like Kiki's Chicken Place. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, we're honored to be a part of the Rocklin Community and want to do our part in maintaining the community's excellence. Please come by our state-of-the-art self-storage facility and tell us about the excellent places you like to shop, recreate and eat at. We'll be happy to check them out and do our part to support them. See you soon!

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