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Kiki's Chicken Place (Restaurant Review Rocklin, CA)


The chicken and waffles craze has been taking over slowly but surely for a while now and it's about time Rocklin put their own restaurant in the mix. I heard about Kiki's and decided this would not only make the PERFECT date night meal but it would be an awesome chance to try something new in the community. Normally I will pass on chicken and waffles until my family makes our yearly trip to Disneyland, when we normally hit up Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Anaheim, CA. But now I can say I will no longer have to wait for our annual Disney trip to get delicious chicken and waffles!

Come For Food or For Fun!

Kiki's is a great place to gather to watch the game and hang for a bit. They were sporting several big flat screen TVs with the college basketball game on, which brought out a lively crowd eager to see their team play. They also had a screen dedicated to a playlist that rings throughout the restaurant. The tunes were good and the atmosphere was awesome. My wife and I both ordered the chicken and waffles meal, and a side of garlic fries to share. Wait times were pretty fast, we didn't seem to have to wait a long time before our food was brought out to us by a super nice host. And when the food was there, it was ON.

Kiki's Chicken Place Chicken and Waffles

The waffle was golden brown and cooked to perfection. The chicken was coated in what seemed like a house made batter and perfectly fried. But what stood out most to both of us, was the butter! We had heard all sorts of things about the chicken wings, the chicken and waffles, and the rest of the menu, but no one mentioned the butter infused with MAPLE BACON. We were skeptical at first as we like to think of ourselves as foodie purist and typically don't like when food is expanded on or messed with... but I decided to smear the Maple Bacon Butter across my waffle before putting the chicken back in place and pouring the warm syrup all over. The bacon butter, syrup, chicken and waffle were a perfect combination of sweet and savory and you were getting in from all angles.

The garlic fries were also done RIGHT. Often times you get "garlic fries" that maybe have a small glob of garlic and some seasonings. But Kiki's seemed to get it. The garlic was evenly spread across the whole basket of fries, and every bite had golden crispy fries and enough garlic to ward off a legion of vampires. We were also able to wash all this awesome food down with delicious Coke (which could be a make or break in a new restaurant for us).

Not a Fan of Chicken and Waffles? No Problem!

Kiki's is located in Rocklin across the street from The Sierra College main campus. There are a lot of food options in the area, but Kiki's will be able to stand on its' own. The menu is full of other awesome things, as well, if chicken and waffles are maybe not your thing.  There are all sorts of tenders, chicken wings, and boneless wings, salads, and chicken sandwiches available on the menu.

Kiki's Chicken Place Garlic Fries

The one thing I wish I would have ordered is the Kiki's fries. A basket of fries smothered in cheese, buffalo sauce, wings and bleu cheese. They look amazing, and I am for sure going to order this the next time I stop in! This is also a great spot for families with the kids menu. There is definitely something for everyone here. Though we went in on a night that a college basketball game was on, the restaurant wasn't too crowded, but I can imagine that if a big game was on it could get pretty crowded. So, either plan your visit, or just "wing" it and head down for some good food!

Here at Stanford Ranch Self Storage, We Love Our Community

As your friendly, neighborhood self storage facility, nothing means more to us at Stanford Ranch Self Storage, than the happiness of our customers. As part of this community, we love sharing places like Kiki's Chicken Place with everyone. If you are ever at Kiki's, feel free to come visit us and see what makes our facility such a great place to store at.

We really enjoyed our time at Kiki's and will 100% be going back. It makes a great brunch, lunch or dinner spot and is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00am to 9:00pm and is located at 5050 Rocklin Rd St A1 Rocklin, CA 95677 right across the street from the Sierra College Main campus.

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