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La Fornaretta Buon Appetito Sign

La Fornaretta Restaurant Review (Newcastle, CA)


What do Newcastle, The Sopranos and a smoke shop in Loomis have in common? I have a strong feeling you'll never guess, so I might as well tell you. The year is 2006 and the town is Loomis, CA. The owner of a local establishment known for its excellent cigars happens to host a guy named Joseph R. Gannascoli. Turns out the owner of the cigar shop goes way back with Gannascoli. For those who may not recognize him by that name, you may recall him by his role on the HBO hit series, The Sopranos. Yup, that little production. So back to Gannascoli, on The Sopranos, he played the role of Vito Spatafore, the nephew of the famous Richie Aprile. But I digress. Gannascoli was touring with his new book, "A Meal to Die For" and due to his connection with the guy from Loomis, he was signing his book at the smoke shop. Unbeknownst to me, my youngest son named Greg happened to be buying cigars that day and ran into the whole shebang at the smoke shop. He not only purchased the book and had it signed to yours truly because he's a good boy like that, he learned that Gannascoli was going to have dinner in Newcastle at none other than La Fornaretta Newcastle! That's right down the road from our place, and that's how Newcastle, The Sopranos, and a smoke shop in Loomis collide!

La Fornaretta Newcastle, CA

A Friend of His

Newcastle is a typical cute little town with loads of charm. In fact, it's so charming some call it The Gem of the Foothills. So cute! Sitting right in the middle of town square is an old-fashioned packing shed that houses a few real jewels, one of them being La Fornaretta Newcastle. So when a friend of his told Gannascoli that there was a Sicilian food restaurant making food just like in the old country, bada bing bada bang, La Fornaretta Newcastle was added to his day. Gannascoli isn't just known for his many roles as an actor; he’s also a self-taught, talented chef with a passion for Italian food. Makes sense that he'd want to check out La Fornaretta Newcastle Read on to learn why this little local restaurant has mobs of followers.

The original talents of a successful Pasadena restaurant fit right into the neighborhood of downtown Newcastle thanks to Suzanne Lo Coco and Cesare Di Lorenzo. After relocating the original La Fornaretta to Newcastle in 2006, they quickly gained a reputation as one of the best Italian food restaurants in the region. Even at that time, the competition was stiff, so this was no easy target if you know what I mean. Today, this authentically Italian restaurant is lovingly run by the third generation of the La Coco/DeLorenzo family. Did I mention that Suzanne's father has direct ties to the famous La Coco Restaurant of Berkely? Let me say it this way, when eating at La Fornaretta Newcastle, you're eating the results of food that has the same high standards found in East Bay's finest. Of course, no disrespect meant to several other fine Italian eateries in our region. But hey, enough about this part of the restaurant, let's talk about the food!

La Fornaretta Newcastle, CA

Nothing but the Best

By now, it's obvious that La Fornaretta Newcastle is not messing around when it comes to all details of its restaurant. The ambiance is unique, of course, because it's set in a fruit packing shed. Look all you want; you'll never find another setting like it, and I mean that in a good way. The food? Well, forget about it! Don't go looking anywhere else to find better food because you''ll be wasting your time! La Fornaretta Newcastle has nothing but the best. Here's a taste of what you'll be going back for again and again. Everything is made from the freshest ingredients, from recipes that have been perfected over a few generations. The food is as authentically Sicilian as you can get this side of the Atlantic (no matter which direction you go).

Picture this: you're sitting down in a 100-year-old packing shed with an ambiance that’s so warm, it'll make you feel like you've stepped inside a loaf of l’antico rustico (the sourdough bread made Sicily style). The food is as heartwarming as your surroundings. You can't go wrong with anything you choose. My favorite, while not always on the menu, is the cioppino. If that isn't available, I ask if the tutto de mar (everything from the ocean). Both these dishes have bold flavors and seafood in abundance. Both call from lots of bread because you'll want to soak up every drop of broth. Other regulars talk about how you can't beat the fettuccine, especially joined by a little something called vodka cream sauce with smoked salmon. Don't forget that bread to soak up the sauce on this one too. Speaking of bread, let's talk about the pizza! La Fornaretta Newcastle uses an old family recipe for its pizza. It's a combination of crispy and chewy, light but substantial. Don't ask me how it's done because it's a family secret. Of course, no matter how satisfied your stomach is, don't forget to leave a little room for dessert. The House Tiramisu is nothing short of perfect, but then again, Affogato is something you can't pass up either. Come to think of it, the cannoli are heavenly too. If you're like most people, you don't worry about missing out on a great dessert because you'll come back often enough to try them all.

La Fornaretta Newcastle is a restaurant with lots of heart because it’s this family’s legacy and tradition. If you woke up this morning thinking you want to eat dinner at a place that's got food just like they make in the old country, make La Fornaretta Newcastle your last stop of the day.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

Speaking of last stops of the day, moving day calls for a nice treat when the last load is complete. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage likes to help our valued customers find that end-of-the-day treat by suggesting that they eat at places like La Fornaretta Newcastle. It's important to us that we match our state-of-the-art self-storage facility with top-shelf service. Learning about neighboring restaurants and businesses is one way we help make moving day a pleasant experience. We'd really appreciate it if you'll come to visit and tell us your favorite moving day treat. See you soon!

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