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Larsen Chiropractic and Rehabilitation


There are those who make a living treating the biopsychosocial ailments of others. These treatment specialists are vital to our healthcare system and can never be thanked enough. Some are gifted treatment specialists who rise to the top of their field. They, too, deserve our gratitude. And then there are those who are gifted healers. The difference between those who treat and those who heal is subtle yet profound. I've been fortunate enough to encounter healers in my life, as I'm sure you have.

These are the people who, no matter what ails you, make you feel less afraid and more comfortable with whatever outcome you face down the road. Dr. Brian Larsen is one such healer who has taken his own hardships and turned them into life’s purpose; to use natural gifts to heal others. Please read on to learn all about this tremendous person and chiropractor. At the end of this blog, I'm convinced you'll know who to turn to when you need relief from pain and suffering.

Larsen Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

A Medical Miracle Dedicated to the Wellbeing of Others

Dr. Brian Larsen was struck with spinal meningitis early in life. At the time of the illness, he was a toddler with a fever of 109 degrees. Doctors prepared his family to lose him and said only a miracle would save his life. While Larsen survived spinal meningitis, he was left completely blind. Rather than accept that he would be blind forever, his parents chose to have him treated with chiropractic as part of his recovery. For two years, Larsen's father made sure he had three chiropractic treatments a week. The amazing result of two years of chiropractic adjustments is that 50 percent of Larsen's sight was restored. This awe-inspiring outcome caused Larsen to dedicate his life to chiropractic care.

A Person's Why Says More Than Their How

Chiropractic care is a form of complementary medicine. Its premise is that your body can heal itself with the help of specific hands-on manipulations from a trained professional. As with any form of treatment, there are various ways to approach the person's condition. One appointment at Larsen's office says a great deal about why he does what he does. The unassuming office space occupied by Larsen is the same one that my former chiropractor used for decades. It's airy, light, full of greenery, has a space for children to play, and a separate area dedicated to the practice's massage therapist. The staff is very friendly, and there's a prominently displayed sign advising patients there may be a delay in their appointment as emergencies are worked in between set appointments. That's very reassuring, as we all know back and extremity pain can happen unexpectedly. Knowing there's an option to visit a hospital emergency room for pain is reassuring.

Larsen Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

For that reassurance, most of us gladly accommodate the potential longer wait time. While it hasn't happened during any of my visits or those of the many others, I know who seek Larsen's help, it's fine with me if it does. When seated in a treatment room, each patient is offered ice water or juice to drink while they wait. As with the front office staff, the back-office staff is personable and friendly. It's evident from the conversation between patients and staff that they get to know the patient as a whole person, not just someone seeking help. Conversely, the staff presents themselves as real people, an extension of how Larsen interacts with those around him. Everyone who works around him appears at ease, and there's an upbeat feel to their interactions. During the patient's first visit, Larsen explains how his limited eyesight has helped form his diagnostics and treatment methods. His belief in the power of chiropractic care is a palpable (okay, I couldn't resist the pun) presence. Larsen is the only practitioner I know who thanks his patients for coming in to see him and then thanks them with each treatment adjustment. I honestly feel that Larsen uses his gift to attend to the body and heal the soul. But don't just take my word for it. Many others say that Larsen has a gifted capacity to find and correct issues they suffered with for years. To experience that for yourself, please call Dr. Brian Larsen for all your chiropractic care needs.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

Taking care of your body is integral to maintaining a high quality of life. As rewarding as moving from one home to another can be, moving day can be hard on the body. Despite the best of intentions and the greatest precautions, there are times when a person's back is strained, and joints are overused. At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we understand all aspects of moving day. From the first box being packed to the last piece of furniture being placed in its new location, we think of every detail that can make your moving day experience a good one. While we can't prevent post-moving day aches and pains, we can refer you to excellent practitioners who are known to be the best of the best in our area. Rocklin and its neighboring towns are a wealth of excellent treatment, shopping, eating, and recreational options. We love to tell others about them and hope you'll come by to share what you consider to be the best of the best in the area. See you soon!

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