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Leatherby’s in Lincoln, California

Leatherby’s Ice Cream in Lincoln


What can be better than topping a great day off with ice cream?  If you've ever eaten at Leatherby's, you know the answer is "topping a great day off with Leatherby's ice cream.  Voted as the number ONE ice cream in Sacramento for the last 40 years, Leatherby's has remained committed to supporting its local community and serving excellent ice cream.  But what sets Leatherby’s apart from other restaurants that center around ice cream?  Leatherby's is and has always been, devoted to taking diners back to a simpler time.  When you enter Leatherby's, life is just a little bit lighter, people are just a bit kinder and the food comes from a cozier era.  While ice cream is the show stealer at Leatherby's, anything ordered there could take center stage!

Ice Cream One Batch at a Time

The secret to Leatherby's remaining so popular for over 40 years isn't a secret at all. The Leatherby's family creamery in Sacramento prides itself on making ice cream the old-fashioned way, one batch at a time. Leatherby's has remained committed to providing the most delicious ice cream possible using high butterfat milk, premium sugar, and natural flavors. As they say in the industry, from its creation to the blast freezer, every single detail is carefully monitored to create excellent ice cream. But it isn't just the ice cream that’s top shelf. Only the highest quality baked goods, candies, and cookies are individually added to create the unique ice cream experience Leatherby's is known for.

Leatherby’s in Lincoln

Great to the Last Mouthful

Leatherby's is as committed to pleasing diners now as it was 40 years ago, so it has kept the things that make it delicious and fun.  I remember, as a kid having ice cream at Leatherby's.  I loved that I got so much ice cream that I could never finish it alone. Generally speaking, when we go back in time to something that seemed so large as a kid is, in fact, much smaller than we remember it.  That isn't the case when you order from Leatherby's famous Ice Cream Parlour menu.  I kid you not; everything is still huge, even through the eyes of an adult.  I can't remember what I'd ordered as a kid, but my return to Leatherby's recently as an adult involved something called Nicole's Peanut Butter Cup.  Oh my, oh my, oh my, I'm glad I was wearing "ice cream-friendly" clothing, and I suggest you do the same. While mounds of chocolate ice cream atop a chocolate brownie isn't anything new, the richness of the ice cream and the freshness of the brownie is over the top great. But the topper, literally and figuratively, is the homemade peanut butter topping!  IT IS INCREDIBLE!  Despite a substantial amount of begging and bargaining, we learned that this amazing sauce is a secret recipe.  If you're a peanut butter fanatic, this is the thing you must try at Leatherby's.  It's unforgettable. But alas, just like when I was a kid, I had to have help digging into the last of this wonderful dessert as it’s big enough to share. Actually, that's true for most of Leatherby's dishes.

My second adulthood-era trip to Leatherby's involved a meal rather than dessert.  But first, I'd like to explain that everything about Leatherby's is curated to bring back that cozy, happy feeling of childhood where simple pleasures were more than enough.  Leatherby's food is made from fresh ingredients, and the recipes used have been in the Leatherby's family for generations.  I had JP's Triple Cheddar, a grilled cheese sandwich made of mounds of cheese on bread grilled to perfection.  I paired it with garlic fries that were made of potatoes cut up on the small side so that the garlic was layered throughout the entire dish rather than just a topping.  Someone else in our party ordered chili fries that were prepared the same way.  It's a great idea because the topping is balanced by the potato.  Someone else ordered the Big Mike's Cali Club, which is more than enough food for two. It's this massive double-decker turkey sandwich with loads of cheddar cheese, bacon, and avocado. Greens and a house-made ranch dressing that is almost thick enough to stand a fork in. How do I know that? Because it was ordered on the side and so thick, it looked more like soft cream cheese than ranch dressing. WOW!  I’m told it was delicious as it was thick.

Leatherby’s in Lincoln

Daddy Dave’s Childhood Café

Dave Leatherby (Daddy Dave) grew up in Iowa and worked in a "main street café" owned and operated by his parents. His memories of their restaurant were that it served much more than just food; it served the community as a place to gather.  Upon opening his first Leatherby's creamery in 1982, Daddy Dave wanted to offer Sacramento (home of the original Leatherby’s) the same warm gathering place that served great food with warm hearts. Once opened, Leatherby's became a restaurant known for its enormous sundaes and great food, all served in a fabulous family atmosphere.

Daddy Dave isn't just committed to providing great food and unforgettable ice cream to the community; he's equally as committed to serving the community with several programs. There's Daddy Daves Deeds of Excellence program, which allows teachers to recognize those children who have gone above and beyond by showing acts of kindness, working hard to improve grades, and anything else the teacher sees fits the program's guidelines.  Leatherby's hosts "Give Back" fundraisers, sells ice cream and sauces in bulk for fundraisers and donates to non-profit organizations.  Leatherby's is truly an active, supportive member of its community at all of its five locations.  As for the people of the Rocklin and Lincoln communities, everyone lucks out because the newest Leatherby's is located right on the Rocklin-Lincoln border, so it's as easily accessible from the town of Lincoln as it is from the city of Rocklin.  So what are you waiting for?  Treat yourself to the Leatherby's experience; you won't regret it.

Lincoln and Rocklin are such close neighbors that it's hard to identify where one ends and the other begins. That's why excellent places like Leatherby's serve both communities equally; that’s also true with Stanford Ranch Self Storage.  Much like Leatherby's, we’re conveniently located close to the Lincoln-Rocklin border and love serving both communities.  Please come by our state-of-the-art self-storage facility in Rocklin and tell us what you love about Lincoln and Rocklin. We're always grateful to learn from those that come by to share what they love about their community.  See you soon!

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