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Lemke RV

Lemke RV of Rocklin


It's officially camping season and one way to appreciate it is in your recreational vehicle. If you don't own one or the one you own no longer meets your needs, you're in luck. Rocklin has the RV dealer voted KCRA's "Best RV Dealer" since 2014!  Lemke RV is an amazing dealership to do business with and earning that award really says volumes! And it's not as if Lemke RV doesn't have heavy competition in its immediate surroundings with several other very large dealerships in Rocklin. So, what is it about Lemke RV that makes them such a wonderful place to buy your next RV? Well, I can tell you from first-hand experience what they do that's amazing because my husband and I are first time RV owners and shopped at Lemke RV.  Here's what we encountered that stood out for us. But to appreciate how much of a process this can be, I thought it would help to sort through the RV world just a bit. Okay, maybe a bit and a half. 

Lemke 1

Toe-may-toe Tuh-mah-toe

The process of purchasing an RV is not a simple one. First, there's the terminology to learn. An RV is a vehicle that combines transportation and temporary living quarters for travel, recreation and camping. It's not just a motorhome like many people believe. There are two categories of RVs, those with a motor and those without one.  One is drivable and one is towable. But even in the towable kind, there’s confusion in the terminology. Most people refer to everything that’s towed by a truck as a trailer; however, there are fifth wheel style trailers and bumper pull trailers. And not all towable RVs involve trucks.  There are teardrop trailers and pop up tent trailers that are towed by cars. But back to motor homes, the RV industry really rolls out the red carpet when it comes to motorhomes (or motor coaches as they are sometimes called). There are three different classes: Class A motorhomes are built on bus and truck chassis and are heavy duty motor homes. 

Typically, they are the most luxurious of the three classes of motorhomes. They almost always have at least two slide outs (the parts of the body of an RV that expands out to increase living space within the RV), and everything is done to make the RV resemble a home. Luxury is the name of the game with these. Class B motorhomes are the opposite in terms of space and luxury. Although they're very comfortable, they're built like a van so there aren't slide outs and very little storage inside it. They are the easiest to drive and very economical. Class C is the middle ground between a Class A and B.  These are the motorhomes that have a bedroom area over the cab of the motorhome. They have more room than the Class B because they have slide outs and they get better gas mileage than a Class A because they are smaller. So, that's the very short version of motorhomes and trailers.  And you can find all these types of RVs at Lemke RV. 

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The Customer Really Counts

You know you've arrived on the lot of an RV business that puts the customer's needs first when all RVs are unlocked. Now that may not seem like a big deal but trust me, it's huge. I'll back up from this point to explain why it's so important. The process of buying an RV is very similar to buying a home. You have to see yourself living in what you're looking at to figure out if it's the right one for you. In a small space like an RV, it's important to have that experience, and it's not easy when you have a stranger standing in your living space as you're trying to see yourself living there. Lemke RV's practice of allowing customers to be in that living space without the influence of a sale person is huge. In addition, this is a family owned and run business, which means there’s an investment on the part of the sales staff to make sure the customer’s needs are attended to thoroughly. The Lemke family is a local family of Del Oro High School Eagles and they stand behind all aspects of their business. Any potential customer stepping into the Lemke RV office is greeted promptly. But at Lemke RV there's no pressure to buy. The RVs on the Lemke RV lot are sold on consignment so Lemke RV sales staff aren't in the awkward position of having to try to talk potential buyers into an RV. The RV is on the lot, the price is set before the customer comes into the picture and there's no pressure to buy. It's a pleasure doing business with such a customer-oriented business. 

Happy Seller and Happy Buyers

Lemke RV has two types of customers-those buying RVs and those placing their RVs on consignment sale with Lemke RV. One thing we heard a lot about when we began our RV purchasing journey is that Lemke RV carries quality RVs at a very fair price. Before starting our own quest to buy an RV, we asked people who had purchased their RVs in our area and learned many of them bought and sold their RVs using Lemke RVs. Consistently we heard that Lemke RV gave them a fair price for their RV and that they were return customers. Any RV on the Lemke RV lot is inspected and priced to sell so it's not an exaggeration to say Lemke RV has an investment in treating both types of its customers well. Many of them buy an RV from Lemke RV and then when ready to upgrade, return to Lemke RV to sell their current RV and buy something else there. A recent RV industry study showed one out of three RV owners will buy more than one RV when using RVs for recreation. With the variety of inventory Lemke RV carries, there's a very good chance you’ll find the RV of your dreams and you too will be ready for camping season and the open road. 

Stanford Ranch Self Storage - We're Here For You

Whether you're a tent camping enthusiast or an RV camper, there’s always equipment that you accumulate but isn't always used for every trip.  Even with the largest of RVs, you may collect things that are season specific and you don't need for every trip. As everyone knows in the RV world, every pound you haul is more fuel you use on your trip. You're camping adventures will be so much easier if each trip starts by going through your camping gear that's all organized and easy to reach while you inventory what you need for that trip. At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we have storage unit sizes to meet every need. Come by our brand new, state-of-the-art facility to see how we can make your life as a camping adventurer the best it can be. We're hear to help you as you answer the call of the open road.

Happy Camping!

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