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Lincoln Fishery

Lincoln Fishery


There are occasions in your life when you encounter something for the first time that's been under your nose all along. Because what's encountered may be something that's so magnificent and special that you experience sadness along with happiness. You're happy because you've found something special but sad because you know it would have been much better to have found it years before. If you've lived in Placer County for the last 22 years and don't know about Lincoln Fishery, please prepare yourself for a wave of bittersweet feelings. I only found Lincoln Fishery last year. The bad news is that's 14 years after my youngest son became an adult. The good news is that there's still time to take our grandkids fishing there whenever we can. Lincoln Fishery is a special place that's been a tradition for local families for many years and once you read about it, I believe it'll become a tradition in your family too. Read on to hear all about this opportunity to visit a simpler era.

Where Honor is Reeled In

One of the first things that caught my heart (yes, there will be puns jumping all over the place) about Lincoln Fishery was where it's located. It's set in an area outside of Lincoln that remains predominately farmland. If you visit during the spring, you'll enjoy green fields for as far as your eye can see on the drive out to a place that really is like no other. The first thing you'll notice is that you go through the front gate of an area that looks like someone's welcoming private property. You'll know you're in the right place because there is a sign telling you that you arrived at Lincoln Fishery.

If you visit on Monday through Thursday, you'll be there on the Honor System Days. These days are unstaffed so you need to bring your own fishing gear. Once you pay the cost of fishing for the day, you're welcome to catch and release fish from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Cost of fishing is $15.00 per person with the cost of admission being paid in the Honor Box located near the entrance of the restroom.  Because these days aren't staffed, all fishing is "catch and release" only. It's really like visiting another era because you're trusted to pay and fish without having anyone monitor what you're doing. You're a valued and welcomed guest and it really feels that way. 

Greeted with a Smile and Encouraged to Enjoy the Day

Lincoln Fishery's founder and owner, Joe Parr, envision a place for families to visit where they could make themselves at home, get outside and walk around while fishing and picnicking.  With that in mind, he transformed 20 acres into a place known for recreational fishing. In fact, this place is so well managed that it's licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game! What that means is that a person can come out to fish without a fishing license. Mr. Parr and his group of helpful young workers make sure that everyone is not only having a great time, they're also following the guidelines set for recreational fishing by the California Department of Fish and Game.

There are five fishing ponds ranging in size from half an acre to five acres. The day we visited with our five year old grandson, Mr. Parr was helpful in guiding us to the right pond for a five year old to succeed in catching his first fish. The ponds are stocked with Catfish, Bluegill and Bass. For our grandson, the "beginner" pond was perfect.  here are several things angler experts say are important to keep in mind when introducing a young child to the sport of fishing. The first thing to consider is location.  You want to choose a spot that doesn't require a long distance for a young child to walk. From the parking area to the first pond, the distance is a short one so that a young child is able to stay enthusiastic about the upcoming adventure and keep an eye on the prize. Lincoln Fishery meets that requirement without a problem. 

Another tip to keep a budding angler interested is to have fishing equipment that is easy to manage.  While we came prepared with our own fishing equipment complete with a race car themed fishing rod, if you don't have your own fishing equipment, you can rent it at Lincoln Fishery for a nominal cost.  Leave the preparation to the experts and just show up ready to have fun!

Experts also say to make sure that young kids have more to focus on than just fishing as their attention span can be the same as a young minnows-short. Take along crayons, paper, and a few toys to mix things up while waiting for that first bite. And speaking of bite, like with any activity for young children, it's important to bring along snacks and drinks. Young anglers need to stay fed and hydrated as part of the fun. Lincoln Fishery encourages families to stay as long as they want by providing picnic areas, a barbeque and a restroom. Everything is clean and extremely easy to access so all can join in on the fun for the day. Young and old alike can easily walk from pond to pond and even bring their lawn chairs to sit while others fish.  There's a way for everyone to catch a piece of the fun at Lincoln Fishery.

If you visit on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Lincoln Fishery is staffed with people ready to help guide the fun, when needed. It's also a way to take home your catch. There's a “by the ounce” charge to be able to take home your catch of the day. Admission for the staffed days are $18.00 to fish and $5.00 for those not fishing. 

Get Hooked on Fishing

Lincoln Fishery welcomes everyone to use this beautiful place for a day of fun and relaxation. Their "GET HOOK'D on FISHING" catch and release package to groups of 10 or more is an economical way for events such as birthday parties, family days, school field trips or company picnics to offer something fun and unique. Whether there for a party or just there to quietly watch the sunset while soaking a little bait, Lincoln Fishery is a place that will give you an opportunity to revisit a bygone era or get a taste of a simpler time you haven't lived through yourself. 

Self Storage Is Perfect For Fishing Gear

Whether you are new to fishing and just want it to be part of what you do with the little ones to offer variety in all the fun things you do together, or maybe you're an avid angler, fishing can be a sport that requires a significant amount of gear. Self storage units are a great way to keep fishing gear organized and ready for that next adventure. As your neighborhood self storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage has unit sizes that fit every need. We serve Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, and surrounding communities. Please come by and see how we can provide you with the perfect storage unit to ensure that your recreational equipment is organized and ready to for all your fun and memory making trips.

Lincoln Fishery
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Hours of Operation are Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the honor system
Friday through Sundays open 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. full service days.

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