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Mario's Early Toast (Rocklin, CA)


Mario's Early Toast (Rocklin, CA)

If you want to eat at a restaurant that lives up to everything great being said about it, take your hungry self to Mario's Early Toast in Rocklin.  You'll leave with a full stomach and a happy heart because that's the goal of Mario's Early Toast owners.   Both things are evident because the food is deliciously generous, and the establishment's motto, displayed on employees' uniforms, is "Love People." 

Mimosas and Much Much More

If you like Mimosas, Mario's Early Toast is your place.  With 25 different mimosas to choose from, there's bound to be something that you fall in love with.  In the same spirit (yes, a pun, and the day has just begun) that insists on using the freshest ingredients for food, Mario's Early Toast mimosas use the finest items in the business. If you have yet to go to Mario's Early Toast and love mimosas, a great place to start sampling is of the Mario's Favorite's selection.  But if mimosas aren’t your thing, please know there's plenty to choose from that will make you equally as happy. 

One of the things I immediately appreciated about Mario's Early Toast is that it's a place where there's something for everyone. The Pro-Fit and Gluten-Free section of the breakfast menu is for those wanting to eat light, lean, or with special dietary considerations. It includes the use of egg whites, nuts, ground turkey, loads of vegetables, micro-greens, avocado everywhere, acai, protein added to grains, and gluten-free dishes. For those who want traditional versions of breakfast dishes, there are 61 entrees to select from. I kid you not, and the menu is mind-boggling. I fell in love with a thing called Maui French Toast which is Truckee brand bread dipped in vanilla cream and cinnamon egg batter, topped with bananas, macadamia nuts, caramel syrup, and coconut. Confession time that's just my breakfast favorite, but I have other favorites too. Let's move on to lunch, shall we?

Salads That Satisfy

Mario's Early Toast (Rocklin, CA)

If you say, "here's a salad that combines fresh greens with fruit, nuts, and seeds," you've got my full attention and dedication. For lunch, when my eyes found the Chicken Spinach Salad on the menu, my eyes made my choice easy. This spinach salad features candied walnuts, grilled chicken, red onions, and feta cheese.  The fresh and sweet strawberries blended with feta cheese are a dynamic duo I'll order again. Then again, I'll order off the Mexican Food Truck Specials because I've heard the Mexican food served here is as good as any restaurant that serves nothing else. My favorite to try at any restaurant is their version of a seafood taco. Mario's Early Toast has what it calls Pacific Coast Tacos described as melted mozzarella cheese (got my attention) on corn tortillas, shrimp (got it again) real crab (bit time got my attention) chicken, sauteed with white wine and clarified butter topped with more cheese (my attention's attention is paying attention) lettuce onion, tomatoes, and the house Chipotle sauce.  Doesn't this sound fabulous? It's next on my Mario's Early Toast Must-Have list.    

Mario's Early Toast (Rocklin, CA)

More Magic at Mario's

Yes, the food is excellent. True, the drinks are to die for but what truly sets Mario’s Early Toast apart from many competitors is the owner, Mario Astorga.  Born in Mexico but raised in the United States, Mario states, "I'm here, I'm happy, and I'm blessed." He now owns three Mario's Early Toast, all known for having long lines outside their doors on weekends and holidays. A former professional soccer player, Mario ended his career with a snapped ACL. While it was never on his radar as a career move, it turned out to be a great one for Astorga, as he's had nothing but success in the restaurant industry. He feels he's received love from Granite Bay, Roseville, and Rocklin communities where his restaurants are located. He is emphatic about instilling that feeling into his restaurants and trains his staff to treat each patron with compassion and kindness so that they walk out the door ready to have a fantastic day. With a stomach full of good food and hearts feeling the well-wishes of those around us, it did set us up to leave with every intention to have a wonderful day. So to experience this yourself, please eat at  Mario's Early Toast. 

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

The Rocklin Community is full of wonderful places to eat, great places to shop, and tons of places to have fun. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is a proud member of this community.  Because we know moving day can be tiring, we constantly look for great suggestions on how our valued customers can make that day a bit easier. Suggesting that people treat themselves to a delicious meal is one of our favorite recommendations, and thanks to places like Mario's Early Toast, we confidently make that suggestion.  We appreciate the tips we get from those who drop in to let us know about their favorite restaurant, store, or activity. Please visit us at our state-of-the-art self-storage facility.  At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we welcome hearing from others who work and live in this beautiful Rocklin community.  We hope to see you soon!

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