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McBean Park (Best Community Park in Lincoln, CA)


When looking for an example of a true community park that has stood the test of time, look no further than McBean Park in Lincoln. This beautiful park has been the center stage of generation's worth of special occasions, precious memories and traditional celebrations. McBean Park remains one of the beautiful cornerstones of Lincoln's character and it continues to be the center of countless happy days in the lives of Lincoln's young and old. Read on to learn what makes McBean Park such a special place.

McBean Park 1

Acres of Fun and Games

Lincoln's know to be a small town at heart no matter how big it becomes. There's a strong sense of tradition in this town that can be seen in its charming downtown, its well-preserved historic neighborhoods and its beautiful McBean Park. This park was created in 1925 and reflects the same feel that Lincoln itself is known for: it has the feel of a small-town park but with the amenities found in larger city parks.  McBean Park's footprint is 24 acres big but feels much bigger. Because the open turf area can be seen from any part of the park's events, there's a sense that this park goes on forever. But in fact, much of the 24 acres is used for features such as a swimming pool, skate park, playground, outdoor basketball courts, horseshoe pits, an exceptional football/baseball stadium, senior league baseball field and picnic areas. The open turf area is just one smaller part of this park's great amenities. Each well-maintained park feature offers Lincoln's community the opportunity to choose from a large variety of activities all in one beautiful open space.

McBean Park Stadium

Lincoln has always been a town with tons of support for its sports. While McBean Park was created in 1925, it was shortly after World War II that McBean Stadium got its roots. Local history reports the City of Lincoln fielded a team in the Placer Nevada League from 1923 to 1968. Although Lincoln's team has played under several names such as Cubs, Merchants, Tigers and Potters, it's the Potters that Lincoln is rooting for now. In November of 2016, the Great West League (GWL) gave Lincoln some wonderful news. GWL decided to make McBean Stadium the home for its new collegiate summer baseball team, the Lincoln Potters! This team's season began in 2017 and is a great source of pride and joy for Lincoln's residents. 

Prior to that, William Jessup University, a residential private four-year university, partnered with the City of Lincoln to revitalize Lincolns historic McBean Stadium. This partnership was mutually beneficial and gave Lincoln's baseball fans an opportunity to enjoy watching the sport in a first-class stadium. This partnership not only benefitted McBean Stadium; it benefitted the other heavy hitters in the Lincoln's baseball arena-Little League! The improvements agreed upon in the 10-year agreement between William Jessup University and the City of Lincoln affects the surrounding areas of McBean Stadium. These areas are used by Lincoln's Little League baseball teams.

McBean Park 2

Lincoln's McBean Pavilion is a Meeting, Greeting and Celebrating Place for All

For as long as Lincoln's McBean Park has been part of this community, it's been a place to use for celebrations. Part of where today's stately McBean Pavilion stands used to be an outdoor amphitheater. As a child, I can remember anxiously waiting for the Saturday night dance segment of our local Lincoln's Associacao Portuguesa do Divino Espirito Santo (Association Portuguese of the Holy Ghost) or as Lincolnites say, "The Portuguese Picnic". This two-day celebration is one of many like it that take place in California wherever there is a concentration of Portuguese people. The celebration includes dancing on Saturday evening; because Lincoln's "Portuguese Picnic" has an annual celebration for almost 100 years, Saturday evening's dance was an outdoor affair, rain or shine. Fortunately for all, in the 1970s, the City of Lincoln and the town's Portuguese community partnered together to create upgrade everything needed to make McBean Pavilion a gathering coordinator's dream come true. From the large reception hall to a huge outdoor barbeque area and everything in between, this venture resulted in a venue that benefits the entire Lincoln community!

Today's McBean Pavilion is a first-class reception and entertainment venue. It's perfect for weddings, crab feeds and cultural celebrations. This upscale 6,720 square foot venue is large enough to accommodate 400 people for banquet seating or 500 people in theater style. The kitchen is beautifully appointed and big enough to give several cooks all the room they need. The reception hall has not one but two wet bars as well as a large stage. For that special party or meeting, consider the beautiful, newly remodeled McBean Pavilion. McBean Pavilion is ideal for weddings and parties if you need a spacious reception hall, kitchen, two wet bars, large stage for band, DJ or presentation. While the outdoor dancing area of another era holds a very special place in my heart, the McBean Pavilion makes gives any gathering something worth celebrating.

Swim, Play and Reunite

One of the town favorites, for many years, was McBean Park's swimming pool. This pool was dedicated in 1925. During many decades when backyard pools and gyms were unheard of, this park provided a delightful place for kids to meet and swim all summer long. The pool charges a very small entrance fee and lifeguards are available at both pools. In addition to open swim, there are swim lessons available. During the summer months, a fun way to hold a family reunion or company picnic is to rent McBean Park BBQ Area. This extremely large area is fully paved, has a shade structure that covers enough seating for a very large group, also has a covered area for cooking and is adjacent to both the pool and McBean Pavilion’s kitchen. There are also restroom facilities conveniently located and plenty of parking for everyone! For large outdoor gatherings, the McBean BBQ area cannot be beat.

Whether part of a gathering or just part of a fun outing, the McBean Park playground is a fantastic place for the kids to play. The playground is fenced and has a variety of play structures that offer something for young and older children. There are plenty of climbing opportunities, large and small swings, sand play and a grassy area for kids to run around and have fun safely.  The play yard is located near the McBean Pavilion and the McBean BBQ Area so that parents can conveniently give kids a break from the gathering to use up energy on this really fun playground. The McBean Park playground is just one more feature of McBean Park that makes it an esteemed part of the community’s traditions and lives.

Neighboring City

You know, after moving all day, it's great to have a place to go where everyone can relax. Lincoln's McBean Park is a perfect choice for you and your moving tribe to do just that-relax. At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we're right on the border of the Lincoln-Rocklin border and consider Lincoln our great neighbor. We love sharing what we learn about Lincoln and hope that you'll come by Stanford Ranch Self and see our beautiful state of the art self-storage facility and we also serve Rocklin and Roseville! We'll not only be honored to show you our facility, we'd be very grateful to hear what you love about Lincoln so we can share your favorites with others.

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