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Meritage Automotive Center and Car Sales

Meritage Automotive Center and Car Sales


While not as high on the list as getting a root canal, statistics say that getting their vehicle repaired is pretty high ranking as a stressor. That's why once you learn of a trustworthy, competent, approachable, and affordable automotive repair shop, it feels like hitting paydirt! It makes sense that the paydirt of automotive repair is located in Auburn. After all, it is a gold-mining town. Okay, that wasn't a pun but pretty darn close, right? In all seriousness, cars require maintenance and repair to uphold their reliability, so having a source for competent your car needs is no joking matter. If you've been looking for a mechanic you can trust and afford, look no further now that you've discovered Meritage Automotive Center.  Read on to learn more about this wonderful solution to your automotive servicing needs.

To Meet Hasti is to Experience Trust

I first met Hasti years ago when I decided to keep my convertible 1999 Ford Mustang. At that time, the engine had approximately 66,000 miles on it (with twice the rest of the car) and still ran relatively well. Okay, let's define "relatively well ."Its engine started, the brakes eventually stopped it, the seats were intact, and best of all, thanks to a massive boom box amplifier occupying all real estate in the trunk, it still had a rocking sound system. By the way, this was three years ago when I decided, and I'd owned the car since 2000. Some of its "uniqueness" was that it sat for five years as I practiced car infidelity with another vehicle. So, add to its merits evidence of mouse occupancy and a rag top that had seen better days.

In my defense, I finally had to put my Mustang out to pasture, to begin with, because the air conditioner was not working and didn't appear to be repairable. Two Ford dealerships hadn't managed to fix it, and an air conditioning specialist in Sacramento didn't have any luck with it either. So, at the tender age of 50, I decided that facing one more long, hot Northern California summer without a working air conditioner just wasn't doable. But as you know, the years go by, and things change. After semi-retiring, it didn’t seem as important to have air conditioning because I could choose when to be on the road. Each time I passed by my Ford Mustang, I'd get a pang of longing to be back on the road in it. That's where Meritage Automotive Center comes in. When I initially put my Mustang out to pasture, I didn't know about Meritage Automotive Center. After learning about their service from a very credible (and picky) source, it's all I needed to hear to get my car back on the road.

Meritage Automotive Center is conveniently located in Auburn, just two minutes from interstate 80. It's been owned by the same family since 2005 and has an excellent reputation in the community. A plus for it. An actual person answers the phone and works the welcoming front office. A second plus for it. A third plus for it. One of the owners/operators is a woman named Hasti Makari. She and her father, Ray, epitomizes integrity, honesty, and fairness. A few more plusses. When I first took my old Mustang for an exam, I needed to know if the car was worth putting a bit of money into, including a new convertible top. Hasti’s answer was thorough and made sense to me-I'm a car enthusiast but not a car expert. She provided me with understandable information without making me feel foolish. I knew I could trust her, and you'll feel that way too.

Meritage Automotive Center and Car Sales

The Highest Standards in All the Things That Count

Meritage Automotive Center prides itself on providing excellent customer care. Customers are welcomed and treated to all the time it takes to address their questions and needs. The same is true when dropping their cars off and picking them up after the repair is complete. In the case of my Mustang, Hasti provided me with a list of essential things, those that were optional, and things that would be wish list items. At no point did I feel pressured to make a decision. But the real test was the air conditioner. I asked her outright how confident she was that her mechanics could repair the system.  She said it could be fixed with 100 percent certainty. I went for it, and I'm ecstatic to report that Meritage Automotive Center repaired an air conditioning system where others had not succeeded. And best of all, the repair was affordable!

Small But Mighty

Repeatedly being voted as automotive repair shop of the year isn't the only endorsement of Meritage Automotive Center's excellence. The second round of applause comes from many happy customers who purchased a car from Meritage Automotive Center. While the selection is a small one, it’s mighty. While inventory constantly changes, customers usually have Mercedes, BMW, and Audi and an occasional domestic car, truck, and SUV. To see real-time inventory, visit Meritage Automotive Center's website. Cars are in impeccable condition as Meritage Automotive Center is selective about the vehicles they sell to their valued customers. Whether you want to buy a gently used car or put your vehicle in the trustworthy hands of Meritage Automotive Center, you'll find an unbeatable experience, and best of all, you'll have friends in the automotive repair business.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

Owning a car has countless benefits, so having a reliable source for your maintenance and service needs is essential. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage searches local and neighboring communities to learn important resources because our customers often move from other communities and states. We want to refer people to businesses like Meritage Automotive Center that value their customers as much as we do ours. If you know of a place to get service, shop, or recreate that you want us to share, please come by our state-of-the-art self-storage facility. We appreciate your time and welcome hearing from you!

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