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Messy's Tacos


Eccentric, fun, delicious, unique, addicting, and outstanding are just a few positive descriptions of Messy's Tacos and Treats. Now, since tacos and treats imply food, I'd say that fans of this unique eatery would say those words also apply to the owners of this local favorite. While I'll do my very best to describe this ground zero of delicious food, nothing I can say does justice to how great of a place Messy's Tacos and Treats is to eat.

Check it out.

Locally Owned and Operated by a Great Young Family

The backstory to Messy's Tacos and Treats is one worth telling about a very energetic, enthusiastic, and engaging young man named Jesse Harris. After traveling the world over doing some really amazing cool things with his endless energy, Jesse was curious about the food stand right next to where he had recently purchased a car repair garage. Now picture this, if you will. The car repair garage, and the roadside food stand, are right next door to each other but not next door to anything else. They're throwbacks of a bye-gone era along the Lincoln Highway and U.S. 40 transcontinental vehicle trails. If you travel this highway, you'll see evidence of old gas stations and antique saloons. But enough meandering. The story goes that Jesse would see a line forming first thing in the morning outside of what is now Messy's Tacos and Treats and eventually asked what the deal was.

The deal was that there is a business across the street that draws early morning construction crews that apparently bypassed their more contemporary counterparts for a fresh cup of coffee and whatever was being cooked on the grill. One day, Jesse learned that the building was closing up shop and decided to take the plunge. He bought in and added his own flair for food that consists of "very tasty and very messy". Jesse says his nickname is Messy Jesse, which seemed to be a fitting name for a roadside stand selling Mexican food-Messy's Tacos and Treats.

Messy's Tacos and Treats has always been a family-run eatery. While Jesse had a hand in starting it up, with the help of several family members, his genius lies in the car repair business next door. Lucky for Jesse, his wife, and her family also have their share of genius. Their continued work has elevated the place from having a following due to location to have a following due to fantastic food. Now in the Rocklin area alone, there is no shortage of Mexican food eateries, so to stand out, there has to be something pretty significant going on.

Well, read on to learn what that is.

An Eatery Where Everyone Knows Your Name

While the authentically friendly service is off the charts amazing at Messy's Tacos and Treats, I have to give serious snaps to the food. Everything and that is truly everything, is made in house. Seasoned chips, along with salsa, is just the thing to get you started. But not just any salsa; we're talking a variety of salsa that's all equally excellent. The menu consists of breakfast burritos that are large enough to feed two people easily. My personal favorite is the sweet potato and black bean burrito. I find that people that like sweet potatoes have an opinion about exactly how they should be done. I know I do. Well, at Messy's Tacos and Treats, the sweet potatoes are cooked but not overcooked. They retain their form enough to make their flavor known but not so loudly that you feel like you're eating a Thanksgiving side dish wrapped in a burrito shell.

Another of my favorite is the Corn Bites. These little fritters are always so hot you have to wait to eat them (which is perfect), and every time I've had them, they are an unbeatable combination of sweet and salty. You have to try one to believe it.  But moving on to other things, the Shrimp Burrito is loaded with shrimp and contains just enough other ingredients to give the burrito a creative twist. While I haven't eaten it myself, I know several people who won't go near the building without coming away loaded down with the Carnitas Burrito.

My husband and I have split an order of Nachos once, and both pushed ourselves to finish our respective halves.

There are burrito bowls if you're not interested in fussing with shells and wraps. Kids are equally well-fed with tacos, nachos, and burritos. Dessert treats are shakes, a thing called a Choco Taco, Churros, and a Churro Sundae. I confess I've had a hard time staying away from the churros once I tried my first one. They're deliciously fresh, hot, and not overly sweet. 

Like Hanging Out with Cousins

If you happen to go on a day where Jesse is available to chat, it's a great idea to ask for him. He pops back and forth between the businesses and is always more than a gracious host. But others that work at Messy's Tacos and Treats are fun people too. Things always seem busy behind the counter but never so much that the workers aren't happy to chat for a few minutes and will remember regulars. Besides the great food, the fun part about this place is that workers seem to love what they do. When asking about a dish, they love to talk about it and will gladly tell you what their favorite is. 

And if you do catch Jesse onsite, well that will just be the additional treat to the Messy's Tacos and Treats experience. You have the choice of taking your food home or taking advantage of eating on-site. It's good to note that this isn't just a roadside stand because outdoor seating provides comfort throughout the year. We've eaten there in the winter with space heaters doing a great job at keeping us warm, and we've eaten there in the summer when fans and misters kept us from melting in the Northern CA summer temperatures. The tented seating is excellent for young children's families to eat out without any fuss, and the back patio is a fun way to relax over some hard cider and those fantastic chips. Whether you choose to eat there or take your food home, you won't have one bit of regret about your choice to try Messy's Tacos and Treats. It's as good as it gets!

At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, We Love Our Local Community

At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we're pretty passionate about supporting our local business neighbors. We do that by sending people to try experiences and eateries that we hear about and visit ourselves. We're honored to be part of a community that offers so much variety, and we consider it a privilege to share the great things we learn about with our Stanford Ranch Self Storage customers. Our commitment to excellent customer service includes reminding people to treat themselves, ending a day of the hard work it takes to move. That’s why we're always so happy to hear about local favorites, and we hope you'll stop by Stanford Ranch Self Storage to share what you love about Rocklin's fantastic community. We're open and practice social distancing, so come on by to see us. We are here for all of your self storage needs in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Loomis, and surrounding communities.

Messy's Tacos and Treats is located at 3987 Taylor Road
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