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Moksa Brewing Co. Rocklin California

Moksa Brewing Co. Review (Rocklin, CA Brewery Review)


I know it will probably sound odd to many of us that I'll be using words like landscape, enlightenment and liberation when telling you about the amazing beer brewery called Moksa (pronounced Moksha).  But to really do justice to a place like Moksa Brewing in Rocklin, I need to tell you what they're all about.  Now I will confess, I don't know as much about beer brewing as I do about, say, coffee brewing.  But what I lack in experience, I always make up for in enthusiasm so I totally got right on board with learning about Moksa's philosophy and why this place is great news for microbrewery beer fans.  Here’s what I learned that I'm totally nuts about now (get it, beer nuts?).  This place is edgy, exciting and an education on tap! 

The Beer Equivalent of a Fine Wine.

Moksa Brewery began serving a wide range of crafted beer styles in February of 2018.  But just so you can fully appreciate what you'll find at this microbrewery, I'd like to pour out a few facts about the microbrewery movement so you can appreciate how well Moksa Brewery measures to the movement's goals.

The microbrewery movement started somewhere in the early to mid-1970s (the U.S. version) when beer's homebrewing hobby spread into a craft brewing industry.  Now there's no doubt that this isn't an industry that became an overnight success but as you'll see, it’s an example of how slow and steady pays off. The story goes that the true renaissance of beer crafting emerged in Sonoma, CA when a home brewer transitioned his craft into a very successful business. This success (although it only lasted six years) inspired hundreds of homebrewers to go into business.  But it was in the 1980s that serious beer crafting pioneering companies' success came to a head as industry influencers. The momentum from this kept a steady growth through the 1990s and by 2004, the whole industry gained traction as discerning beer drinkers increasingly connected with small independent breweries.  These breweries' success was seeded in emphasizing quality over quantity, community over convenience and uniqueness over predictability.   In other words, a culture for those wanting to enjoy the beer equivalent of a fine wine.  So, with that in mind, here’s why Moksa Brewery measures up to the industry's high standards.

Moksa Brewing Rocklin CA

Be the Excitement You Want in Your Life.

Moksa Brewery's talented brewers come from a diverse, rich, brewing background which allows for this hub of amazing beers to serve a wide range of styles that are bound to impress.  I happened to drop by just to check out the place but couldn't stay and taste that day (note to self, bring your party group when visiting places like breweries and wine tasting rooms).  This is what I saw…FUN!!!!!!!!!!  It just vibrates with excitement.  Everything about it is casually sophisticated and totally dedicated to high quality and with that buzz (okay, couldn't resist) that happens in a place that hits the right pitch between classy and casual.  The huge taproom (I asked and learned it was 3,000 square feet) is comfortably inviting and pours 24 beers that are crafted in-house.  Again, I didn't partake so can't speak to the awesomeness of any of these myself.  But because I enjoy talking to people I don't know (otherwise known as strangers, I know), I had no problem asking fellow Moksa Brewery patrons what they thought of the beer.  Here's what I heard.

So Many Brews, So Little Time.

The mantra of Moksa Brewery is that beer is so much more than just a cold drink and its alcohol content.  The contemporary art of brewing beer is an emancipation, liberation and release (that's Moksa) from beer's origins.  At Moksa Brewery, the offerings are creative and their promise is to reward those who visit with an experience as well as tastefully brewed beer. And do they hit that mark?  Well according to those I asked, the answer is YES!  From hazy IPAs to imperial stouts, the results of the craftsmanship used to produce these satisfying brews earned the highest of marks with everyone I talked to.  But wait, there's more than just excellent beer happening here.  Like anything else that's amazing, it's always best when paired with something equally amazing, right?   So, bring on the food trucks!

Brews and Chews!

Okay, please be on the same page with me on this one. Isn't it the PERFECT example of alchemy to have food trucks at microbreweries?  Seriously, this is the best mashup I've ever seen!  I love it and it just adds such a great element of fun. See, this is the deal.  Taproom beer is always the best way to enjoy beer, especially at a place like Moksa Brewery.  No doubt, you can't get beer that is fresher or more creative. But to create its beer in the high-quality way it does and to offer variety, the space used is dedicated to brewing and people.  There's no room for the kind of food cooking that would do justice to the beer greatness found at Moksa Brewery.  But there is if a food truck invited along for the ride!  Moksa Brewery schedules some stout masters in the chef on wheels industry! Okay, now that you know exactly what wonderful things you'll find at this amazing space, you know there's no time like the present to make Moksa Brewery your next new favorite place.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage for Your Brewing Equipment.

Now, if you're a home microbrewing hobbyists, no doubt you've invested in brewing supplies and equipment.  Like anything else that is cooked, baked or brewed, the quality of the final product depends on sticking with your industry's best practices. Storing equipment requires attention to detail that can be made much easier when in an organized space.  As your neighborhood self storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage wants to partner with you in coming up with storage solutions for your home beer crafting needs.  Please come by to see what we have to offer. We're always happy to meet our neighbors and, just like we did about Moksa Brewery, to share the exciting things we find right here in our neighborhood.


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