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Inside Nancy

Nancy's Café (Auburn, CA)


One of the many wonderful things about living in the Rocklin community is the proximity to other fabulous communities. The things they all have in common are quaintness and uniqueness; each is special in its own way. Just a quick drive from Rocklin is Auburn-a town known for its friendly wholesomeness. And no place showcases that better than Nancy’s Café. In fact, when you eat at Nancy’s Café, you’ll find yourself thinking of the café as a friend because that's precisely how you're treated--as a friend. Like a good friend, Nancy's Café welcomes you with the best it offers. There’s always deliciously fresh food waiting to be cooked, comfortable seating for all, and Nancy is everyone's favorite person.  Nancy’s Café is a special place to eat; read on to learn why.

Nancy's Café (Auburn, CA)

Followers of Nancy

I’ve lived in Placer County for most of my life. As with many people who are "old-timers" of a place, I have loyalty to certain people, places, and experiences that make up the fabric of where I live. One person who is intrinsically involved in Auburn's dining vibe is someone named Nancy Haddad. Many years ago, I met Nancy at another restaurant she and her husband owned called Edelweiss. This very popular, family-owned restaurant had a strong following because of its great food and heart and a soul-a waitress named Nancy. With her unfailing smile, quick wit, and engaging personality, Nancy had a fan base of which yours truly was one. It didn’t matter what kind of day you were having or what mood you were in; once you entered the doors of that restaurant, you instantly felt happier because of Nancy's welcome. What was true many years ago in Edelweiss is true today in Nancy's Café.

Fans of the Round Table

One of the things that always appealed to me during my time spent at Edelweiss was watching the occupants of the infamous round table. But alas, I could only watch but not participate as I was raising a young family and therefore didn’t fit the concept of the round table’s dining. Picture this, if you will, along with booths lining the walls and small tables occupying space in the center of the restaurant; there is one large round table. The diners at this table arrive at separate times, each alone. Unlike other diners, they don’t wait to be seated so long as there is at least one empty chair at the round table. They just take their seat and are served their morning beverage and often order without consulting a menu. In fact, I’ve noticed they're frequently asked if it's the usual, and no mention is made of what that is. I used to look at the round table and promised myself that one day, I would take a seat at the round table.  And so I have. While the location has changed, the round table spirit has not. Along with the booth and smaller table-style seating, Nancy’s Café offers a round table where anyone wanting to sit in the company of others is more than welcomed.

Nancy's Café (Auburn, CA)

Fanciers of Great Food

Nancy’s Café’s popularity doesn’t ride on its personality alone; the food is another reason first-time diners become regulars forever. Nancy has been an Auburn eatery influencer for decades as she’s part of a large, extended family owning several local restaurants. She has a flair for turning any dish into something hearty but light, traditional but unusual, bold but subtle. But if that isn’t enough, most dishes are offered in a vegan counterpart! With an extensive menu of breakfast and lunch choices, anyone is guaranteed to find something to call their usual.

With breakfast classics from every category, Nancy’s Café has favorites that anyone recommending the restaurant will tell you to try. One is the chicken and waffle with a Belgian waffle so rich and light that it’s a masterpiece on its own. But then add freshly fried chicken encrusted in a fried batter that could be a meal all by itself.

If you’d rather try lunch, Nancy's Café is your place. There are so many delicious dishes it’s hard to highlight just one. But since I can't write endlessly, I'll choose my favorite-the Turkey, Bacon, Brie, and Peach on sourdough bread. The turkey is an actual cut of turkey, as opposed to a deli slice, the onions are caramelized, and the peaches are freshly grilled! Remember, if vegan is your thing, you can order a Beyond Meat substitute. The great thing about Nancy's Café is that it is like a good friend; it's always willing to meet you where you are. If you see something that’s not on the menu, ask for it. If you want something made in a way that isn’t listed, request if it can be done. Chances are, the answer will be yes.

Nancy's Café is a family-owned and operated business. Nancy started the restaurant because she wanted to branch out on her own. Her passion for the restaurant and people business is evident in every interaction she has with customers. Along with her son and daughter, who are equally talented people, Nancy continues to offer the kind of restaurant experience that will always be the bar setter for others to attempt to reach. Great hospitality, excellent food, wonderful ambiance, including original watercolors by local artist and that awesome round table; these are just a few reasons to eat at Nancy’s Café.  But don’t just read about Nancy's Café here; go by and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

Having a restaurant as uniquely wonderful as Nancy’s Café is such a gift to the community. People like Nancy and her family give the entire community such a gift by providing a place where people enjoy great food and the welcoming company of others. As the neighborhood self-storage facility not far from Auburn, Stanford Ranch Self Storage considers it an honor to acknowledge excellent places like Nancy's Café. We appreciate being able to refer our valued customers to great finds in Rocklin and its neighboring communities. We’d appreciate it if you'd come by Stanford Ranch Self Storage to tell us about your favorite restaurants, shops, and services in Rocklin and places like Auburn. We hope to see you soon!

Nancy’s Café
356 Elm Ave.
Auburn, CA 95603
Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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