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Rocklin, CA Parks

Our Favorite Rocklin, CA Parks


Parks seem to be a staple for the Sacramento area. Here in Roseville/Rocklin, you can find unique parks that will fit the needs for anyone looking to get outside and explore their surroundings. For me and my family, we really enjoy taking the time to do research to find parks that are outside of the normal swing set and slides. Parks that have character for one reason or another. In today's case, my family and I went to several different parks, looking for places that held up to our "Park loving" standards! We found three awesome parks that I think you could also enjoy as well! 

Whitney Community Park

Whitney Community Park Rocklin

Whitney Community park is located just around the corner from our newest self-storage campus (Stanford Ranch Self Storage). One thing that we love about this park is its open soccer fields, baseball diamonds, wide sidewalks for walking dogs, or riding bikes and Splash park. But out of all these things that the park has to offer, we love the Splash Park. We will make the 10-15 min drive multiple times throughout the summer to visit and play at the splash park on a hot day. This park also has THREE playgrounds that cater to kids of all ages, whether you have pre-teen, or toddlers wanting to get out and burn off some energy, Whitney Community Park has it all! The main play ground is also big enough that even on a busy day your kids can have a great time without feeling overly crowded! Whitney Community Park is located at 1801 Whitney Ranch Pkwy, Rocklin, CA 95765.

Kathy Lund Park

Kathy Lund Park Rocklin

Our next top pick for our park day adventure was the Kathy Lund Park. This park is also a top favorite for my family! Also equipped with a GREAT playground, I will say it is geared more towards older kids. But my two year still had a blast! Kathy Lund offers many cool features sporting a Splash Park, while smaller than the Splash park at Whitney Community park, it is a really fun part of the park. One of the best things we liked about this park was the wide-open soccer fields. Whether you want to get out for a game of soccer, football or catch, there is MORE than enough room for friends and family to head out and have a great day. We also like this park because of the nice covered picnic benches. We are a big picnic family. We love packing a homemade lunch and setting out for a day at the park. Kathy Lund also shares West Parks Blvd with our Stanford Ranch Self Storage facility and will make the perfect lunch break on moving day. So, when you are in the middle of your moving day, you can stop off to let the kids stretch their legs and have some play time. Make sure to bring a change of clothes because more often than not, the splash park will be so inviting the whole family will jump in for a cool down before getting the rest of your moving day going again! Kathy Lund Park is located at 6101 W Oaks Blvd, Rocklin, CA 95765.

Clover Valley Park

Clover Valley Park Rocklin

Clover Valley Park located close to Stanford Ranch Rd made the top of our list this time! As soon as we arrived, we noticed the park was set back from the road, almost hidden behind the trees, and that we would need to cross a small bridge to get to the actual park (which was cool). As soon as we had everyone unloaded from our car, we started to make the walk towards the small granite bridge. Because of all the rain we have been getting here in Northern California, the creek was rushing under the bridge. We crossed the bridge and made our way to the giant playground tucked back behind trees and bushes. The park itself was smaller than the others we visited that day, but the feeling of being tucked away from the road was a really nice feeling. The play ground itself was really cool. It was big and had pretty much everything a kid could want! The park has a lot of shade trees around to provide shade during the summer heat, and provides BBQ pits next to nice concrete picnic benches. My wife and I thought this would be a great park for weekend birthday parties! Clover Valley Park is located at 4298 Clover Valley Rd, Rocklin, CA 95677.

Though there are more than 3 parks in Rocklin, these are the ones we really find that we have a great time at.  It’s a nice way to break up your day and all for the cost of gas to get to the park! I hope this short list can help you if you are looking for some parks with a little character.

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