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Pick-n-Pull (Rocklin, CA)


Rocklin is a community with so much to offer. From eateries to nature trails and everything in between, Rocklin has so many ways for its residents to enjoy themselves. And if you're a person that loves to work on your car, Rocklin has an excellent option for making car repairing and restoration affordable and fun. Pick-n-pull is a self-service auto parts dealer that is the perfect option for those who love to treasure hunt and save money on auto repair costs. People say they love using Pick-n-pull for several reasons. Read on to learn why.

Recycled Auto Parts Save Money and The Environment

Like most things, the cost of auto parts has not gone down with each passing year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average inflation rate of car parts has been 1.57% per year beginning in 1977.  That means the same part costing $500 in 1977 would cost $983.00 in 2020.  One way to save money when working on autos is to use recycled parts.  At Pick-n-pull, auto parts are reduced significantly because they're not only used, but the customer will often be extracting the auto part from the vehicle in the Pick-n-pull auto yard. The average savings on a part purchased at Pick-n-pull is at least fifty percent of the part's original cost and sometimes as much as eighty percent. Not only does it save money for many people, but it's also part of the appeal. People repairing and restoring their autos often do it because they love the work.  Starting that work by hunting for auto parts among hundreds of vehicles is part of the fun. But it isn't just about fun; it saves the environment. By reusing auto parts, it leaves less mass from the autos that are eventually sent to landfills. By stripping autos of all reusable components, it allows for the vehicle's remains to be compacted into something that's a fraction of its original size.  

Recycled auto parts save time. I know it may seem like a contradiction to say that hunting for auto parts among hundreds of vehicles saves time, but it can. When deciding to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop, you have to make the appointment, and you may get your vehicle in the shop right away. Depending on the shop's size, parts may have to be ordered; therefore, there may be a delay in getting your vehicle back. By contrast, by using Pick-n-pull, you control the amount of downtime related to repairing your vehicle. 

Recycled auto parts are sometimes the only option. One of the things that's so much fun about using Pick-n-pull is that you can find auto parts that are original for your vehicle. Not only is that often the best bet to making the repair go smoothly because nothing is retrofitted, but it may be the only choice for finding a vehicle part to complete your repair. If your vehicle has hard-to-find parts, going to Pick-n-pull may offer the only option to find what you need. And like with anything, the more a customer uses Pick-n-pull, the faster the person becomes at it. 

Organized Picking and Pulling

Despite what it may seem like, using a pick your own part service to purchase used vehicle parts is a very organized affair. Pick-n-pull carefully catalogs everything that enters its shop. Some parts are extracted and sold off the shelf, while many remain part of the vehicle for customers to pull.  Pick-n-pull maintains a cataloging system that not only makes finding parts easy for customers, but also ensures that inventory is restocked as the shop's buyers replenish based on what's no longer in their yard.  

When shopping for a part, customers can go online and check inventory or call ahead to see if what they're looking for is currently in stock. Everything in Pick-n-Pull's inventory is accounted to make shopping there as easy as possible.   

Preparation is Half the Fun

While I can't claim to be a person that can extract an entire chassis from a car, I have spent time at Pick-n-pull looking for interior parts for my 1999 Ford Mustang. I prepare for my time at Pick-n-pull just like I would for any outdoor excursion. I have sunscreen, a cooler with water and snacks, I pack wipes and rags, and I have my tool kit. The more I prepare for my time there, the more fun I have when there. Here are the things I highly recommend for your trip to Pick-n-Pull. Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries, tear-resistant gloves, a prybar, pliers, wrenches, straps with a dolly if you're going for anything large, screwdrivers, and tweezers. Yes, tweezers. I sometimes drop little screws down in areas that are hard to reach, so I carry the type of tweezers that are often used for cleaning bathtub drains.  Trust me on this; you'll be glad to have these the first time you drop a screw in a hard-to-reach area. This list is based on my own experience, and hopefully, you'll have fun coming up with your own Pick-n-pull tool kit. It's part of the fun of the adventures you have when you choose to use Pick-n-pull for your car repair and restoration projects. 

Self Storage Is Perfect For Auto Parts

Repairing an automobile can be rewarding. The tools needed to do it are often large and numerous. In addition to that, you may be collecting parts that you may not immediately need until later in your project. Self storage is the perfect way to keep everything you need for your auto repair adventures organized and ready to go when you are. As your neighborhood self storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is prepared to help you find the perfect unit for auto repair supplies and parts. Our state-of-the-art facility has a large variety of unit sizes so that we can accommodate every type of storage need. We're open, practicing social distancing, and look forward to talking to our Rocklin neighbors about their storage needs. 

Pick-n-Pull is located at:

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Sat-Sun 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(Yard closes 30 minutes prior to store closing)

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