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Placer Grown Farmers

Placer Grown Farmers' Market (Rocklin, CA Farmers' Market Review)


The Roseville/Rocklin area has a lot of fun and exciting things to offer. One of my favorite things to do is go to the Placer Grown Farmers' Market, located at the Fountains in the Whole Foods parking lot on Galleria Blvd, on Tuesday mornings. The array of fresh picked fruits and vegetables is enormous. They also have live music, fresh kettle corn, and a family friendly atmosphere created by the farmers that work hard to bring their produce to our city! The market is FULL of awesome things to look at, people to meet, and things to learn! My kids LOVED the idea that we were buying their favorite fruits straight from the farmers!

Perfect For Your Self Storage Moving Day Break

Stop by for a nice break between 8:30-1:00. It can be a great chance for you and your friends and family to take a break on your self storage moving day as well! We can all work up an appetite on moving day, and what better way to satisfy that craving than with some fresh locally grown fruits and veggies! So in between runs, why not stop by and find a favorite treat or try something new! (We are Stanford Ranch Self Storage. As Rocklin's newest self storage facility, we know all about moving. And, we always suggest our self storage customers stay hydrated and nourished when moving items into and out of their self storage units here.) Me and my family love going out every Tuesday morning to see what is in season!

Placer Grown Farmers Market Rocklin Sign

This farmers' market has a lot to offer. Fresh eggs, lettuce, cabbage, oranges, strawberries, local honey, local raised grass-fed meats like beef and fish, and so much more. They even had a hummus stand! I tried every flavor they had. The jalapeño one was definitely my favorite! All the farmers are eager to serve and ready to answer any questions you may have. I bought the most delicious blood oranges last time we were there.

Placer Grown Farmers' Market Tips

Here are a few tips my family and I use when going to the farmers' market:

  • BRING REUSABLE BAGS. Even though the vendors will supply you with a plastic bag, it's much easier and better for the environment if you bring your own bags! I give each of my kids one and we fill their bag up with produce!
  • BRING CASH. Even though some vendors will be able to accept debit or credit cards with the use of something like a mobile card reader, a few of the vendors still only accept cash. So, in order to not miss out on something you really want or need, make sure to bring a little cash!
  • NO PETS ALLOWED. As far as this farmers' market goes, there are no pets allowed in the market area. There are a lot of different foods out for people to browse through and try out, so it is best to leave your furry friends at home.
  • CHECK THE WEATHER. Late spring and summer months are a breeze at the farmers' market but spring, winter, and fall months tend to bring rain. The farmers' market is open year round, so you can enjoy all the things the different months have to offer. However, planning ahead might help you stay dry and warm in the colder months! We always bring an umbrella! Being wet can really put a damper on the whole experience
  • BRING AN APPETITE! The farmers' market is a GREAT place to try new foods! Depending on the day you come, there could be fresh homemade Tamales, authentic Asian foods, and even Greek food! Not to mention you can try different samples from most of the vendors (getting samples is always my kids' favorite part).

Placer Grown Farmers Market Rocklin Produce

Make The Farmers' Market Your Family Tradition

These are a few of the things my family and I do when we go. Every Tuesday we pack up and head out to the market to get some fresh produce. We enjoy all the colors and tastes as a family and hopefully this tradition will be something my kids remember for the rest of their lives, and maybe even be something they end up doing with their kids!

The Placer Grown Farmers' Market is located at 1013 Galleria Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678 at The Fountains, in the Whole Foods parking lot. Head out next Tuesday and check out all it has to offer! Whether you are bringing the whole family, a friend, or going alone, the Placer Grown Farmers' Market is a great way to kick off your Tuesday! Maybe I'll see you out there!

Don't Forget About Our Sister Facility In Roseville

At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we truly love our community of Rocklin. We're also covering the Roseville community here on our blog, as the Rocklin/Roseville area is so fluid. While in Roseville, the farmers' market truly benefits everyone who lives in the greater Rocklin/Roseville area.

When it comes to self storage, convenience is super important. Just in case you live in Roseville or a self storage facility in Roseville is a bit more convenient for you, we wanted to let you know that we also own and operate Roseville Self Storage (our sister facility). Whether you decide to drop by our Rocklin location or our Roseville location, we cannot wait to exceed your self storage expectations!

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