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Pottery World

Pottery World Review (Rocklin, CA)


If you're originally from Placer County, you appreciate Pottery World for what it is now, especially knowing what it started at compared to the spectacular store it is today. If you're not from Placer County originally, you'll appreciate Pottery World's luxury and, hopefully, be even more impressed when you've finished reading this blog. Pottery World is the place where you go to discover a world of beauty when shopping for your interior and exterior decorating needs. There isn't anywhere else in the area that offers the combination of luxurious goods found at Pottery World. Please read on to learn why Pottery World offers a unique shopping experience and one you won't want to miss.

Pottery World Rocklin CA

From Denio’s to Luxury Row

Those of us who have lived in this area for decades have watched the region grow into a place with a wonderful variety of shopping opportunities. Placer County has something for every shopping need, from Roseville's Galleria to places that are homegrown originals. The wonderful thing about the area is small, and large businesses are greatly appreciated and supported. From modest shopping to high ticket buying, we have it all. One area of Rocklin that's known for its luxury shopping is Granite Drive. This avenue is the home of Mercedes, Land Rover, and Porsche dealerships, several high-end kitchen and bath shops, and even a hydroponics store. Placed among these prominent businesses is Pottery World, a small to a large business success story.

Pottery World got its start in this area's famous Denio's Farmers Market and Auction. While the Denio's of today is an impressive shopping experience, its beginnings were very modest and rustic. Thirty years after its opening, two people named Jim Rodda and Greg Modesti started renting a space to sell pottery at Denio's. At the time, they sold just pottery but did so with great success. After doing great business at Denio's, Rodda bought out Modesti's interest and ventured on his own to grow the business into today's well-appointed Pottery World. This journey included working seven days a week for over seven years. The secret to Rodda's success was working very hard and having a keen sense of what people wanted and changing his merchandise to serve that need. Rodda has sold pots, salt and pepper shakers, macrame, cookie jars, floral arrangements, vases, and room decorating accessories in his history. While he changed what he was selling to keep up with the trends, the one thing that's never changed is selling pottery. Rodda has evolved from driving an old pie wagon while collecting pots up from Los Angeles to now importing pottery from seven countries!

Pottery World is a model of a small business success story. Today, Pottery World is located in Rocklin; there is a second location in El Dorado Hills, CA. Read on to learn why Pottery World is a premier shopping experience.

A Place of Beauty Awaits You

Pottery World is not your ordinary, utilitarian shopping experience-it's a treat. Once you walk through its entryway, the potential for adding luxurious elements to your surroundings is tangible. Each section of the vast outdoor area is graced with one or more beautiful fountains. The sound of splashing water surrounds you anywhere you stroll. Pottery World has over 200 different styles of fountains to choose from with a style and size to suit every need. Included in the outdoor area's offerings are patio furniture, statuary, birdbaths, and of course, pottery. Everything sold at Pottery World adds touches of luxury, whether it's for the exterior or interior of your home.

And speaking of interior, the indoor selection at Pottery World is for those that desire quality items made by trusted manufacturers. Whether you're in the market for a sofa, table, chair, or accent décor, you'll find nothing but the latest styles at Pottery World. But your shopping experience doesn't stop with decorating your home; it continues with a women's clothing, accessories, and baby boutique. 

Pottery World Rocklin CA

Pottery World's buyers study market trends so that customers are assured of choosing from the most current decorating style on the market. This includes the pieces offered at the Pottery World boutique. But what makes the boutique an even better shopping experience is that it supports the work of independent designers, including one-of-a-kind items. I love the unique jewelry and baby items found at Pottery World's boutique and never leave without finding something I can't resist. Another thing I can't resist is Pottery World's café. 

This elegant and rustic café complements your shopping experience at Pottery World. Serving food that leans towards Mediterranean, every item on the menu is an upscale version of itself served fine dining style. Whether you’re in the mood for the Brioche French Toast, the Grilled Salmon Sandwich, or Prawn Louis, you'll dine in the same relaxing elegance found throughout Pottery World. No matter what you choose for your meal, please leave room for dessert. You'll have several freshly baked cakes to choose from as well as other confectionery desserts. Any of the dessert items top off your meal in what can only be described as “an exquisite manner.” In fact, that paints the perfect picture of Pottery World-it's an exquisite place to stroll, shop, and dine.  

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Pottery World is located at 4419 Granite Drive
Rocklin, CA 95677
Hours of Operation for Pottery World in Rocklin are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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