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Review of Elliott's Fine Nutrition In Rocklin, CA


Hi Friends! Elliott's Fine Nutrition is here just in time!  Like everyone else this time of year, I'm looking at ways to make the upcoming year a positive one.  As most of us know, improving ourselves is an inside job.  One of my favorite things I've heard recently is to "simplify to amplify".  I think that makes so much sense. When we go too big, we risk diluting the impact of what we can accomplish.  Our mind gets overloaded with lots of details and goals so we veer off track easily (look, a squirrel!).   With that potential reality as what most of us tend to do, maybe this is the year to test the "simplify to amplify" method of making the upcoming year positive.  What better place to start than with our health?  That brings me to what Rocklin has to offer to support the new year's mission for increased wellness.   That's where our friends at Elliott's Fine Nutrition come in https://www.elliottsfinenutrition.com/ .  

Dive into Wellness the Friendly and Easy Way.

You know I get super excited when it comes to trying new things and revisiting old favorites.  I've been in another Elliott's Nutrition store but this was my first time at this one. I LOVE IT!  With this store, you don't just get great products to support increased wellness, you're shopping at a place that reflects the mission of the family owned businesses that have been around for over 60 years (Elliott's Natural Foods in Sacramento is original store that I visited long ago).  They're invested in providing excellent service and quality products at reasonable prices.  I can say that's what I found the day I visited Elliott's Fine Nutrition in Rocklin!

First, the staff is wonderful and very welcoming.   I immediately could evidence of what they do to be neighborhood store.   For example, the aisles are uncrowded so that things can be easily spotted.  I really appreciate that because it gives me the sense that I can browse easily and take my time while not being in anyone's way.  But if I need help, it's easy to get it with this nice layout.  Woops, don't get the wrong idea, I wasn't in need of help as I lay on the floor (did you catch what I did there?).

Um Excuse Me

I sometimes walk into stores and feel like there are so many miles of unknown area (okay, miles is an slight exaggeration) to cover that I'm lost.  To make things worse (okay, more dramatic) I get the feeling that it might be a long time before I can find help because it's hard to find my way back to the front of the store.   Well, with Elliott's Fine Nutrition, that isn't the case at all.  The aisles are configured in a short enough way that it's easy to say "um excuse me?" and a friendly store staff person is right there asking if there's any way he or she can help.  

But What About This?

For the new year's quest to increase wellness, it helps to know what's out there that can be easily integrated into an already busy life, right?  Disclaimer:  I'm not an expert in the field of nutrition, supplements, vitamins, organic foods or any type of medical treatment. My opinion is solely based on my expertise in being a human.  That's all of it.  Anything I share is from the perspective of a consumer in a nutrition store.  With that said, I found so much at Elliott's Fine Nutrition to help my simple goal of increasing wellness.   From the basics such as high quality daily multi-vitamins to more complex goals of cleansing and detoxing, I found everything a person (and pet) needs to make an improvement in her or his health.  If you're like me, I really appreciate having some choices and being able to ask questions about what the differences are between one product from others.  

In addition to offering its own Elliott's line of products, the store carries other popular labels (Nature's Way, Source Naturals, etc.).  There are products for everything you and your family need to be well.  There are even first aid products and green household cleaners!  

Nutritious, Delicious and Smells Great Too!

After being thoroughly impressed by the selection of vitamins and supplements, I walked to the back of the store to find an array of cold drinks and food in the refrigerator/freezer section of the store.  I tell you, a person could really load up on the makings of a healthy meal with food and drinks like frozen salmon burger patties, whole grain bread, organic wild rice, coconut yogurt and chocolate kombucha!   In addition to that, there's a pretty impressive selection of Himalayan salt lamps as well as all the best in essential oils.

Join the Club for Savings and a Head's Ups!

Saving money is easy at Elliott's Fine Nutrition because all you do is register in the Circle of Savings program in the store or online.  https://www.elliottsfinenutrition.com/circle-of-savings  It's free, easy and means you get benefits like two points for every dollar you spend, $10 cash back for every 1,000 points you earn (don't forget to always use your membership number for this), purchase history kept for you, special discount offers and sale alerts emailed to you as well as worry-free return policy.  You get great products at the best price possible and you're rewarded for being a loyal customer.  Win/Win!

New Year, New You!

I think you'll find a great experience in shopping for your health needs just around the corner at Elliott's Fine Nutrition.  It's truly a neighborhood health food store with knowledgeable, friendly, caring staff just waiting to help you take that next step to increased wellness.  And speaking of steps, when you've finished taking that last step on moving day at Stanford Ranch Self Storage and you realize you want new cleaning products for your new place, Elliott's Fine Nutrition has a great selection of green household cleaners for everything from your floor to your dishwasher.  Start earning those Circle of Friends points on moving day! By the way, that Kombucha I mentioned?  Delicious!!!

Cheers and Happy Wellness to You!

At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we are Rocklin's newest self storage facility. Opening in 2019, we cannot wait to serve our community. As Rocklin's local, neighborhood self storage, we truly love our community. We are always looking for other neighborhood stores and experiences. And, that's why we enjoy Elliott's Fine Nutrition so much!

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