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Ruhkala Monument Company


Serving the needs of the community for over 100 years, Ruhkala Monument Company is where to go with your memorial marker needs. After losing a loved one, making decisions is challenging when hearts are heavy. It’s essential to have confidence in those you work with for all aspects of paying tribute to the departed; we practice several customs, and we want to get it right because we have one chance to do it for each person. One of the most popular ways to acknowledge a person or place’s specialness is by identifying facts about the place and person. Typically, a marker is a form of tribute that lasts forever, so it’s important to get it done in a way that will stand the test of time. That’s where the people at Ruhkala Monument Company come in. Our community is fortunate to have them to turn to for a variety of ways to memorialize our loved ones.

Ruhkala Monument Company

Professional and Personable

Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, celebrating the accomplishments of an individual, or permanently marking a special place, it’s important to be in the hands of people who know what they’re doing. At Ruhkala Monument Company, the staff is experienced in helping you through all aspects of the decision-making process that comes with choosing the perfect monument for your needs.  While most people go to Ruhkala Monument Company to purchase the memorial marker for the gravesite of a loved one, Ruhkala Monument Company specializes in other types of markers. And they are the specialists because the family has been in business for over 120 years! Matt Ruhkala began his career in the granite business in 1889 and operated six granite quarries throughout the years. The Ruhkala family provides the best craftsmanship in the industry of memorial markers, granite signs, plaques, and memorial benches.

Grave Monuments

Any marker at the site of a loved one’s resting place provides a lasting record of the deceased’s life. Regardless of the marker style, it’s created as an enduring legacy that family and friends can visit and remember for generations to come. One style of memorial marker that provides endless ways to capture a loved one’s personality is a grave monument. While technically, a monument is a structure or statue built to honor someone notable who may not be deceased, the term grave monument is often used to describe a memorial marker that stands upright to honor someone deceased. At Ruhkala Monument Company, the beauty and level of detail put into each grave monument must be seen to be appreciated. But the outstanding work done by Ruhkala Monument Company goes into all their memorial markers. 

Memorial Benches

Whether it’s clearing hiking trails, caring for shelter animals, or being a prominent benefactor for a non-profit, a memorial bench in a person’s memory serves as a lasting tribute. It not only helps keep the memory of that person alive, but it also helps remind others of the importance of contributing to a cause. At Ruhkala Monument Company, there are several styles of benches to choose from and countless ways in which to personalize them. The staff at Ruhkala Monument Company are experts in helping you create the perfect bench that will not only serve as a lasting reminder of your loved one but will also serve as a place for others to rest and reflect.

Ruhkala Monument Company

Lawn Level Memorial Markers

The final resting place of a loved one may determine the style of memorial marker you choose. Some modern cemeteries feature only lawn-level grave markers, especially when the cemetery is situated in an area that offers visitors landscape views and carefully groomed lawns. Even without the cemetery criteria, many people prefer the simplicity of a lawn-level memorial marker. Like other types of memorial markers, they can be customized and beautiful, often containing photos and illustrations along with the person’s name and vital statistics. The staff at Ruhkala Monument Company provides all the help you need to portray your loved one for generations to come to appreciate. 

 Civic and Veteran’s Monument

Ruhkala Monument Company has established itself as the best in the business of memorial markers and monuments. As with memorial markers used to honor a loved one, the same excellent craftsmanship is provided when making civic signs, pedestals, and veteran’s monuments. Please go to Ruhkala Monument Company’s website for photos of the stunning granite civic and veteran monuments they’ve created over the years. I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

Ruhkala Monument Company’s services not only include the creation of monuments, memorials, and headstones, but they also specialize in bronze plaques, signs, and stone markers of all types. Notably, they not only provide letter engraving but specialize in niche engraving. Ruhkala Monument Company provides cleaning and restoration services for those who already have a monument. At a time when you may be experiencing some of the most challenging times of your life, you can be assured that the compassionate people at Ruhkala Monument Company will help you through the process of memorializing your loved one.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage does everything possible to ensure our customers are respected, listened to, and helped as much as possible. At a time when a customer may be storing a loved one’s estate or moving an elderly parent after the death of a spouse, we want to have all the reliable resources needed to get through a difficult time. That’s one reason we go to our community and learn about places like Ruhkala Monument Company. We often learn invaluable information from community members. Please visit us at our state-of-the-art self-storage facility and tell us what people in our community will benefit from knowing. We appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you.

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