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ScapeGoats project

ScapeGoats (Lincoln, CA)


If you're fortunate enough to own acreage, you know it's an honor that comes with lots of perks. But as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Land has to be maintained to stay as safe as it is beautiful. The great news is there's a very eco-friendly, affordable, and fun way to do it. Yes, I used the word "fun" while working on land management. In fact, I'll go so far as to say it'll not only be fun, it’ll expand your friend circle.  When you hire ScapeGoats to handle your targeting land clearing, you’ve made friends for life. Read on to learn about your new friends at ScapeGoats.

Scarce Seating Leads to a Lifelong Friendship

It's true that you probably don't think of making new friends when you're trying to figure out your land clearing plan eating fair food at the annual home and garden show, either. As you probably have noticed, most home and garden shows have an abundance of shopping for but not plentiful seating in the eating areas. My husband and I were at a home and garden show when we noticed a couple, Rick and Corrin, searching for a place to sit for lunch. We invited them to share our table. That random invitation led to a wonderful friendship and a shared adventure in land ownership. It turns out they weren’t even living in the area yet and had just purchased 20 acres not far from where we live.

As a self-appointed chairman of the unofficial and little-known welcoming committee, I immediately had tons of questions for them and even a few suggestions. I learned that their dream was to do everything as green as possible and that it was Corrin's plan to use goats for natural land clearing. For those who aren't suitably impressed with that notion yet, please read on to learn why this is a fantastic way to do things.

ScapeGoats, Lincoln, CA

Go Goats, Go!

The first thing you need to know about targeted grazing services is using goats is beneficial for all involved. Goats are delightful, herd animals that thrive when moving towards a common goal like eating or making you laugh. They're four-footed comediennes with lots of energy. They eat unwanted vegetation, overbearing brush, and invasive plans. On average, 30 goats can clear ½ an acre of land in three days. The great thing about leveraging a goat's eating habits is that they eat the things that landowners want to clear but don't disrupt what is desirable. They're not grazers, so they don't pull grass and ground cover by the roots. They're browsers who happily dine on plants that are at eye level and above; they make short work of brush and undergrowth. That's perfect for clearing land so that it becomes fire-safe but remains a friendly habitat for creatures who rely on what's left undisturbed. No other animal is as eco-friendly and great at land clearing as a goat. But these amazing creatures don't just clear land; they deliver joy.

ScapeGoats' goats are treated like four-footed royalty. When not on the job, they have the Crowley's acreage as their home base. Along with their pack is a dog dedicated just to keep them safe, his name is Ghost, and if that isn't enough, they have their own llama buddy. All Scapegoat goats are cared for like pets. When you put your property in the hands (okay, hooves) of ScapeGoats, you're in the company of animals that are treated with love and respect no matter where they go. ScapeGoats' goats receive regular veterinary care, are transported safely and in comfort, and they are always together, so there's nothing but unity as they work away at land clearing. 

Goatscaping with ScapeGoats

By now you've seen that ScapeGoats is an exceptional business with tons of heart for the environment and helping others reach their land clearing goals. Whether called goatscaping or livestock grazing, everyone from The Bureau of Land Management to small-scale landowners agrees there are many benefits to how goats clear land. Here are just a few of the benefits: goats eliminate the need for herbicides, goats can reach places other animals can't because of their nimble ways, using goats removes the use of heavy machinery, goats leave behind manure that decomposes in a few days, leaving your land more nutrient-rich, and goats are safe to have around other livestock. While goats can be escape artists by nature, ScapeGoats' goats come with escape-proof, temporary fencing. One call to Corrine of ScapeGoats, and you'll know how this fantastic way of warm-heartedly clearing land is perfect for you and perfect for the planet.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

Owning and managing land is terrific. The Rocklin community is fortunate to have open land surrounding its beautiful township. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is conveniently located from places like Newcastle, Auburn, Loomis, and Rocklin. Our state-of-the-art self-storage facility is a storage solution for all sizes and needs. And as your neighborhood self-storage facility, we also are proud members of our community. We share what we learn about other local businesses with you to provide the best and friendliest service in the industry. We often hear about services like those offered by ScapeGoats from our valued customers and like to share what we learn. Please visit Stanford Ranch Self Storage and let us know the unique and beautiful things you like about Rocklin and the surrounding communities. We hope to see you soon!

Call ScapeGoats for a quote at 408-656-6376 (located in the Lincoln area serving the Sierra Foothills).


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