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Sky Zone Rocklin CA

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park Review (We Love Rocklin, CA)


If you're like me, there are times when something jumps across your radar that makes you say "now why OH WHY wasn't that around when I was a kid?"  I recently had that experience when visiting Sky Zone.  The best way I can describe Sky Zone is that it's wall to wall FUN aerial jumping action that looks like it can be big time addicting!  It's a full on "indoor park" dedicated to jumping action for all ages.  Wow!!!  You have GOT to check this place out.  Here's what's going on there.

Jump Like There's No One Watching.

I had no idea what I was in for with my first visit to Sky Zone.  I didn't even get online first to check out the website because I wanted to be 100 percent surprised.  Truth is even if I had checked out the website, I wouldn't have been prepared for how amazing this place is!  Once inside it's doors, I said (to myself because my grandson wasn't with me) W  O  W!!! Really, this place is huge and gives you excited feels right from the start.  Once you go through the front area where you take care of formalities like paying for session and getting your feet in gear (or out of gear as it's a must-do-Sky-Zone-Socks BUT shoes-a-no-no place), you go around the corner and see two GYNORMOUS trampoline courts.   These courts are up from floor level (which totally makes sense given the nature of a trampoline) so the excitement builds when you have to go up those steps to catch a glimpse of the jumping action.  Although there's plenty of opportunity for all sorts of action, SAFETY is always first.

Sky Zone Rocklin CA

Safety First Followed by Fun.

While everyone is invited to jump in on the fun, safety is a huge priority at Sky Zone.  With everything offered, there are rules enforced so that all jumpers are safe jumpers.  For example, you as a parent of a 10-year-old may want to jump with your child but because each jumping session sorts everyone by age/size, you may be moved to a different area.  The rule is that team members may move a jumper to a different court or section of a court for safety. It's a good thing.

Skyzone Rocklin CA

What's Hop-ening at Skyzone?

In addition to freestyle jumping (where you can make the highly recommended reservations and show up with friends and family) there's Ultimate Dodgeball-oh yes, the old playground game many of us grew up playing! Now picture yourself throwing that old dodge ball (okay, not the EXACT one from your childhood because that one's long gone…I hope) while you and everyone around you is jumping and diving to swerve or tag players!  There's this crazy-fun thing called Foam Zone where you get to jump and do all sorts of your favorite daring stunts into a pool of HUGE foam squares.  This is the one time when someone telling you to take a flying leap is a good thing. Hah, take that!  There's something called Sky Slam. There's also something called Warped Wall to climb.  This one you have got to see to understand.  Looks awesome!

Warped Wall At Skyzone Trampoline Park

Jumping Isn't Everything That Happens at Sky Zone

Besides jumping like you mean it at Sky Zone, there are special programs like SKYience.  It's a fact that most kids learn concepts much easier when they can "feel" them.   This class is designed for late elementary and middle school kids to integrate their own movement with learning about properties and principles of force.   Students get to analyze graphs, collect and record data and draw conclusions.  Skymarketing is a class for high school aged kids where they get to have fun jumping and then follow the session up by learning marketing techniques related to activity venues like trampoline parks.    For adults, Skyfit Class is a one-hour exercise class designed to burn at least 1000 calories while you have fun jumping.  There's also Toddler Time and Character Toddler Time!  The regular toddler session is for toddlers to jump all they want without other toddlers (please, is there anything cuter?) under the supervision of their parents and Character Toddler Time is a sing-along story time, photos, superhero training, face-painting, dress-up and all-around amazing fun for kids up to 6 years old.  There's Glow which is a special session where all jumpers wear glow in the dark shirts and socks while the place turns into dance club (dance/jump that is).  There's also over night lock ins, birthday party rental packages and a youth group night. 

Take Care of Your Feet so the Jumping Never Ends

After a great workout of doing all your best jumps and stunts, nothing sounds better than a foot massage, right?  Well you don't have to hobble far for that.  Sky Zone has delux massage chairs for you to sit and refresh your newly awakened muscles.? You know which ones those are?   They're the ones you didn't even know you had until you've jumped around and used them for the first time.  I think its genius to have massage chairs at a place like this.  I think I may have even said that (kinda loudly) much to the surprise of those standing around me. 

Massage Chair Sky Zone Trampoline

So now that you know what Sky Zone is all about, you have GOT to try it out.  Remember, while walk ins are welcomed, your best bet is to get a reservation online so you're guaranteed to get to jump when you arrive.

We Are Stanford Ranch Self Storage and We Love Rocklin, CA!

Oh, and here’s a thought: after you've done all your unloading the last of your treasures at Stanford Ranch Self Storge, treat yourself and your moving crew to some jumping fun at Sky Zone.  It's a great way to jump into the next part of your adventure.  At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, many of our valued customers are new to our community.   Because we're Rocklin's local, neighborhood self storage, we truly love our community, we're always looking for interesting things we think you and your family will enjoy. That's why we're excited to share Sky Zone with you. Stanford Ranch Self Storage is opening early this year so please stop by and let us know about your own adventures in discovering Rocklin.  

Joy-filled Jumping to You and Yours!

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