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Sportsman’s Warehouse

Sportsman’s Warehouse


Here's what I know to be true. Camping is an activity that appeals to those with a minimalist perspective to those that want every creature's comfort of home when enjoying the great outdoors. And to get outfitted for camping with as much variety as you can find, there's nowhere like Sportsman Wearhouse to shop for things you can't do without. Here's one person's journey to getting myself ready for the most minimalist camping style:  car camping.

All Journeys Require Refreshments

My husband and I used to tent camp when our kids were little, and we could round everyone up for a great adventure. You know what I mean? At that age, kids required nothing more than a body of water, a source of mud, a few sticks for making smores, and a sleeping bag with a tent overhead. Fast forward to this season of our lives as we travel down the open road in a ¾ ton pickup towing the equivalent of a tiny home on wheels. The kids are grown and vacationing in different ways, and their kids aren't always available to hit the road with us.

But kids or no kids, large tent or tiny home-sized trailer, what is the thing we need in every scenario? An ice chest. Now true, the trailer has an indoor refrigerator, but it only holds so much ice and isn’t portable. When gathering friends over to the campsite, chances are we’re outdoors with several ice chests set up to accommodate everyone’s refreshment needs. Now opposite of that scenario is one that I’ll call the minimalist’s minimalist camping style: car camping. It recently piqued my interest when I realized there were several camping opportunities unreachable to those using a travel trailer of almost any kind. But even car camping shares a common need with the other styles of camping: an ice chest.

Yeti Again

Sportsman’s Warehouse

I don't know about how you go about buying something, but for me, most of the fun is in the research. Right now, if you want to enter into a heated debate with someone that doesn't center around the typical taboo topics, bring up ice chests; I quickly found that people are passionate about their ice-chest choices and will defend them with the same enthusiasm as they do their preferred vehicle. Just like there are Ford fans, Dodge die-hards, and Chevy champions, there are ice-chest brand fanatics that hold true to their choice to the last melt.

I learned that today's ice chest world is miles and miles from the one I purchased my last ice chest in. Today's ice chest has insulation that holds ice in place for days. It has rubberized closures to keep it securely sealed and hinges designed to deter bears and raccoons. It's designed with ease of use and height of performance, competing side by side. After asking several camping enthusiasts and seasoned sports tailgaters which brand they prefer, one clear winner made the cut: Yeti. And it’s your lucky day that Sportsman Warehouse carries a huge selection of Yeti and its competitors in the world of ice chests. How do I know this without a doubt? Because that’s where I went to make my carefully researched purchase.

Game On

I don't know if this statement rings true for you, but for me, part of the fun of an activity like camping is following every breadcrumb of information on all aspects of the activity: best locations to camp, the greatest routes to get there, and the most reliable sources for staying safe and well-fed while camping are all fun to discuss. Sportsmans Warehouse carries what you need to check off every box on your “gotta have it” list. From outdoor cooking to range gear and everything in between, this place is the one-stop for all who need a place to go. That's what I was told, and then I was challenged to visit Roseville's Sportsmans Warehouse and find the perfect ice chest and the lowest price possible. Game on!

Being at a store with so much that I was unfamiliar with under one roof, I narrowed down what I wanted to buy. Thanks to some helpful sales staff, the shopping was easy, and the prices were unbeatable. Game over and won! I not only purchased a Yeti cooler in the perfect size for my car camping adventures, but I also found one in my favorite color AND at an unbeatable price. But wait, there was more. Because I signed up to get emailed newsletters, I got a discount on the advertised sale price. I walked out of there, the proud owner of my bright red Yeti cooler and maybe a few other little items for organizing my paper goods, first aid kit, clothes, cooking gear, and light needs. I tell you, there was nothing left to check off on my car camping list, and thanks to the helpful people at Sportsman’s Warehouse, I have a clear path back to stock up on all my future needs to keep the fun rolling.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

As you’d expect with a community as family-friendly as Rocklin, it makes sense that you'd find a top-notch source for all your outdoor activity needs. Camping is a great activity and requires a great storage system to keep all the necessary gear in excellent working order. Self-storage is the perfect solution to keep all your outdoor activity equipment in great shape. Stanford Ranch Self Storage is your neighborhood self-storage facility with state-of-the-art units in various sizes. We’ll partner with you in keeping all your outdoor activity equipment organized and preserved for years to come. See you soon!

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