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Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill - A Meal, a Movie and a Chance to Help Others


The next time you want to go to a movie, if you haven't tried Rocklin's Studio Movie Grill, that's where you have to go! Well, wait, even if you've already been there, you should go there when you want to go to a movie. Whew, caught that little misunderstanding, didn't I? Whether it's going with a group of friends, a date night or a personal retreat outing for just you, Rocklin's Studio Movie creates the perfect movie viewing experience. I bet you'll agree and here's why I’m betting that.

The Silver Screen Remains Golden

Going out to a movie is still a favorite outing and tradition in our world. A 2019 marketing analysis of the movie theater industry shows that there's been an increase in attendance at movie theaters over the last five years.  Despite movie rentals, on-demand video options, large screen TVs and home theaters, the movie theater industry remains competitive because of creating an even better movie-going experience. By replicating the comforts of home and introducing elements that can't be replicated at home, the industry is thriving in many ways. That's because there's just nothing like sitting in a dark theater in front of a huge screen to lose yourself in action, comedy, suspense and drama. 

There's something about watching any movie on a screen that's at least three stories tall that draws you into the world of the movie that can't happen in any other showing venue.   There's also the social aspect of watching a movie with others in a focused way that intensifies the experience of watching a movie.  If you're in a group of people laughing together simultaneously, it triggers a feeling that you should laugh, too.  And if you're lucky, there's that one person present that has a laugh so contagious that makes you laugh at the laugh.  During the suspenseful moments of a movie, in a theater you feel everyone suck in their breath at the same time.  And of course, there's always that scene in a movie that brings everyone one tears so it's much easier to let those tears go when you can hear the sniffling sounds of others. But hey, we don't need to go there. This is about fun and food. Speaking of food, read on to see one more reason you'll agree with me that Studio Movie Grill is the best theater to watch a movie. 

SMG Chefs for Children

You Eat, Drink and Help Others

Studio Movie Grill is the movie goers equivalent of flying first class.  First of all, you get to choose your seats when purchasing your tickets online!  But not just any seats, these are custom, luxury recliners with service buttons placed at every seat so your server can take your order and know when you need assistance.  Think of it, no more of that awkward situation of needing to squeeze between other movie patrons when you want to buy refreshments mid movie.  And talk about refreshments, wow, Studio Movie Grill is award winning in that department too.  With its full-service bar and freshly prepared appetizers, entrees and desserts, everyone gets to eat what they like and it's served directly to their seats. All this happens smoothly and with a minimum of distractions to movie watchers. Of course, first class seating and dining must be paired with state-of-the-art movie laser projection and a surround sound system that's big enough to match the on-screen action. 

The action going on with each movie isn't just about the person who bought the ticket. Studio Movie Grill has a robust giving campaign that includes donating five percent of proceeds for each "Chefs for Children" meal ordered to non-profits in the community. In addition to that, Studio Movie Grill has theater loyalty program focused on positively impacting community members in need through local organizations. Members of SMG Access Loyalty earn points on every movie ticket purchased at Studio Movie Grill.  For each reward achieved by the loyalty member, a movie and a meal are donated to a community outreach program.  Studio Movie Grill's donation results for 2018 are as big as their screen and sound.  Check this out!  27,117 special needs kids were given movie tickets equaling $255,726 value, 107 bikes were donated for kids as well as $233,836 in cash all through community outreach efforts. Seeing a movie and eating a meal at Studio Movie Grill means helping someone else in our community.   

SMG A Million Reasons to SMG

Beyond the Movie

Rocklin's Studio Movie Grill is one of 30 theaters in the Studio Movie Grill chain.  Looking beyond the movie watching experience at this great theater.  For lack of another way of putting, there's a Studio Movie Grill community.   As an employer, Studio Movie Grill does an impressive amount of work to create connectedness for those who work in its theaters with those who enjoy movies in one of the theaters.  When you go on its website, you'll see Studio Movie Grill has a One Story Movement. These are filmed interviews of Studio Movie Grill employees and patrons telling their stories, one person per video.  Also online is Behind the Scenes, which gives movie goers a way to see, well, behind the scenes action for upcoming or current movies showing at Studio Movie Grill. Studio Movie Grill also accommodates its venue being used to book events and has a special menu to make it easy on event coordinators. 

I bet you'll agree with me that Studio Movie Grill is the place to see a movie for all the reasons I've mentioned.  We at Stanford Ranch Self Storage hope you'll find the information we've shared here helpful in deciding to treat yourself to a fun and relaxing experience.  We know moving can be a hard job so after a full day of moving and making your last stop at Stanford Ranch Self Storage, treat yourself and your moving crew to a relaxing experience at Studio Movie Grill.  Because we're always interested in sharing fun things to experience in our local community, we'd love it if you stopped by Stanford Ranch Self Storage to share your favorite things to do in Rocklin. (Also, as a bonus tip, for all the film and video enthusiasts out there. If you have extra audio, video, and film equipment that you need a place to store, definitely consider self storage as an option. It's the perfect compliment to your passion.)

See You At the Movies!

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