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Taylors Review (Loomis, CA)


Small towns are like people, each with its own personality. The beauty of a small town like Loomis is that you can have fun, engaging, and delicious experiences with little effort or traveling. I consider Loomis to be the immediate neighbor to Rocklin. The border between these two towns happens seamlessly, and Loomis, like a valued neighbor, complements everything that's wonderful about living in the Rocklin community. The two exist beautifully side by side. For a small town, Loomis has a richness to it because of its locally owned businesses. Because Loomis is a main street town, those businesses are located within easy walking distances from each other and provide an idyllic experience for those wanting to turn the clock back on the pace of life. So with that goal in mind, there's no place better to experience that "other era" feel than with Taylors of Loomis. Taylors is the epitome of an old-fashioned "hamburger and milkshake stand" that you only find in small towns like Loomis. Read on to learn about the things you can't pass up when visiting Taylors.

Taylor's Loomis CA

Milk Shakes Through Time

As the weather warms up and people start searching for ways to bring on the cool, there's nothing like a milkshake to provide the ultimate cold treat. This delicious drink has a long history of being a summer favorite. Interestingly enough, there were outside forces that formed this favorite freezing drink popularity. While milk drinks have been around as long as cows, it wasn't until refrigeration or other forms of rudimentary cooling systems were available that milk drinks took on another form. Before reliable cooling, most milk drinks were cooked or served hot. Cold milk drinks with the most antiquity included milk punch and something called White Tiger's Milk. Both used fresh milk and lots of ice. By 1885, these milk drinks were flavored with alcohol and therefore only served to adults. The original milkshake was made of milk, eggs, whiskey and served chilled with ice.

By the early 1900s, a milkshake came to mean a drink made with ice cream, chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla syrup. So, of course, cooling was one of the forces that led to the advent of the milkshake. Another force was the electric blender. Before the electric blender, milkshakes were hand-shaken and something that was considered a rare treat. But in 1911, Hamilton Beach invented the drink mixer, and it quickly became a staple at soda fountains. It wasn't long before every restaurant was adding a shake to the menu. A related and vitally important force that helped the milkshake's popularity was the invention of the straw. In 1937, Joseph Friedman designed and obtained the patent for the commonplace straw. Soon the milkshake launched into its many popular forms, still a favorite for countless frozen treat fans.

Milkshakes Rule at Taylors

When you visit Taylors, you can't help but notice that milkshakes steal the show here. Those of us who are Taylors regular visitors know you have to show up early or prepare to stand in line and chat with other Taylors fans. This place is very popular in the way that small town “hamburger stands” used to be. People come here because the food is always fresh, prepared with wholesome ingredients, and Taylors is run just like an old-fashioned hamburger stand, except it should be called a milkshake stand because Taylors has over 350 shake flavors. Up until four months ago, all flavors were written on a giant whiteboard that occupied 3/4s of one wall. There is now an electronic sign that cycles through the list in alphabetical order. I recommend having your phone list, or old-fashioned piece of paper, ready to write down your flavor choices as you narrow them down to just one. The variety is impressive. 

But the variety is only one part of the story. The other is that the ingredients are nothing but the best and freshest. The milk is the richest whole milk available on the market. The syrups are top-shelf quality, and when the fruit is added, it too is fresh and of the highest quality. To me, the tell of a great milkshake is that the straw is useless until you've spent time "eating" the shake because of thickness; the flavor is distinct but not so overpowering that you can't get a sense of the richness of the milk and, of course, if the shake has extra ingredients like fresh fruit or cookies, that you find those to be as fresh-tasting as the rest of the shake. Taylors milkshakes make it possible to check off every box of what makes a great milkshake. The only downside to Taylors is that it will take years to try all the milkshakes offered because, truth be told, most people can't drink a milkshake a day for almost an entire year. While the mouth would be willing to do that, eventually, the body might protest. 

Taylor's Loomis CA

But Wait, There's More!

Just like any old-fashioned hamburger stand, hamburgers are made to order and created to go well with slender-style fries or thick slices of battered fried onion rings. Other hot sandwiches include, but are not limited to, grilled chicken breast, BLT, Hot Pastrami, Reuben, Patty Melt, Spicy Chicken Strips, and a  Fireman's special. There are also hot dogs, corn dogs, and freshly battered fish and chips, and a fish sandwich. The same care to freshness that goes into the milkshakes goes into the hot food, and trust me, there's much more than I captured here, and milkshakes are the only sweets at Taylors. In addition to the famous Dole Whip, which is Taylors' pineapple soft-serve, there are also baked goods created by a baker recently hired to provide freshly-baked treats made daily. 

Like any small town hamburger stand, Taylors has a long history in Loomis and is often the meeting place for people wanting to get together for an outdoor meal with friends. It's the kind of place that's a supportive member of the community and sponsors local school sports teams. It’s the place that people get their first job and go back to again and again on hot summer nights when nothing else will hit the spot but an icy cold, thick milkshake.  Next time you're headed looking for a great treat, look no further than Taylors.

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Moving day is a time when lots of hard work happens, and at the end of a day, lots of great treats need to happen too. As your neighborhood self storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage appreciates knowing about places like Taylors. We want to support our valued customers by suggesting restaurants and activities that make the perfect moving day treat. We learn about these places and love to share what we learn with others. Please come visit us at our new, state-of-the-art self storage facility. We're open, practicing social distancing, and look forward to learning what you appreciate about your community.  

Taylors is located at 3636 Taylor Rd.
Loomis,CA  95650
Hours of Operation are Monday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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