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Music is something that never goes out of style. Trends in kinds of music and how it's listened to may change, but the value it has in any society is timeless. For some, changing the way music is listened to is influenced by advancements in music listening technology. But for others, their listening preferences stay true to the sound they first fell in love with. If that's you, then you'll want to visit The Audio Nerd. Read on to learn all about this wonderful choice for those who love the sound of vinyl. 

Vinyl Revival

The history of vinyl records dates back to 1857 with the invention of the phon autograph. This device could record sound and make a print out of it but couldn't play the recording. In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, which could record AND play sound. In 1887, the gramophone was patented, which played a flat disc of recorded sound. From 1894 to the 1960s, the evolution of the vinyl marched on, changing over time, both in the sound discs' quality to the equipment on which they were played. 

In the last 15 years, audiophile experts report that vinyl records' sales have steadily risen even as the sales of CDs decline.  Reasons for that include that there are those that are purists to the sound and never moved on to CDs and digital music. They've remained in love with the entire experience and won't depart from it.  Experts also see that those purchasing aren't just purists hanging on to their listening traditions but rather younger people wanting a more "authentic" listening experience. Either way, those who follow the trends of music purchasing explain that listening to music that's been recorded on vinyl is vastly different from other experiences. The reason is that listening to vinyl records is not a passive experience. 

Unlike listening to digital music, a person listening to vinyl records handles the music source from the time it's removed from an album to placing the needle on the vinyl record. To hear each song, the listener has to handle the record album to "flip the record over". Because record album covers are designed as art, there's a chance that the album itself is an enjoyable part of the experience. 

The Future is in the Past

Those that collect vinyl records look at them as an investment and even heirlooms. They're a tangible manifestation of a person's music taste and one that can be handed over and passed on from one generation to the next. Unlike digital music, vinyl record albums aren't attainable with the swipe of a finger.  It takes fans of the medium to places like second-hand shops, flea markets, and yard sales. Those who listen to vinyl are a community with their own language and humor. For those that have always listened to vinyl, they'll explain at length how vinyl records are sentimental and take them back to a different time in their minds.  And finally, there's the sound itself. Fans of the vinyl record sound say nothing compares to the personal and warm sound that comes from a song recorded on vinyl. While it may be hard to believe because people typically associate technological advances with improvements, in fact, that isn't the case with the sound of music. Read on to learn why.

New Doesn't Mean Best

The answer you'll get when talking to our friends at The Audio Nerd is the same you get from any experts in the vinyl record community. The way digital music is recorded doesn't allow for the sound range possible when recording music on vinyl.  Huh?  Sound is a range of frequencies. Vinyl presents the widest range of frequencies because of the analog to analog production process. Because digital music requires a compression process to keep the file size manageable, it doesn't present the same continual range of sound frequencies. Hence the more personal and warm sound. While digital will always produce a scratch-free, hiss-less sound, it can't duplicate that expansive range of frequencies that give the listener the feeling that the musician is in the next room. 

At The Audio Nerd, you'll find vinyl records as well as cassette tapes, CDs, and everything needed to play them.  From stereo tables to stereo needles to record player belts, The Audio Nerd offers it all. This includes repair services and a knowledgeable staff waiting to chat about what makes the most sense based on your listening preference. You'll also find that The Audio Nerd is a community hub for those who savor every aspect of listening to music. Like any enthusiasts who own a specialty shop selling the thing they love, the people at The Audio Nerd are knowledgeable and great conversationalists. A visit to The Audio Nerd is a fun experience as well as a treasure hunt for music lovers. Go by and see for yourself why The Audio Nerd is a fun place to hang out and shop.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

When you collect treasures like vinyl records, space becomes an issue. That's why self storage is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their investment organized and properly stored. As your neighborhood self storage specialists, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is a state of the art facility with units of all sizes. Come by and let us show you how one of our self storage units can give you the peace of mind that your valuable collection of vinyl records are organized and stored. We're open and practicing social distancing so come on by. 

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