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Inside The Front Porch

The Front Porch (Auburn, CA)


Nestled in the center of Old Town Auburn lies a shop designed to make your heart smile. If you want to experience what that feels like for yourself, visit The Front Porch. If that isn't enough to entice you, consider the following. Old Town Auburn is genuinely taking a step back in time. You can easily spend a day there meandering through unique shops and galleries and touring the Joss House.  So, in addition to putting a smile on your heart, you can spend time eating fantastic food and stepping into the past.  But no matter where you eat and what you buy, please make The Front Porch your Old Town Auburn anchor shop. Here's what you'll find there.

The Front Porch, Auburn, CA

A Smile for All Seasons

I love a shop that provides an element of surprise along with the reliability of old standards.  It lets me know exactly where to go for favorite items and seasonal gifts perfect for every event and occasion. The Front Porch has separated itself from other shops by appealing to the customer who loves nostalgia but welcomes a modern flair. The unique shopping experience The Front Porch provides lies in how much there is to choose from and how beautifully displayed everything is. With indoor and outdoor décor and gift ideas, there's something that appeals to almost everybody.  And the best part is that inventory changes according to the seasons. At the same time, you'll usually find items made by your favorite brand; what is offered changes each season and holiday. The Front Porch is a collector’s paradise where you can always find something to smile about. Read on for the perfect example of the smile for all seasons.

Delighted Collectors for Years

If you want to see a perfect example of a revolving collection that's always on point for the season, see The Front Porch's displays of figurines by Lori Mitchell. These whimsical figurines have delighted collectors for over twenty years and are found at The Front Porch. Each unique piece is made of resin with three-dimensional sculpting. All figurines have exaggerated proportions and expressions, with the finishing touch being crazy socks. These figurines are joyful with their spindly legs, large round heads, and delightful costumes. The fun thing is that The Front Porch has these figurines in stock throughout the year and rotates in seasonal ones, much to the collector's glee. With each piece hand-painted, no two are identical. A Lori Mitchell figurine makes any mantle, gift, and holiday display much better. Fortunately for collectors, The Front Porch has a large selection all year. 

Socks, Signs, and Scarves

The Front Porch delights those wanting unique gifts just as much as those adding to their collections. As an avid follower of The Front Porch since its opening day over six years ago, I rely on this as my go-to place to shop for others. In addition to home décor, The Front Porch has a beautiful collection of scarves, handbags, gloves, and knitted caps. Check out the sock selection for those wanting a bit more of a fun gift idea. Each pair of socks is as clever as it is comfortable. Another one of my favorite gift ideas is found in the vast collection of Primitive Box Signs. They never fail to hit the spot because they have relatable sentiments written in a classic design on a dark brown, free-standing box. If I’m looking for a more personal gift, The Front Porch also carries a wide selection of Michel Design Works candles and bath and body products. Everything sold in The Front Porch is tastefully selected for its high quality, distinctive and beautiful characteristics. The Michel Design Works is no exception. The products are nature-themed and packaged in a way that is as beautiful to look at as they are to use. The detailed illustrations are unique to each scene, made from high-quality, natural ingredients. Even better, the Michel Design Works line is designed to be a luxury product at an affordable price, making it a perfect gift.

The Front Porch, Auburn, CA

There’s a Back Porch Too

To fully appreciate The Front Porch, you have to shop by looking down, to the left, to the right, and up because items are beautifully displayed in all available areas of the store. That includes the back porch. So, after you've walked through the shop, don't forget to keep walking out the back door. Unlike many shops, this area is NOT for employees only. It's another cleverly decorated, fully loaded shopping space with items designed for outdoor decorating. It's where you'll also find clearance items on sale. So, if you’re looking for metal and iron décor or unique signs, take a peek at The Front Porch’s back porch.

The Front Porch, Auburn, CA

Whether you visit during the spring, summer, or fall and do or don't venture onto the back porch, nothing compares to the magic of the Christmas season at The Front Porch! There are many specialty items and collector's favorites to appreciate as the whole place comes to life with sparkles and twinkles. With Christmas scented candles and potpourri, rich reds and greens of the season, and Christmas trees decorated with seasonal décor items, The Front Porch is a place you must visit to fully appreciate during the holiday season and all the seasons of the year. I always allow myself a couple of hours for a total immersion experience. So, to get away from the hustle of everyday life and step back in time, set aside a large chunk of time to spend in Old Town Auburn with The Front Porch as a focal point.  It's well worth it.

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The Front Porch
180 Sacramento St., Ste 200
Auburn, CA 95603
Hours of Operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday through Sunday. They are closed on Tuesday.

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