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The Human Bean building

The Human Bean (Rocklin, CA)


Not long ago I heard someone say that the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the world's greatest inventions. I couldn't agree more. For many of us, coffee is synonymous with awakening, activate and a heart to heart conversation. I'm always drawn to coffee houses and drive-throughs because I never know where I'll find my new favorite supplier of my favorite drink. I can say with no hesitation that my newest supplier of my favorite drink is The Human Bean in Rocklin. If the quality of coffee is important to you and you want a drive-thru experience that's as great as the coffee they sell, read on to learn why you must try The Human Bean.

Coffee That Makes a Statement

For coffee house fans like myself, choosing convenience over ambiance means sacrificing that wonderful thing called coffee aroma. Well, at least that's what I'd experienced until my first visit to The Human Bean. The coffee smell finds you in line! I'm not kidding. On the Friday morning I decided I had to try this place with the great name, I was third in line. As my turn to approach the window arrived, I was hit with the delicious aroma of coffee even before reaching the window! Not just a whiff or hint but the full-on, aromatic equivalent to surround sound. My curiosity and excitement grew because it's not easy to get that richness of coffee aroma in a wide open area. Now the question was one that is always on the minds of coffee connoisseurs, "would the coffee's quality live up to its delicious aroma?"

Flavor That Lives Up to its Aroma

The Human Bean does a great job at offering something for every coffee drinker. My favorite way to enjoy coffee is to stick to the basic. I love a great cup of bold coffee without anything added to it. I want it to be hot and very fresh. I don't want the boldness in my coffee to be created by adding twice as much strength to cover up for lack of quality beans. Bold can't be confused for strong in the world of coffee drinkers. Did the The Human Bean manage to make that mark? YES! Did The Human Bean's coffee quality live up to the olfactory advertisement I experienced while waiting in line? YES!  The coffee was perfect for all the reasons that I drink coffee. Freshly hot, bold but not bitter and guess what? It's even served with a little candied covered coffee bean sitting on top of the cup.  Okay, that's really neat. 

For those that want to jazz up their coffee experience, there's plenty to choose from. The Human Bean's menu is very clear, which is another big plus when using a drive-thru for anything, right? The Classics start with freshly brewed coffee and ends with a flavor infused Rockstar. Sandwiched in between those two are flavor infused tea, cold brew coffee, chai, Americano, Smith tea, espresso shot and a thing called a Mate. Mate is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink that is rich in antioxidants and is said to enhance the ability to focus. While this drink is listed in the Classics menu, it also qualifies for The Human Bean's "Healthy Human Bean Drinks". 

They're Serious About Healthy Human Bean Drinks

The Human Bean offers something for every health-conscience customer. In addition to the Mate, there's an Acai smoothie which contains superfoods, there's heavy cream and almond milk alternatives for Keto and Paleo customers. For those wanting sugar free, there are sugar alternatives to just about every drink and of course, for gluten and dairy free customers, there's soy, coconut and macadamia milks. But the health focus doesn't stop with that. 

For anyone wanting a protein pick me up, The Human Bean carries a vanilla whey protein powder that available in regular and a non-fat version. And talk about tea? You can have green tea and matcha too. But let's face it, sometimes you have to live it up and healthy isn't in the cards. That's where The Human Bean's House Specialty portion of the menu takes front and center. Oh, where to start? There's something called a Chocolate Mac Breve, which honestly could have stopped at Chocolate for me. I'm a nut about hot chocolate! Speaking of nuts, that's exactly what this is all about. It has macadamia nut syrup and rich espresso with steamed half and half. There's also an Irish cream version of that same thing. There's also an impressive mocha line up with vanilla, caramel hazelnut, caramel straight up, Mexi combo and a snowy mocha. The Human Bean does it up right with the choice of chocolate by selecting Ghiradelli brand chocolate. Can you say smooth? I said smooth because vanilla mocha was my drink of choice on my second visit to The Human Bean. Yes, I came back two days later. The Human Bean isn't just about serving great drinks in a very friendly way, it's also about being a good human being.

The Human Bean Helps Humanity

If you've read my blogs, you know I'm a sucker for play on words. So of course, when I saw the name The Human Bean, I got a kick out of it for obvious reasons: they sell coffee hence the word bean refers to coffee's origins. But when I learned the story of The Human Bean, I realized the name could also be a play on the word "being" as in "the human being". I concluded that because this is a place with a powerful stewardship program!  Shortly after opening the first The Human Bean in 1998, the company started forming positive relationships with world coffee communities. The company's outreach and project work is exceptional. In the last 21 years, The Human Bean has supported projects to provide school supplies in Sumatra, planted shade trees in El Salvador and made a huge commitment to water well projects in East Africa. They’ve sponsored many stewardship initiatives to help with decrease malaria and to change coffee bean farming practices so that there is less water waste. The Human Bean's giving isn't just for the communities from which the coffee is supplied, it's only a proud supporter of the communities it's drive-thru serve. The franchise model is to give back to it's community with donation days, sponsorships and individual causes that come to the attention of the individual drive-thru. From donating to local food banks to raising money for an individual community cause, The Human Bean is as supportive of its community's needs as it is as passionate about serving that same community great coffee.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage Is Also Here For The Community

At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we understand that moving households makes for a very long day. That's why we want to share our ideas of what you can do to make the long day a bit easier. Give yourself a break and go to The Human Bean for great coffee or another tasty treat. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, we not only provide you with the best self-storage units in the industry, we provide friendly customer service for the entire time you're one of our valued customers. We love to share what we learn about Rocklin's great community and invite you to let us know what you've found that you'd like us to share with our other customers. Our facility is open and practices social distancing so please come see us. 

The Human Bean
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