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The Lamb and The Wolf Review (Rocklin, CA)


From what is considered "new Rocklin" to what many of us call "older Rocklin" the sense of community and choices for activities is pretty amazing.

A person can easily spend days rotating through Rocklin's eateries and find a variety typically found in larger metropolitan areas. Hidden in what is called "older Rocklin" by those of us who have lived in the area most of our lives is an intriguing restaurant called The Lamb and the Wolf. If you're like me, my curiosity about names, styles, and stories gets me every time. Needless to say, a name like The Wolf and The Lamb is a magnet to minds like mine. But once eating there, the food will be the thing that draws people like you and me back time and again. Here's what you have to look forward to at The Lamb and the Wolf.

From Famous Food Truck to Great Restaurant

While The Lamb and The Wolf restaurant is newish to the Rocklin dining scene as the brick and mortar restaurant, as a source of great food, it's been circling the block for a long time with its popular food truck. This is a place that has its culinary act together from appetizers to desserts, and best of all, everything is offered freshly prepared at very reasonable prices.

Although you'll find this restaurant's dining seating is very casual, don't let that fool you into thinking that the food is also casual. This food is fantastic. In fact, the restaurant's "tagline" is that it's a food truck off the wheels. Opened by a dynamic man named Michael "Wolf" Athanasopoulos, this place is known for some of the best Greek food in the greater Sacramento area! The food is counter-ordering style by starting you off with making your selection from an overhead menu and then having your name called when your meal is ready to go. As a family-owned and operated business, there's a definite feel of having your meal prepared for you by people who appreciate your business. Each time I've eaten here, the person taking my order is attentive and welcoming. Although the service is always welcoming, it's the food that makes this place a must-try on your dining out list. It's hard to know where to start when highlighting what's great about The Lamb and the Wolf, so perhaps it's best to start with the way a meal would progress- from appetizers to dessert.

Lamb and Wolf Rocklin

Fresh, Wholesome, and Delicious

Everything at The Lamb and the Wolf is handmade and artisan-style food. Wolf's insistence on using the best, freshest ingredients is evident from start to finish. Let's start with appetizers. I can't resist good tzatziki because I think it sets the tone for a meal built around wholesome, fresh food. The Lamb and the Wolf's version of this is the best I've ever had! Wolf's recipe for this traditional Greek starter is a perfect dance between slightly tangy and seasoned with style. It's served with a very generous amount of warm pita triangles. The spanakopita, which is spinach and feta cheese wrapped in phyllo dough, was also unbeatable. Served warm with phyllo dough that's flakey but with substance. The filling had the perfect balance of its main ingredients and is the kind of appetizer that can easily pass the main dish, in my opinion. I haven't named all the appetizers here and suggest ordering the appetizer combo platter because you can then taste five appetizers and know which of them you want to binge on during your next visit. Rolling along to the main course, I have to mention that one of the things that The Lamb and the Wolf is known for is its generous servings.

Keep that in mind because this is the kind of place where you're probably going to take food home if you don't split it with another person. The selection of ala carte and platters are as substantial and the amount of food you get in each order. If you love Greek food, you probably love pitas, so please know you won't be disappointed with Chef Wolf's pita own recipe. I learned that one of the favorites among those who are pita fans is a thing called The OG or, as the menu says, "the original gangsta of gyros." Its meat is prepared in a vertical rotisserie and served with fresh onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and some of that great tzatziki I mentioned earlier. My personal favorite, right now anyway, is the falafel wrap which includes handmade falafel balls that are seasoned to perfection, lettuce, tomato, and tzatziki sauce. These wraps come in a variety of meat and heat choices, from honey chicken that's on the sweet side to the Fetino Gyro that includes a spicy feta spread. If you'd rather deconstruct your wrap and dive into the same fresh ingredients served up platter-style, you'll be equally as happy with your meal. Platters include pita triangles, a fresh side salad that should be called the main meal, homemade dipping sauces, and whatever meat you choose for your main dish. Every aspect of the meal is fresh, well seasoned, and served in portions generous enough for two.

The Lamb and the Wolf isn't just known for its great Greek food. Chef Wolf prides himself on offering pizza that as creatively delicious as the Greek food he prepares. In fact, he's not only enthusiastic about offering pizza on the menu, he's part of the official U.S. Pizza Team that travels all over the world to compete in pizza contests. Chef Wolf is a regular winner in these contests!

Lamb and Wolf Rocklin

Sweet Finish to a Great Meal

There's no possible way to talk about great Greek grub without talking about baklava. Historians say this dessert dates back five hundred years and has remained a popular dessert anywhere it's served. It's said that a skillful chef can layer dozens of layers of phyllo dough. While I didn't find a way to count the layers of dough in Chef Wolf's recipe of this favorite dessert, I can attest to the fact that The Lamb and the Wolf's baklava is a fine as any I've ever had, and I've been fortunate enough to be the guest at the table of more than one Greek friend.

Now the other dessert that you have to try at The Lamb and the Wolf is the mosiako. Being Portuguese, I've been around a similar version of this dessert; one we call Portuguese chocolate salami. I've had it prepared by a celebrity chef friend of mine and therefore been treated to the best. Well, let me tell you, you two can be treated to the best when ending your great meal at The Lamb and the Wolf with mosaiko. Wow! Just Wow! This chocolate dessert is perfect. It takes just like chocolate cookie dough with crunchy vanilla cookies hitting just the right note between dark and milk chocolate with vanilla cookies that are neither too sweet nor too crunchy. Please do yourself a favor and try this dessert. It's the perfect sweet finish to the wonderful offerings you'll be treated to at The Lamb and the Wolf.

Rocklin's dining scene presents so many opportunities for variety. That's certainly true of The Lamb and the Wolf.

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