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Tops Yogurt Rocklin, CA

Tops Yogurt (Rocklin, CA)


There's a time and a place for everything. For some, that saying means that each activity has an appropriate time to do it and a place where it's most appropriate. It speaks to decorum and behavior. But for some activities, it's always the right time, and the place to do it is wherever you're standing at the time. Visiting Tops Yogurt falls under the category of always and wherever! Read on to understand what makes Tops Yogurt the best in class in the frozen dessert category!

Unusual is Always on Tap at Tops Yogurt

Until my first visit to Tops Yogurt, I have to admit that I was complacent in what I gave the "best of" award. From the first day of the frozen yogurt craze sprung sweetly into the frozen dessert scene, I'd hopped on the fan wagon and have held my place there without shame. I love frozen yogurt. I'm even going to say I love it MORE than ice cream. I say, and again with no shame, that I’m one of these people that almost obnoxiously will boast about trying the newest frozen yogurt place before others declare it a favorite. I think I may even be the one who coined the phrase, "Froyo", not that anyone buys that claim. It's just a thing with me and I’m sure you can relate, right? But even for someone who loves it as I do, most places are about the same in terms of good or marginally great. Some have more flavors and fewer toppings. Others have fewer flavors but what they do offer is pretty darn fabulous.

And then there's Tops Yogurt! A class of its own with amazing flavors, toppings that never seemed to end, and offerings that change often enough to keep fro yo aficionados on their toes.

Tops Yogurt has at least 15 flavors of froyo offered on the daily. What I love beyond love about this place is the flavors represent variety.

The last time I was there, on tap were the usual flavors such as chocolate, raspberry, and some type of tartness flavored yogurt.

But add to that things like strawberry-banana with no sugar added, butter brickle, Irish mint Hawaiian delight nondairy sorbet and my personal favorite, luscious lemon. If you could imagine a lemon bar's flavor magically transformed into a gorgeous cup of froyo, you know what Luscious Lemon is like!

But it's not just the flavors themselves that bring me back again and again. It's the quality of the froyo itself. Read on to learn what Tops Yogurt does to stand out and earn the Best of the Best award.

Fresh and Refreshing

One bite of Tops Yogurt and you'll taste the difference between their product and that of most of their competitors. They stand behind their claim that they carry the best yogurt on the market made from the highest quality of ingredients. Tops Yogurt prices are lower than many of their competitors and best of all, they take pride in their business practices. Before they opened their shop in Rocklin, I read about Tops Yogurt's integrity in advertising their yogurt's ingredients and how they manage to keep their toppings fresh and affordable. I believe you'll see that they live up to their mission of being a yogurt shop with integrity. Tops Yogurt is a froyo fan's dream come true, and it represents why froyo has gained a popularity that shows no signs of stopping.

Top This

If your froyo experience includes toppings, you’re in for a fun time at Tops Yogurt! Let's put it this way; if you can imagine it as a froyo topping, Tops Yogurt has it for you to enjoy. With over 100 toppings to choose from, the possibilities for the perfect froyo combination are endless. What is also endless is the Tops Yogurt commitment to integrity. If something is supposed to be a fresh ingredient, it is fresh and cut daily on the day it's served. Nuts are also fresh and crunchy just like nuts should be. If a topping is called out by a name brand, it is the name brand version of that topping and not a generic one. There's nothing added to ingredients that should be there. And for those who have to avoid sugar, there's not only a no sugar added frozen yogurt, there's also several sugarless toppings and syrups.

The Dessert New Kid on the Block

Yogurt is an ancient food developed about 5,000 years ago in both India and the Middle East. So, when speaking of the popularity of yogurt itself, it's been popular for centuries.

But when we add some chill to it and swirl it up with other flavors, now that's where the new part comes is. In fact, I can say I remember the decade that frozen yogurt was introduced by an entrepreneur named H.P. Hood. It was in the 1970s. It was initially called frogurt because it was a soft-serve dessert said to be as satisfying as ice cream with fewer calories. I even remember the first shop in our area to open up selling just frogurt called TCBY. By the mid-1980s, frogurt became frozen yogurt and then just froyo. In its relatively short history, froyo has taken off in popularity. There's no doubt that froyo's popularity has been boosted by the fact that it offers an easy way for individual shops to stand out in their communities against larger chains. In fact, that's always been the case. By 1986, the industry topped at $25 million, and by 1990, grew to represent 10 percent of the frozen dessert market and has continued to keep a stronghold on that place ever since.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage Is Rocklin, CA's Premium Self Storage Facility

At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we know moving day can be a tiring one, so we love to share information about places we know will brighten your day. We suggest stopping by Tops Yogurt for a froyo break on moving day. Or if you don't have time to do that, make it a treat for you and your moving crew at the end of your moving day. As your neighborhood self storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is honored to be part of the Rocklin community, and we love sharing the great things we learn about and hope you'll enjoy. At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we are the sister property of Roseville Self Storage and we serve Lincoln too!

Did you know? Self storage is incredibly helpful for small businesses. Whether you own a yogurt business or any other type of small business, self storage is a great place to store your surplus items such as chairs, tables, files, and more. Stanford Ranch Self Storage is perfect for businesses and also personal use.

Please stop by and see us. We're open and practice social distancing. We'd love to hear what you have experienced in the Rocklin community that you know others will find interesting and fun.

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