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Trucksmart Rocklin

Trucksmart Rocklin Store Review (Truck Smart Rocklin, CA)


If you're like my husband and I, at some point during the year you hear the open road calling and there's nothing and somehow you just have to give it a shout back, right? It's at that point that you look outside and see your pickup truck sitting there giving you the final thumbs up (if trucks had thumbs, okay?)  signaling that everything is lining up for your next adventure.  But not so quick, let's talk about what it takes to go on such an adventure.  Let's talk about RVing.   Okay, whoa now!  RVing?  Yes, it's a thing and it specifically refers to people who "camp" using everything from a huge motor home to a tiny tow-behind travel trailer.  And to do that, unless we're talking a motorhome, you need a vehicle (usually a pickup truck but sometimes not) to tow the RV with.  Enter Truck Smart!  The friendliest and most helpful truck shop in Rocklin!

Pick Up a Bit of Truck History.

The pickup truck has a part of American culture as far back as the 1920s, when Henry Ford designed the first civilian pickup truck.  He took a military truck design and integrated it into a special Model T vehicle. Since that time, people from all walks of life have found pickup trucks be useful, fun and a way of life.  It's safe to say that today's pickup trucks are as comfortable as any sedan on the road and loaded with just as many bells and whistles.  But owning a fully loaded, comfortable pickup truck doesn't mean forfeiting the convenience of using that same truck for maximum utilitarian purposes.  That's what our friends at Trucksmart help with—combining the best of both worlds for pickup truck owners.

Be the Right Kind of Shocked.

I confess, I am a gear head.  I admit I don't know as much about pickup trucks as I do about cars, but I know enough to be dangerously interested in making pickup trucks be truck-ier (no, not a word yet but will be in the near future, you watch).  When we recently purchased our fifth-wheel travel trailer, it meant making our own pickup truck truck-ier by ensuring our suspension system was up to par for towing something heavier than the small tow behind trailer we'd been using.   I called Trucksmart and spoke with John, the store owner, to get the process going.  With a few questions asked and some guidance on about our shocks, springs and other things, we had a plan for what was needed to make our pickup truck safe.   John knew everything about pickup trucks and using them for towing.  I don't yet, and he guided me into getting what was sufficient but not over the top to tow our new adventure rig.  Refreshing, huh?

Hitched and Ready to Roll.

I'd like to say that changing our minds and deciding to go from using a tow behind travel trailer to a Fifth wheel trailer was just a matter of a few adjustments but that wouldn't be true.  We knew there was more to the picture and that ended up being part of the fun.   I learned that a "fifth wheel" is not just someone who keeps crashing double dates.   It's a hitch that allows the driver to connect a cargo attachment to the back of a vehicle like such as a pickup truck.  It refers to the "U" shaped coupling component fifth wheel.  Now to confuse me a bit more (and you by default maybe) people still refer to the travel trailer that is attached to the pickup truck bed as a fifth-wheel too.    Okay, once I got that straight in my head, the very (very very very) patient people at Trucksmart were able to assist me in making the right decision for towing our trailer with equipment that gave us the peace of mind that our RVing adventures would be comfortable and safe.  

What's in Front of You and What's Behind You.

Towing a trailer of any size always means having something pushing you as you roll down the road.  In addition to making sure we had something to tow with and that our pickup truck's suspension could withstand the weight of what we'd be towing, we also had to consider how to stop safely because the added momentum of the trailer meant requiring a more forceful braking system.  So, one more adjustment we had to make was to add braking power to our truck by installing a trailer brake control so that we could better communicate with our trailer's braking system.  Now I don't know about you but I'm always encouraged when a specialist (of any kind) will take the time to explain what my options are and what the details are that I should consider when arriving at a decision.  In all the things we added to our truck, the Trucksmart specialists were exceptional at giving us a full picture of what was available and how each component would work on our truck.  With the trailer brake control, I would have gone with something way over the top for our towing needs just because it seems like one of the those "more is better" things.  Instead of making a much bigger sale, the specialist I worked with sold me what we needed rather than the most expensive component that was way over what we needed.  Now that's great service!   Thanks to Trucksmart Rocklin, we're ready for our 2019 RVing adventures!

For Camping and Truck Enthusiasts, Self Storage is a Solution to Your Storage Needs.

Whether you’'e someone who loves to tent camp or you’re a truck enthusiast, you probably have a large collection of equipment that you value in order to keep on doing what you love to do.  At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, our self storage units provide you with just the right environment to keep all your equipment conveniently stored in an organized way so that you can easily get your next adventure going.  Our new self storage facility is opening very soon and we'd love to show you how we can help you store all the things that make your life fun and full of adventure.  ​​

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