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Varied Treasures (Rocklin, CA)


The word "treasures" usually invokes feelings of excitement, thoughts of mystery, and a call to action that says looking here will be worth your while. I recently revisited a place that lives up to its name: Varied Treasures. Located in Rocklin and hidden where you wouldn't know to look, Varied Treasures is the store version of a trove. This combination thrift and consignment store has the subspecialty of being a home decorator's dream come true if your vibe sits somewhere between classically charming and elegantly eclectic.

The Nature of Thrift Stores Implies Treasure Hunting

One would assume thrift stores have been a part of the nation's fabric for time immemorial. But in fact, stores like Varied Treasures haven't been around that long. Economic historians say that thrift stores didn't exist until the late 19th century because people used everything until it wasn't a usable item anymore. Everything was worn and used until it was threadbare and broken. At that point, it would be repurposed until it eventually disappeared. It wasn't until cities developed and grew that the mass production of clothing and other items made the purchasing of "things" more affordable.

One would think that cities' growth and affordability would make for the perfect thrift store market environment. But that wasn't the case. The stigma of using another person's goods outweighed the benefits of saving money by doing so. That stigma meant there was no market for selling used items. 

The factor that opened the market for thrift stores was when they became part of the economics of "giving back." Many charitable organizations were offered the donation of used goods for their fundraising efforts. Buying from a charitable organization's thrift store meant "giving back" to society. While the lack of supply impacted thrift stores' popularity during the Great Depression and WWII, post-war prosperity saw a sharp rise in the thrift store movement. Those with an abundance of new wealth purchased goods often and donated the items they replaced to their favorite thrift stores.

Consignment shops entered the shopping scene in the 1950s when shopping became a past time or sport. It became admirable to buy couture at a more affordable price. Consignment shops began catering to the high-end clientele that actually coveted vintage clothing. But it was the environmental movement of repurposing, reuse, and recycle that pushed the thrift and consignment store market into a thing that's here to stay. Recent estimations show that today's thrift stores are part of a $14.4 billion industry!  Current research shows there are at least ten commonly stated reasons why people like to shop in thrift stores. They are to support charitable causes, to save money, to reduce waste and help save the environment, to find gently or never used bargains, to buy items not often used, to find a real steal of a deal on something of great value, to purchase items forgotten at home when on vacation, to find unusual items not easily found near the home of the buyer, to buy exercise equipment, to resell items purchased inexpensively for-profit online. But enough about research, Varied Treasures is likely to meet most thrift store shoppers' needs when classy is their vibe.

Varied Treasures is Very Classy

One of the best things about shopping at consignment and thrift stores is that no two are alike. These shops reflect the store owner's overall taste and have a character that makes shoppers feel like they're visiting a person rather than a place of business.

That is certainly true of Varied Treasures. From the moment you park your car and spot the store, you get the sense there's a story to be told within the store's walls.  If I had to shout out the store's character, I'd say it would be secretly elegant.

At first glance, the items sold at Varied Treasures seem pretty par for the course. They're nice, but that's what you expect from a consignment store, especially one that leans towards a boutique. But what makes Varied Treasures stand out is that the store's overall stock all reflects a quiet elegance merged with a rustic vibe. Whether you're looking at an antique icebox, a peacock made of intricate ironwork, or a set of dining chairs, each item blends in and is part of a decorating theme that would all be well mixed and matched. That's to be expected in a shop selling new things but to do that in a consignment and thrift store takes effort. And that effort pays off for the shopper. While I might not want or need what I see the day I'm shopping at Varied Treasures, it's easy to find what I like when I do need something. Everything speaks out equally well to shoppers looking for the style that is easily found at Varied Treasures.

New in With the Gently Used

One of the things that makes Varied Treasures so fun is that there are new decorator items tucked away in every corner of the store. Wooden painted cats, glass and ceramic vases, one-of-a-kind wreaths, and handmade tea towels are just a few of the things I spotted while perusing the day's hidden treasures. But whether buying antique, gently used, or new, Varied Treasures holds up to its name for offering treasures of all types. 

Stanford Ranch Self Storage of Rocklin

But sometimes, letting go of our things just isn't possible. Self storage offers the perfect solution for those who have their own collection of treasures that they can't part with for various reasons. At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we have state of the art storage units of all sizes. We appreciate that our customers trust us with their precious items, and we make sure we spend all the time needed to find just the right size unit for them. We care about our customer's needs and do everything to make them feel that they've made the right decision when entrusting us with their treasures. Please come by and see our state of the art self storage facility. We're open and practicing social distancing.

Varied Treasures is located at 4415 Granite Drive, Ste 1400
Rocklin, CA  95677
Hours of Operation:  Monday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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