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Venita Rhea

Venita Rhea's (Rocklin, CA Restaurant Review)


When a restaurant manages to be a character as well as a great place to eat, it can be a winning combination. We've all known what that's like because of places like Cracker Barrel or a Hard Rock Café.  The restaurant feels more like a character than just a place to eat. Rocklin is a great place to live and one of the reasons is because of the variety of restaurants in this family-oriented community. Venita Rhea's is one of the best places to eat in Rocklin because of the food and because it's like visiting someone rather than just going out to eat. Venita Rhea's is a character.

Great Food is Just the Start

Lots of restaurants serve wonderful food prepared beautifully. It's great to have so many of them to that, especially in the Rocklin area. But a fantastic meal only gets to that level if it's accompanied by beverages that can keep up. At Venita Rhea's, the coffee is piping hot and high quality. The ice tea is more than one kind to choose from and the fresh fruit juices are just that, freshly made each day. The mimosas are made in the same freshly squeezed orange juice. 

Venita Rhea's is one of those restaurants that makes it hard to call out a favorite. Everything is made with the Venita Rhea's special touch. For example, let's talk about the fresh trout omelet. It's a four extra-large egg omelet stuffed with fresh trout, asparagus, watercress, and jersey royals. Now I admit, I didn't know what that was when I saw it on the menu. I quickly looked it up and discovered it's a type of small potato that originated in the UK. Each omelet is served with homefries that are so well seasoned, they could be a meal unto themselves. If homefries aren't your thing, you can have homemade hash browns, cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, fresh fruit or yogurt. You also have a chose of toast, bagel, a "health nut English muffin" or homemade biscuits. For these, and all the other breakfast dishes, be sure to either plan on sharing the meal or taking some home because the portions are large.

In addition to omelets, the breakfast menu offers scrambles, breakfast burritos, a variety of sausage, bacon and sweets. So, what about the sweets, you ask? Well let's say the Belgian waffles rich and have a variety of fresh toppings based on what's in season, the cinnamon roll French toast is unbelievable. If I had to say I have a favorite, it'd be this. Just like the Belgian waffle, the cinnamon roll French toast comes with several choices in toppings so each bite is the perfect blend of sweet and slightly tart. It's basically perfection on a plate! Should you be able to pass the sweet section up, you may want to visit the eggs benedict selections. For those who love eggs benedict, let me tell you, Venita Rhea's has your back! From something called a Linda Kay which is eggs benedict with snow crab, bay shrimp and asparagus all covered in Venita Rhea's special hollandaise sauce. There's also a chicken breast and fresh spinach eggs benedicts and my favorite, "Sleepys" which is crab cakes, red onions and tomatoes. Wait, I forgot my favorite is "Papa Chuck" which is breaded egg plant with fresh béarnaise. The list of eggs benedict choices is as long as the list of omelets so plan on returning several times for breakfast.

If you want to come for brunch, you can count on bottomless mimosas served with your meal. Now if you want lunch here, prepare to have the same "problem" of declaring a favorite. Each sandwich, salad and wrap is made as if prepared for royalty. Everything is creatively seasoned and prepared with fresh ingredients. Lunch offerings include homemade meatloaf and crab cakes, sandwiches of ham, thickly sliced turkey, chicken breast, BBQ pork, pastrami, and vegetables to name a few. The list of sandwiches is as long as the list of omelets and eggs benedicts. You're starting to get the idea, right? This restaurant is serious about serving great food in a fun, or as some say quirky, atmosphere.

Surrounded by Whimsy

Venita Rhea's may take the quality of its food seriously, but it's all about fun when it comes to the atmosphere. The restaurant is named after the owner’s Aunt Venita, who was a woman known for her large character. She loved her family and cooking. The restaurant's French feel is because of the aunt's love of the culture. The restaurant's painted murals provide plenty of seeds for fun conversation as each one hidden characters that tell a story within the mural. It's fun for all ages to try to see what's hidden in plain sight.

The servers at Venita Rhea's are as friendly as the restaurant is fun. Patrons are made to feel as if they're welcomed guests of honor at a fun gathering. It's not uncommon to overhear friendly conversation that indicates the server has waited on the patron many times. Of course, currently seating is outdoors with plenty of space between tables. Servers wear masks and patrons are seated with ample space between their table and the surrounding ones. But even with moving outdoors, there's a cozy, fun feeling. The food remains amazing and the fun character that is Venita Rhea's remains unchanged.

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