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Wags to Riches

Wags to Riches (Rocklin, CA)


Those among us who have pets have a feel that these loving creatures are members of our family. Because of that feeling, we treat them with the same care and attention that we offer our human loved ones. We make sure they're well-fed, exercised, and have their medical, dental, and grooming needs to be attended to. Lucky for dog owners, the great community of Rocklin is home to one of the best grooming shops in the area. Wags to Riches is not only known for its excellent pet grooming techniques, it's well known for its superb customer service. If you're a dog owner, you know that's a huge factor when putting your beloved pet in the hands of others. Read on to hear all about the beautiful services offered by Wags to Riches.

Wags to Riches Rocklin

Pet Grooming From the Heart

As anyone who loves their pet will say, this special relationship requires giving thought to all aspects of what keeps it strong. Find a grooming shop that supports that way of living is so important. I was fortunate enough to spend time talking with Lisa Vitello, the owner and heart behind Wags to Riches. After my conversation with her, I'll forever entrust my dogs with her. In addition to loving animals and being grounded in the full range of what makes for a successful pet grooming experience, Vitello loves to train others to offer the same loving care while grooming pets. Vitello starts all her staff at the level of a pet bather and then advances them by integrating her philosophy on lovingly handling animals while in the process of their grooming.

Vitello started her career by being trained with one of the area's best in the pet grooming industry. She believes that she should repay the opportunity by giving others the opportunity to accomplish what she's been able to do.  Vitello is a certified master groomer who, over the years, has trained people who have gone on to open their own grooming shops. Thanks to her encouragement and commitment to training others, there are over 20 other grooming shops opened by people who were once Vitello's trainees. Her mission is to provide pet grooming with the highest standards regardless of who does it. 

Pet Grooming is More Than Just About Looks

I'll be the first to admit that I used to think of looks when I think of professional dog grooming. But veterinarians explain that dog grooming contributes to the well-being of your dog. Now depending upon the dog's size and temperament, you may be able to manage your dog's grooming needs without professional grooming services. Basic grooming involves bathing your dog and brushing its coat—additional care needs including nail trimming, ear cleaning, and gland expression. Advanced grooming needs include hair clipping due to skin issues and seasonal comfort. Of course, there's also the aesthetic aspect of dog grooming which requires specialized skills to achieve the look a person may want for their pet. 

Other the clipping done to achieve a particular appearance, dog grooming is an integral part of maintaining good health. An untended coat can become matted and uncomfortable to your pet. Grooming helps rid your dog's coat of dead skin cells, promotes the spreading of his or her natural skin oils, and detects potential health hazards such as stickers. Nail clipping, ear cleaning, and gland secretion are also very important to your dog's health and often something that dog owners can't manage. This is why Wags to Riches is such a treasure!

Wags to Riches Rocklin

Honesty, Integrity and Sharing in the Health and Happiness of Pets

When visiting Wags to Riches, the first impression you get is that this is a place that cares about how you and your pet feel. The shop is immaculate, well-organized, and feels peaceful. The staff are very friendly and take the time to connect with pets and their humans in that order. I really appreciate that because I want to see that I'm going to leave my dog in the hands of people who understand that her comfort and safety are my priority. The staff at Wags to Riches provide that assurance right away. After meeting Vitello, I see her influence in each of her caring staff's interactions.   

Fun fact About Wags to Riches

In my conversation with Vitello, I learned that grooming dogs aren't her only specialty. Five percent of her clientele are cats! One of the things I can't say enough is Vitello's commitment to pet wellness. She states that her passion is handling animals and making sure their grooming care is done with compassion and attention to detail. Vitello stated that she and her staff do groom cats, and it's done with the cat's well-being at the forefront. She said cats can't be placed on a table in the same way dogs can, so it requires two staff members to compassionately handle the cat in a way that is comforting to the animal and safe to her staff. Cats' skin needs are very different and of course, cats don't engage in the same way as dogs, so care must be taken to make the experience one tailored to gain the trust of a cat that is different from managing a dog's experience.

With over 29 years of experience in the pet grooming industry, it's clear that Vitello operates Wags to Riches out of a calling for the work rather than just owning a business.  If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're putting your pet in the hands of groomers with a heart, go to Wags to Riches. 

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